Feb. 2021 Maintenance Check-In


Sorry this is so late.

How is the Maintenance Crew doing this month?

I am awaiting my second vaccine dose. I have been staying within 3 lbs. of my goal weight, but on the upper end, not under it. I am not exercising nearly as much as I did before COVID. Oddly my pants are fitting better. Go figure.

I have had a harder time on my fasting days, I hope with the lessening of anxiety, this will be improving.

Let us know how you are doing. KCKO.

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(Jane) #2
  1. Four lbs above my goal weight (still) but have been here since I had to stop traveling so at least not gaining any more.

(Trudy) #3

Thanks as always for this thread. I gave up alcohol for the month of January and dropped a couple of kg so sitting just under goal weight. I did partake in a few alcoholic beverages Friday and did not enjoy it. I have always enjoyed a couple of drinks but have felt so much better in my month of sobriety.

All the best with your vaccine.


Trudy, I have not stopped drinking wine, but I drink far less now than before. This WOE makes me feel the effects after one glass. In fact, most of the time now I do wine spritzers, tiny amount of wine, lots of sparling water.

Sounds like you got a good result, feeling better and a good loss.

(Jennibc) #5

Still hanging in there. I keep cycling between 148 and 150. 150 was the initial goal so I guess that’s maintaining! Oh, I put together a new before and after picture a couple of months ago - I don’t think I shared it on this site - on the right is the lowest I’ve been at 147 - can’t get under that and even then it was just for one day! Aw well.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

Wow! That is quite some difference! :+1:


Awesome results. I have a 3 lb. range, as long as I am within that range, I am a happy camper. 2 or 3 lbs. are nothing to worry about.

I’m guessing some people who knew you before won’t recognize you now. KCKO!

(Jennibc) #8

If they knew me in my early to mid 20s I am back to what I once was! But for people who met me after my mid 30s, yes, I am unrecognizable if they pass me on the street. I’ve actually had to tell people who I was after a few years of not seeing them.


Jennibc, sounds a lot like me. I was on the too thin side until I hit 30. Then the battle began. I know what you mean.

(Pete A) #10

Hello all I haven’t spoke up much as things just hum along …

At this point after 3.5 years, I am looking at year over year regarding the scale (barring any weird large gain or loss).

Weight: 155lb on 03/01/2020
End Weight: 147.4 lb on 02/13/2021
Total Change: -7.6 lb
Avg. Weekly Change: -0.15 lb
Maximum Weight: 155lb on 03/01/2020
Minimum Weight: 147 lb on 06/13/2019

(Pete A) #11

I only can drink very occasionally now like every couple of months. Last time was Thanksgiving I made bacon martinis and had just a short one on the rocks and didn’t enjoy it like I used to. {yes the glass was rimmed with chilled bacon fat with a piece thrown in}

Though I still like the idea!

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

I’m still dropping by.

I’m still in the range of about plus or minus two pounds from where I was last August when I started fasting one day a week.

For a handful of reasons, Thursday is a more convenient day to fast, and the only weeks I didn’t fast Thursdays were Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my birthday. Basically a month between non-fasting days except for the Christmas/New Year’s week apart.

Still intend to ride my bike 3 days a week, but get messed up by weather - like right now. I’ve been bad about my weight training, though.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Bob, the weather has been awful for most of the USA and Canadian this week.

Sounds like you are doing well with your maintenance.

I’m getting ready to do the monthly Zornfast will start after dinner tonight and go as long as I can. I have some broth just in case I need a small bit of help.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14