Maria Emmerich's pudding recipe...made with hard boiled eggs

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I really like this:

My recommendations: create or buy powdered sweetener, I’ve been using allulose. To powder it, put a bunch of it in a food processor, cover with a towel (it goes everywhere), and run for a while.

Plan to make it one day and have it the next. It’ll be sulphurous smelling the first day, but this goes away.

I’d love to get my kids to eat this, but they don’t like the texture.


That actually looks delicious watching her video. I’m game!! I’m gonna try this tomorrow. Woot! I’ll report back on Sunday as to my experience both making it and eating it the next day. Thanks for the link.


Oh I have heard about this years ago and planned to make it one day but it never happened (I already had carnivore-ish as my default woe so I focused on carnivore desserts more. anyway, it sounded worse than my pudding)… Maybe I make it soon.
I can’t make a fine sweetener powder (not like I care but my SO who actually eats sweetener - I very rarely do -, does) so we buy powdered xylitol (his chosen sweetener). It’s good it’s a thing. I never tried a food processor just my coffee and seed grinder as that is properly small, powdered xylitol clumps in no time, I always ground a tiny bit (I ground the powdered, clumped thing :frowning: ).

I wonder about the cinnamon, never put any into something chocolate-y… I would skip it I guess and use a generous amount of instant coffee instead. And of course, no salt, no matter what! My eggy desserts are disturbingly salty due to the sodium in yolks, carnivore changed me in odd ways, apparently.

I wonder about the fat but I should just try and see. I am eating a pudding at the moment and that has little fat too (just some cream and a yolk for a bowl)…

I am looking forward to everyone’s reaction to this recipe, I am curious what my SO will say… (Probably that his tapioca based pudding is the best for him… He doesn’t even use yolks! Pudding without yolks, seriously… But he like some keto desserts so there is a chance.)

I am pretty sure some whipped cream is a good idea… I try to make this before I make 10+ changes to the recipe… But the basics will stay anyway, boiled eggs and lots of cocoa! :slight_smile: Or mostly coffee, that sounds good too.


So I just finished making this and putting it in the refrigerator. I followed the recipe exactly without any changes.

Some first thoughts, and I’ll reply again tomorrow after eating one of them:

I used fresh eggs. I plunged them into ice water the minute they were peeled. I store my eggs like this anyway in my fridge because I make a lot of egg salad and deviled eggs and I don’t like that egg smell. The pudding was very smooth and looked identical to old fashioned chocolate pudding that is made on a stove so that’s a plus. But it had a really, really bad egg smell to me and that made it unappealing. Sulfur? Maybe I’m more sensitive to it? Hopefully this will disappear in the fridge overnight. It kept me from wanting to lick the pitcher. I never pass up licking anything with chocolate, ever, so this was a first.

Tasting what was on the spatula a couple times when I was dishing it into bowls further kept me from anymore licking of the sides of the pitcher or the spatula. It didn’t taste right. I mean it wasn’t awful, but it was off-putting with the egg smell. It doesn’t go with chocolate this way. Smell-wise.

I am really hoping this smell and taste disappears and won’t be noticeable tomorrow, because I don’t want to have wasted 10 eggs. I’m keeping an open, hopeful mind. I’m only halfway done.

I wonder if I can find a pudding recipe that is cooked old fashioned over the stove using a bunch of egg yolks, and kinda be the same ingredients but just a different method? Those puddings never smelled bad. I wonder why she didn’t try something like that and went for using hard boiled eggs, which always have a strong scent.


I forgot about it, will do it if I remember but I wouldn’t use 10 eggs, I never make much when it’s trying out something except when I am very sure I will like it.

Eggs have an egg smell. Sometimes I am way more sensitive to it, once it was real bad and kept ME(!!!) from eating eggs for 1-2 years (I would be doomed now so I really hope it won’t happen again). So it happens that someone can’t handle eggs for a while due to the strong egg smell/taste. I can imagine that one is fine with them in dishes but if the egg is a very big percentage or when it’s a sweet thing, it feels off…

Maybe boiling the eggs work differently…? I have no idea but indeed, boiled eggs aren’t like yolks, I can imagine the strong smell more in the first case.

Those puddings are classic, no invention here I guess, boiled egg chocolate pudding is something new… ?

I am looking forward to your experience, @Just_Juju when you taste it! Hopefully it will be better, maybe everything mixed and cooled down together will bring positive changes? Let’s hope that will happen!


Allllllllrighty then…. Here’s my thoughts about eating my first serving. I also waited to get my son’s opinion and my husband’s before replying. I did not tell them what was in it. I simply said it was a low carb chocolate pudding and to let me know what they thought.

TL:DR whether or not you like this pudding will depend a lot on how sensitive you are to the smell of hard boiled eggs and how tightly your sense of smell is tied to your sense of taste. If you aren’t that sensitive, you actually might like this pudding a lot.

Me: It was ok. The smell was almost entirely gone when I took the lid off the little pint mason jar I put a serving in. That surprised me. The taste was just … ok. It’s definitely sweet and chocolatey, and creamy, but there was some funky aftertaste and of course I knew what it was. It just isn’t fantastic, but it’s not so bad you wouldn’t be able to finish a whole serving. If there were no other way to make a low carb chocolate pudding, or if it was one of the only ways I could get eggs into me, then I could see myself learning to be content with this and not feeling deprived. On a scale of 1-10 it’s a 5 or 6 to me. I doubt I will make it again unless my husband asks me to.

My 26 yr old son: before he knew what was in it, he said it was just ok. He said “the first taste is great and then there is some sort of aftertaste that isn’t. I can’t put my finger on it.” He finished the whole thing but said he would not eat anymore of it. I still did not tell him how it was made because I was waiting for my husband to try his first.

My husband: he actually liked it more than we did. He said he couldn’t notice any offensive aftertaste and thought it was strange that we did. He could tell it was different, but it wasn’t bad to him. He ate it faster than we did. And he said it was good and he will eat more of it.

I let them know how it was made (they were waiting for me to say I added some dog poop or something because I never hide what’s in anything :joy:) and they both were shocked when I told them pureed hard boiled eggs. My son said “that explains the aftertaste” (and it does) and my husband said “really? Omg I never would have guessed that.” I told him that at least it was healthy and a way he could get some extra protein over the next couple days. (He needs a LOT more protein but doesn’t enjoy as much meat as I do unless it’s chicken and I don’t like chicken enough to make it every day. He also hates mayo so won’t eat deviled eggs or egg salad.)

So - I doubt I’ll make it again unless my husband asks me to. We will see if he does after he eats the remaining three servings! Lol

Thanks @ctviggen, it was fun testing it out. :blush:


It was interesting to read about different opinions! :slight_smile: Well it seems you and your son had a similar one.
I easily overate protein as a vegetarian too, so many things have a decent amount of it and I especially loved my protein sources… And I ate a lot, that surely helped :frowning: And LOVED eggs and ate them galore nearly all my life (the exception is what I mentioned last time, I just felt the eggs offensively egg tasting. it happened multiple times but it was only once really strong and long).

Didn’t make it yet myself but will soon! I am sure it won’t be among my top fav keto desserts as I have great ones but I expect something very much edible. So it’s creamy? That’s good, pudding must be creamy for me and raw yolks are very creamy, it’s good boiled eggs didn’t ruin it.

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I just gave away 3 dozen eggs to 2 neighbors this weekend because my 7 hens are laying an average of 6/day and it’s just me and hubby and we can’t eat that many eggs.

I am going to try this with 6 eggs once I collect today’s batch (only have 4 in the skelter right now). I use my instant pot to boil my eggs and plunge them into ice water and it seems to reduce the dark coating on the yolks and sulfur smell.

I will report back tomorrow once it has set in the fridge overnight.

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You definitely have to give this a day in the fridge. The initial smell is overwhelming.

The other problem can be what fake sugar you’re using. Lately, I’ve been using allulose and stevia glycerate. This seems like a good combination to me.

I can totally understand if people don’t like it. My kids refuse to eat these.

Lately, I’ve been making her PSMF puddings, which use egg whites only. I like those too.

@Janie That’s how we cook our eggs: 12 large eggs, 1 cup water, 5 minutes on high, manually release the pressure, plunge into ice water. Keep in ice water a while. Since you’re using real eggs though, you might have to adjust the time.


I used 1/2 Allulose and half powdered swerve

And yeah I was really surprised how well the smell abated. I never would have believed it would. LOL. But it did! Mostly. I have a bionic sense of smell so I’m an anomoly.


Okay so I made it and another version (with a smaller amount of cream instead of milk and coffee instead of cinnamon) and even made my SO taste it. Right away, I am not the type who waits but we truly just tasted it, plenty is left. That is actually some judgement considering I used 1 and 2 eggs for the two versions… I even made the first version as close to original as comfortably possible, of course I didn’t make inferior plant milk when I never eat that normally since I made carnivore-ish my default woe.

As the amount was small, I used my small (not very great) grinder and my own limited patience - I still waited until I saw little to no improvement for a while.

Our biggest problem was the texture. Not creamy enough, a bit grainy, not very much, the egg pieces were super small but still. But it’s not just that, I am sure blended boiled eggs are like that, not as creamy as I like. I am not particularly sensitive to egg smell and taste (with very rare exceptions) but I am extremely sensitive to textures and the right amount of fattiness too I suppose.
But it wasn’t too bad just not ideal.

My SO had no problem with the smell or taste in the first case but felt something in the second. Even when I mixed, I decided cinnamon is to mask the egg smell :smiley: It’s apparently good at it. In the end, I didn’t even saw much difference in using cinnamon vs coffee, it seems it’s only for items with a very high cocoa content, I always use coffee in those and it’s great.

We (well, I. he wasn’t very enthusiastic but he has his perfect carby dessert and perfected chocolate every day, sometimes 2-3 times… he said I shouldn’t want to make him eat more eggs this way and I told him it was very far from me) will try it again later. I am sure I can consume it but it won’t be a fav this way. Maybe if I used raw yolks or something… It’s not like I have a proper chocolate pudding recipe (I probably don’t need it then…?) so I may experiment later. I usually just make a konjac chocolate pudding but konjac clumps very easily. Gelatin doesn’t but it makes jelly, not a dense pudding texture I want from a pudding…

Oh, sweetener. I don’t use fake sugars, just real sweeteners. Not often for my own desserts though. I used xylitol, of course, what else? It’s the tastiest, best option for us, way tastier and better than table sugar (only honey and coconut sugar tastes better), we both are fine with it except I like to avoid sweeteners as they almost never needed. My only option would be erythritol but it’s not tasty, just sweet and if I use enough to make something really sweet, it has some odd burn feeling (like when one oversalt something, just in sweet version). These are very individual I am aware.

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Dessert … I ate a small Asian pear. About 7 net carbs.

Why anyone would torture a hard boiled egg til it turned into pudding is a mystery to me. :rofl:


Yep, one can even make perfectly fine puddings, there are so many kinds :slight_smile: I suppose the novelty is the potential charm of this recipe :smiley: I surely wouldn’t want to clean a grinder for a pudding more than once!

Fruits are lovely but sometimes one wants a sweet dessert. Fruit is fruit to me, not dessert. And sometimes I even want a specific one. Creamy is something I often want but I can make good simple ones on carnivore (or not make, per se, as sour cream is a dessert too…)

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I really don’t do any sweeteners at all any more, so to me fruit Is sweet. Startling, I always thought of fruit as a dessert!


Well I have to say when you change the recipe this much it’s an entirely different recipe that you are reviewing.

When made as written and using a quality high speed blender, (I used my Ninja) there are no bits of eggs whatsoever, absolutely none. It is entirely creamy, thick, and silky. So texture-wise as written it’s really very good. I just wasn’t over the top over the aftertaste myself.


I made the original recipe as much as I could though. I normally make zillion changes but not this time! I could have used a big blender (I have 2 and I never use them) but that requires a bigger amount and NO WAY I make much when I try a new recipe. What if I won’t love it? I never make much dessert anyway.
And recipes that are so super sensitive aren’t for me. I think I made it close enough.

Well, I waited a bit and tested again. I might have become hungrier too but maybe this dish truly changes significantly after some time. It’s way more pudding-like now! I like it better, I easily will eat it but I am still sure there is room for improvement :wink:
I didn’t find it dark enough so I added more cocoa and even some rum because why not? I made that not with the original-like but my already modified one. That is the thicker one, the original one was too liquid - but I only boiled my eggs for maybe 12 minutes so they weren’t fully hard-boiled. Still hard-boiled, not soft but still a bit more wet… It shouldn’t matter too much though, it IS hard-boiled just not that super dry type. There are so many factors that may change things, like size of eggs. I always use perfectly normal sized eggs (the average I got all my life), it’s called extra large online for some reason.