May 2017 Zornfast 18-21


I’m breaking my fast today at, hopefully, hour 90. I’m about 2 hours away from it. Feeling hunger but not major hunger. I wonder if it’s in response to my plan to (slowly) break my fast.

(KCKO, KCFO) #202

I am new to extended fasts, but last month, I started a 36 hr. fast that went to 81 hrs. simply because I felt great and had 0 hunger. But around the 80 hr. mark, I did start to feel like a little taste of something would be nice.

As a hard core foodie, I didn’t think I would ever be able to do any fasting, but after IFing for a while, I did try the extended fast and was amazed how easy it was.

BTW, I am green with envy of your walks around Sydney Harbour, I lived there for almost 5 yrs, miss it every day. Was in Sydney and the Northern Beaches area. Lots of great walks and bike rides while I was there.

(Regina M.) #203

I clearly need to wean myself off of caffeine before I try another water fast. I had to give up at 40 hours. My headache was getting worse and worse. I had coffee and it got worse. I ate something and it got worse. Finally after my second cup of coffee my headache went away. My last fast was relatively easy until day 6, so next time I think I’ll include coffee and tea.

(Griffin Mekelburg) #204

Just ended my fast at 65 hours, crushing my old record of 32 hours, felt great but started feeling sluggish and decided to give my body a break lol I will build up to longer fasts, what an amazing experience, will def do the next Zorn (or around it like this time lol)

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #205

I jumped ship last night at hour 93:30, but don’t despair, I’m back on.
Hour 14 for me now today and I plan to fast until minimum Sunday 6 pm. That’ll be 66 hours. Maybe I’ll keep going. IDK.


(Laura Z) #206

I am 48 1/2 hours in to my fast. Feeling quite good. I listened to a couple fasting pod casts and Megan Ramos recommended having a whole avocado each day 2 days prior to starting a fast and it help with the electrolyte issue, as they are high in potassium. I really think it has helped. She also said it is better to suck on the sea salt (using Celtic Sea Salt, Makai pure deep sea ) to absorb the minerals. I usually suffer with major leg cramps and side aches and not so far!! I plan to break my fast on Sunday evening with a nice steak.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #207

Man. So many of you are KILLING IT! I don’t have time to respond to each of you individually but I feel like a proud mother hen.


(Steve) #208

It’s a Zorn Army.

(James) #209

Wow, there’s so many people really doing great on the long fasts. I’m at 56 hours now and going strong.

I’m finding it easier to fast during the work week as it keeps me busy. My last fast ended half a day earlier than I planned because I was sitting around watching YouTube Keto cooking videos on a Sunday. Hunger got the better of me. Haha.


I ended my fast just a bit before I would have liked. I was trying to hold out for 90 hours. I ended a few minutes shy of 89 hours. They had ordered in food today, so I ate my snacks before the smell got to me. lol I’m usually ok with the smell of foods, but apparently not so much while fasting.

(Linda) #211

I often do the Taronga Zoo to Manly walk and the Bondi Beach to Maroubra. Absolutely love walking and as I’m currently between jobs, do them as often as I can.

Where are you living now? Still in Sydney?

(Linda) #212

Just finished my fast after 106 hours 45 min. Smashed my previous record of 66 hours.

Just had a small feed to get the stomach juices flowing then followed it 45 mins later with 2 fried eggs, fried haloumi, fried mushrooms, fried reheated pulled pork and spaghetti squash. All fried in butter of course. Got half way through the plate and couldn’t finish it! Gives me leftovers for lunch😀. Lost a total of 2.5kg over the 4.5 days, but I anticipate that it will go back on as I was already at my body’s ideal weight.

Thanks for everyone’s support, reading the forum reading helped me keep going.

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #213

Hour 18:43 and now is the difficult time. I will go out for a few espressos within the hour, and that will help. Not as difficult as the first day of my last fast, which was just this past Monday. That fast lasted 93:30 hours. Go me.
Why am I going right into another fast? Because I had wanted to fast through Sunday evening, and now I still can.
After I get to sleep tonight, I know with confidence (I’ve been doing these fasts for over a year now, minimum once monthly), that I will wake up tomorrow and sail smooth after that.

Did I tell you I love fasting? BTW, I lifted weights last Tuesday, 30+ hours fasted, swam 15 laps on Wednesday 53+ hours fasted(750 yards, eventually I will do 2000 yards twice a week), and lifted again this morning.

Note: I do NOT lift or swim for weight loss. I swim for flexibility and building lean mass and I LOVE IT, and I lift weights to build lean mass and I LOVE THAT TOO. SO MUCH. LOL

This morning. I did this lift 60+ times, resting not even a minute between each 10. I could have added weight and kept going. I’m trying to be careful and not get over zealous. Those plates are 45 pounds each :zornface:


I didn’t do any exercise during this fast. I want to do some mild weights to help (start) tone my arms. Can’t have bat wings forever dammit!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #215

I didn’t my first few fasts either. It does create hunger later, especially the first day I fast. I’m getting better at mastering the mind games. Lol

(George Hernandez) #216

48.5 hrs into this fast and feeling good.
been having plenty of water, a few coffees with a bit of coconut oil and made my first ketoaide today. Thank you @Brenda for sharing and all the support and motivation.

Looking forward to collecting some good hours tonight during bed time.

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #217

The mind games are the worst! It is really not that hard to push through them if you know you can. For me most of the mind games only last less than 10 minutes!

(Togipeidia) #218

I made it 32 hours before I got started feeling sick but for my first extended fast I feel really good.

(Steve) #219

This is exactly what I am going through right now. 46.5 hrs in and I know I am not hungry, but my mind thinks that I am. Glad sleep is coming up and tomorrow is another day. Might have to hit the farmers market tomorrow for a local grass fed steak for breaking my fast.

(I am a Dog (Dog's eat until they burst!)) #220

@Shill123 It gets easier the more you fast. It is actually kind of rare for me to feel real hunger although I still get the mental games. I am sitting in an airport club, 33 hours fasted, and walked by the buffet they have: as I passed I noticed that about all I could have were the cheese cubes and some celery sticks. I like both but just kept on walking!