Marble-ous Meat Munching May! - ZC Carnivore 31-day Challenge - 2023

(Karen) #161

Hi all well i felt a bit unwell Thursday. Still did stair runs and went to CrossFit. I said i would just plod round as i wasn’t 100%.

I was surprised i managed that much and ended up in bed at 7pm feeling fluey and fatigued. Couldn’t eat anything and was struggling to drink so next morning i did a Covid test and it was positive. First time i have had it and i have it bad. I sat in the garden reading for 20 mins and that was hard work so went back to bed for the rest of the day in and out of sleep and did the same today. Lost my taste but this afternoon the water became a bit more palatable and i have been able to drink a few glasses. Not felt like eating yet. @JJFiddle what did you start eating when you had it? I think i have been hit with this to slow me down, i can just look after me instead of running back and forth to sort Raymonds problems out., I had to go over on thursday to take his shoulder brace and some volterol so i hope i don’t pass it on to him. I looked at contact to symptoms and they can be as long as 14 days so my daughter thinks i may have picked it up with all the hospital visits when he was first taken in 3 weeks ago but it could have been anywhere. Any advice on what to eat would be helpful. Sian had to call on her friend to continue caring for the furbabies :sleepy: no more cuddles for me for a while :tired_face:


@Pjam: My winner is pork chuck, great for everything I want from a meat :smiley:
I “need” like 100g cured pork belly a month and couldn’t do much with a raw one. I do use fatty pork but way cheaper and not THAT fatty stuff. I just find pork belly way too expensive considering it has very little precious meat. Of course, taste and goals and whatnots are different. I only need a teeny tiny lard and lots of nice meat. Pork chuck could give me more than enough lard - but it’s a bit expensive for me and probably variety is nice anyway, I never tried to half-live on pork chuck… But it’s still wonderful. Perfect fattiness, nice marbling when it’s really awesome pork chuck, great taste and it’s very versatile.

But the thing I don’t have any idea what to do with it is raw pork hock. So I never buy it. But the smoked stuff is great.

We did our train trip :slight_smile:! Alvaro’s photos. It wasn’t easy to make photos from the train…

I haven’t eaten my packed food as we got home at 4pm and I wasn’t particularly hungry yet. But I ate last night. Apparently it’s not working to eat a tiny bit too little for days especially not when I have multiple meals. I will be more careful in the future. And I am a gremlin but my time is 6pm instead of midnight and water doesn’t matter. I just eat whatever I see if I am hungry at night, apparently. Okay, I need to get tempted too so I ate some lovely pork belly and sponge cakes first but then things got a bit worse. But I was super satiated for a very long time, at least. I feel I am close, I know what to do and how to do it easily, just a tad more focus or rather determination is needed. And today I decided I change my life for the better and push myself more regarding zillion things. We will see. I don’t plan to write super much here and I won’t even track for a little while.


No photo (yet?) but I made 130g wonderful scratchings… I could eat that stuff more often :smiley: But it is the side effect of making lard and I make sure I use close to no lard… And I love my other food as well :slight_smile: Didn’t weigh but got, like, 100-120g lard too? The starting point wasn’t full fat tissue, this time it was very much entangled with meat and I prefer scratchings with meat anyway (but full fat stuff is fine too, along with some lean pork).
I can’t seem to get bored of fried pork easily or did I mention that? It’s just less fun when it’s too lean (not when I have scratchings).
Today Alvaro cooks a super delicious meaty-carby dish and stew too, that’s mostly meat (he uses the “scraps” left after I cut off the very fatty parts for my scratchings/lard project) but I have so much leftovers (tiny fried pork, a few small meatballs, I need to meat the poor quark that can’t last longer, I planned and started a rich omelet in a pan with sausage and pork belly etc. but realized I don’t need it anymore so it’s in the fridge…) I am not sure I can more than taste any of it. So I will have stew tomorrow I suppose.
Only 20 eggs are left, it’s extreme egg sparing time. Of course we can buy some almost any time but that’s extra work like Alvaro cycling an extra several kms when coming home hungry or I walking more than one hour not like that is bad, of course. And it’s challenging to make it do without :smiley: I can really focus on meat now but I do need 2 eggs a day or something along those lines, I really miss it without that. But I may try where my limits are. (Even if I don’t strictly need them, they get so extremely enjoyable that I probably can’t resist.) I dropped my egg milks, it feels more when I eat my eggs instead of drinking, that’s way too easy.

(Karen) #164

Finally out of bed and able to sit upright without feeling too queasy. Sat in garden ad read books with first cup of black tea… it was disgusting so i left it… don’t fancy coffee as yet. It felt too warm for me outside, i think i was taking a bit of a feverish turn. I have been sitting in the cool kitchen since so thats progress … i am fed up with being in bed sleeping! Never thought i would hear that coming from my lips!
Forced myself to make something to eat… just a small omelette with a morsel of cheese inside, it was horrid, i made the mistake of using olive oil to grease the pan and definitely should have used lard… why don’t we ever learn our lessons? Concentration is very hard, reading is hard, writing this is hard so is taking me some time. I read up how strokes and covid don’t mix and it is quite scary, glad i didn’t read that when i first found out i had it as since eating that horrid omelette i feel i have picked up a bit, i don’t feel so queasy and light headed. I may try a beef burger later. The lamb went in the freezer, i don’t mind wasting a beef burger but not my precious lamb :wink:

I had to send proof of this meal to Sian :roll_eyes: she should know me by now, i don’t intentionally starve myself.:joy: you know i really can’t understand why anyone voluntarily fasts :wink:


As far as I love being in my bed, I always hated to be in bed due to sickness but thankfully I almost never was sick (and when I was, I was unconscious)… So I get it I think. Resting is fine but I even get a headache if I am in bed for too long…
Poor you, hopefully you will be able to enjoy delish meals soon!!! While being all well, of course! Get better super soon!

I do it (almost) only when I don’t need food yet :slight_smile: Nothing forceful. It’s a bliss being satiated and not force-feeding ourselves… But then I get hungry or weak and it totally changes. But sometimes one pushes themselves a bit, it may have benefits. Once I was curious and fasted for 5 days but I wasn’t particularly hungry… The “being strong” and forcing a fast when hungry, that’s not me. That was the fasters on reddit, they told everyone that they should be strong and be happy when suffering horrible hunger as it means they do it right, it was sooo bad to read… Being miserable and in pain? Biting off the head of the boss at work due to being hangry? No problem, fasting must continue! And I was the only one advising the opposite… As I understand many things but there are limits…


@Karen18, girl! ya got hit with covid…wow…take it super easy on yourself and get over that nasty as fast as youn can but happy to read ya ate a little and feel a bit better. You know I always say, IF I can eat ANYthing in my day when sick, then I am super on the road to recovery :slight_smile: so happy to hear you are eating!

I love how you saved that lamb into the freezer fast but might sacrifice that burger in the fridge HAHA I sure got top priority in my zc meat lineup also, lol.

Voluntarily fast? What’s that HAHA I can’t believe people force themselves not to eat for days on end, so happy with zc I get to eat every single day and never worry on that subject!!

Sounds like you are on that road to recovery, hang in there!! Sending good healing vibes to you!

yea right!! reading how some get so miserable on forced fasting is a tough read! I found the minute I ‘forced fast’ in the old days I would immediately get starved and eat triple food for no reason at all LOL The minute I restricted myself like that is the minute fasting became a very bad tool for me.

-----------SO WENT out to eat for grad dinner for my daughter. I got a beauty of a filet mignon, 9 oz. Super tender and they cooked it perfect for me. I said medium rare rare rare and it was just cooked stellar for how I wanted it and I woofed down that sucker in fine form. Didn’t bother paying a very high upcharge for a lobster tail, I didn’t need it and didn’t wanna pay that higher cost HAHA I got a great piece of meat that satisfied totally! Also in the day I ate 3 big pork chops for first meal, that filet finished off my day.

For today I am going simple. Tbone steak to start day…after, just frying up some chicken and calling it a zc day!

Definitely feel alot better off all spices/rubs and little bites of this or that. Love that ‘clean body’ feeling!

Rock on zc!!

remember we gotta name June…coming at us fast now!


Name that June. Wasn’t that a TV show?

It makes me think that the June name could be from a carnivore song title.

E.g. “Running with wolves”

I’m just back, just now, from a 48 hour internet fast in the forest. Omelettes butter ham venison and lamb cooked in the freezing cold woods.

@Karen18, just reading about you having COVID. I wish you a fast recovery in both senses of the word.

(Judy Thompson) #168

@Karen18 Feeling better? Glad of that!
I started us back on a little bit of scrambled eggs when we had covid. Seems like you were on the same track with the omelet - but it didn’t sit well I guess. They didn’t have Paxlovid back then- are you taking that? My Dr says paxlovid will get rid of covid in a day or two.

The schedule change this weekend was somewhat successful. 12-3 at the seafood place was weird, not a big crowd and half the people only drank water, not our best as we’re used to playing for people on a modicum of alcohol, lol. Then the later time at the steakhouse, 8:15-10:15, was a light showing after about 9. They are expecting us to change the demographics of the restaurant just with our music… we shall see.
At any rate, the weekend went well. I sous vided a chicken that we ate on Fri and Sat, then a chuck roast for Sunday and Monday.
This morning we played a Memorial Day ceremony at the Nimitz Museum, a local WW2 museum. We worked up a bunch of WW2 tunes and played through them over an amplifier as people came in.
We went to lunch at the roadhouse and I had a hot dog. Just the 1 weiner. People came in for the pickers circle and we stayed and played for the afternoon - so by the time we got home at 7, I was practically not hungry. I fixed us ecach 3 eggs and some bacon, and now at 8:15 I’m ready to sleep!

So. Another successful weekend. ZC sailing along!


I can’t get past “Meat Chewin’ June”. It still rings true.


Love it! Nothing wrong with that title at all!!! Lets go for it!!

An internet fast…love this! I also like to back away out of society’s stuff in my life. being farmer/off grid type/more reclusive than inclusive person I feel ya doing just this~

@JJFiddle, rocking your zc way of life, you go girl and your hubby also making changes to suit him. win win for it all!

Very cool you do other venues like that WW2 museum. Must be exciting truly to bring smiles to people’s facing in your career choice like music to lift the spirits. Love reading all about your gigs!!

@Karen18, sure hope you are improving now!!!

-----------------SO I could not sleep a wink hardly last few days. no idea but could easily be but I got pent up energy to use and am not using it up ya know. My days are mostly doing stupid non-physical stuff so one thing is now I am gonna ‘start hiking again’ and put my brain into using my body more. We still are not warm weather, my pool is not open, by now I am usually on some camping trips with bigger movement in my life but no trips planned cause of kiddo’s graduation and ‘getting her into college’ and we are kinda bound here getting alot handled still with ‘crap’ that needs handling :slight_smile:

I get up super early, I am a 4am/5am wake up person so what I intend is a walk up and down my dead end road with doggie. Problem is he is not moving as well like he used too, he is showing big old age signs now and being on that stupid phenobarbytal crap has changed him in many ways so not sure he can even complete this walk with me but I will drag him along maybe on a shorter stint, then chuck him back inside the house and continue to walk and start to get my day rolling by using energy ya know. Again, this is more of a ‘summer/winter’ type change I need to make…not new to me but with not sleeping well and feeling so awake to me it is more of move the ol’ damn body and use up that energy and balance it all back out for me. OK just a chat on that and will see how I will move more now literally and see how I feel…well I know I will feel a ton better so, :wink:

today is fry up a bone…a Tbone…not the meat, the bone leftover HAHA
I don’t waste a full Tbone steak on kiddo…she will not pick up the bone and gnaw like me so I just cut her strip steak off one side of the bone, cut the filet off the other and kept the ‘full on bone’ for me to eat. Yes I love it!!! So fry up that bone and gnaw it all from it, along with cooking some chicken to boot…second meal, hmm, not sure. Probably will be pork loin I got in the fridge to use. OK ZC meals done!

ZC strong all!

(Karen) #171

Another bad night with little sleep only this time from the coughing… just couldn’t shift the junk from my chest and this morning about 5.30 it subsided a tad bit allowing some on and off sleep till 9.45am. Apologised to my neighbours in case i had kept them awake they said they didn’t hear much … they’re too sweet. Coughing throughout today and had a few hot n cold flushes. Did a few push ups and db delts but that really felt hard work and strength zapped :roll_eyes:
Forced down first coffee in 5 days! :confounded: i have come to the conclusion that anything plant based has a metallic taste which i have to push through (didnt push hard enough for a 2nd cup !) I had a bit of mint sauce with two lidl burgers last night and took a lick off the fork i had taken it out of the jar with and :face_vomiting: Yet eating it with the burger it wasn’t too bad. Also tried a spoon of mayo and yep same thing. I am sure @JJFiddle the only reason the omelette tasted a bit yuk was because i had cooked it in olive oil instead of lard in attempt to keep from being too greasy… should have risked the grease.
Today i ate 3 chicken thighs (left 2 on plate) ate it without mayo or spice and it was fine. I have a ribeye to eat shortly and not adding anything but some salt with that.

I think i must still be contagious as i still have numerous symptoms… but on the mend… hoping i may not be infectious by tomorrow as i want to go out and shop eggs. Asked Sian if she could pick me up some but she was on a late shift and neighbours i knew were working :confused: fortunately it was just because that was what my tummy was shouting for this morning not that i had nothing to eat.
Pottered in the kitchen after my morning reading my books. Started to clean my desperately icky ‘fried’ kitchen. Was sick of seeing rubbish gathering on the sides and wanted to degunge and get rid. Managed a couple of hours slowly plodding and stopped for a food and paperwork break and then picked up where i left off. Again it was a slow plod… there is always something to distract you but i got right back focussed everytime. 5pm and i stopped and how much had i done … one work surface :rofl:

And No the stuff hasn’t just been moved to another area of the kitchen out of camera lens :wink::rofl: tiniest little bits n bobs on the table to move to an appropriate place.
Food pics over last couple of days.

@JJFiddle i haven’t heard of paxlovid but will take a gander on google. I always understood that covid was one of those things you just worked through, leaving the body to use the immune system. Mine has been weakened by the Stroke apparently.

@Fangs glad you really enjoyed your filet and it was cooked how you requested. I am looking forward to our break with Ben beginning of September as we eat so well when we take him away and sometimes, if done right it’s just so relaxing to have everything cooked and served you… and no washing up! :wink:
The walking sounds a plan … sounds like you are finally finding some you time… or planning for it at least :slightly_smiling_face: won’t be long before your hot weather is with you … temp dropped a little today … no rain in sight yet. The bank holiday weekend had beautiful weather… i know 'cos i peeked out my window on and off inbetween sleeping :joy:
A pic of my flower that i can’t remember name of … is it an orchid? It has shot up from dying back in the winter… i believe it had 1 bloom last year but has 3 this spring. Wasn’t sure it would grow back but kept it slightly watered while it looked dead till i noticed some green peeking through :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey all!
@Fangs CONGRATS to the kiddo!!! And, congrats to you! It can be tough tough work getting the kids on their way. You deserve a lovely all-you-can eat Surf and Turf with extra butter.
Always feels like such an accomplishment to kids and parents alike- when the young ones graduate. (#5 is outta the nest next year. Excited to watch her walk across the stage!)

Spent part of the morning outside tracking where my turkey hens are disappearing to when laying eggs. FINALLY found one of them. Figured that there are hawks and large crows stalking them, as one flew out of the tree right above her as I approached. Boogers. Still have a few others to track down. Ticks are OUT OF CONTROL here. After I came inside from hen tracking, I sneezed and tick fell off my head. That’s like no. 4 in the last week. HUbby and one of the dogs have had numerous ticks. And, the doggies both have tick collars on! Grrrr.

It is very hot here, and less than 30% humidity. Yet with little humidity and full sun, the mosquitos are acting as round the clock phlebotomists. My arms and back look like they have star constellations mapped out with bite marks. I woke up with bites on my face, so hubby ordered a mosquito net for our bed. Yes, its THAT bad.

Been working in the garden as well, despite the heat and biting demon spawn. Usually, not hungry after all that. TRYING to stop eating at night. Worked 6/7 days last week. 5/7 this week. Wayyyy too much on the footsie. But, vacation is just around the corner, so, it will get some rest.

Eats have been good. Eggs, bacon, chicken& butter, a little cheese, black coffee most of the time. Limiting the HWC. Tinned mackerel is still in the #3 spot for enjoyable eats. Ribeye will always be #1.Sirloin steak #2. Made egg salad today with eggs and a tin of mackerel, a bit of mayo and mustard. Two big bites and I’m full.

Well, going to go sweat and burn outside hanging laundry and planting. Then shower and head off to work. Hoping to come home and just go straight to bed.

(Judy Thompson) #173

Darn, @Karen18, you’re eating like a champ under covid! You can’t help but be well in a matter of hours!
Interesting your take on paxlovid, that it’s all about the immune system and no drug needed. I love that. That’s how it should be. Hope you’re getting better sleep tonight. Less “dry cough” and more REM!
@SecondBreakfast bug bites! What a lot to deal with! Glad of the net over the bed. My hubby would say, it’s your imagination. Grrr. But when he gets bit, of course it’s real.

Meat chewin’ June coming right up. Yes!

Falling into a good, possibly boring pattern here, but happy for it. Today the chuck roast was tender, added a lb of shrimp and some bacon and made a balanced Carni meal!

Tonight, liverwurst and sharp aged cheddar. Nothing this morning but coffee and hwc.
Tomorrow we are out for shopping and lunch. Most likely a bun-free bacon cheeseburger.
Then liverwurst. It’s my life, for the moment.

Looking for lower fat beef though. I still am not tolerating the high fat brisket, chuck, etc. So we’re talking about hitting a military commissary to find some tenderloin roast.


I haven’t read back everything but I wrote this yesterday, now I have my photo too (it’s not bad this time, yay!) so I send this.

I was hungry, apparently… Satiation came slowly (I ate for 2 hours and waited some more hours to get it) and I had super low appetite. Note for self: I always need proper meat and stew doesn’t count. It was wonderful (a waste on me without appetite, really) but very very rich, fatty and salty. I am honest, Alvaro is sensitive, it’s a bad combo but he will recover somehow and next time I will make the stew… But it would work well if I could add a ton of eggs. Bad timing with our few eggs… But I still had 10-something so I ate most of my stew. Stews are tricky. Seem super tiny when not using a ton of meat but they are dense!

I ate all my 12 sponge cake muffins I baked today, a few more eggs, some sour cream, pâté, pork jowl, a little cheese as well. I haven’t eaten all my stew, I will appreciate it more tomorrow (and I run out of eggs to eat with it). But I ate most of it. So lovely, I need to make it more often.
147g protein, somewhere around 200g fat, guesstimation says. And I ate so much yesterday, had a sausage-y second dinner too… Sometimes it helps, sometimes it isn’t. But I surely will be satiated for long now that I managed to get it. (I even feel a bit overfull but I was hungry-ish when stopped eating… I ate way too fatty due to what options I had.)
And I wasn’t active as I planned a 2 hour walk but got rain. My tiny workout went well though. Not extremely well but I did a tad better than last time :slight_smile:
And I drank many coffees today as well.

I have roasted a lot of meat (green ham and finally my beloved chuck! I go for the first as I overeat fat unless I try to eat as lean as possible, well maybe more than possible so even if I fail, it isn’t too bad… and anyway, lean pork is my default, it’s cheap, it’s lean, it’s simple. hungry me likes simple, I can complicate things and go for more joy later when I had enough of it).
So I expect a better day tomorrow.

I only can get it with tomato sauce but smoked mackerel, that is wonderful… Hard to compare to my other favs though. I surely wouldn’t want to eat it every month while pork chuck would be lovely for every meal…

By the way, I had enough of chicken again so I take a break. And my freezer stays full… (I realized it’s so very full due to the big bag of frozen vegs we got from Alvaro’s Mom. He must cook it in the weekend, I may need the place. I actually already do, I fit into the freezer but it’s not a stable with the current configuration of the boxes :smiley: When it gets really bad, I tell Alvaro NOT to open the freezer door or else a box may jump and a lil plastic thing almost never survives the big fall (another reason I want my freezer in the bottom)… But he just never opens it anymore as it’s usually very full, might be dangerous and he wouldn’t find anything anyway. He isn’t good with food behind other food, I need to help him out in the normal fridge part too.


Another glorious sunny day here! Working a mid-shift from 10-3. I was really hoping for a little squirt of water from the few clouds floating above. We had a very wet spring, so the soil deep down is just fine, but the leaves on some of my plants and flowers are getting a little crispy.

Well, after tracking the turkey hen yesterday and finding her nest, I felt pretty good. But, still wanted the egg to incubate it. And, getting it before the crow or hawk was key. So, as I was leaving to go to work, decided to take a little hike over to her nest, and low and behold! I got the egg! Had to run back into the house, and put the eggs in a safe place. Net result: Got the egg, but was late for work. My boss is wonderful though. Totally understands all the farm related issues. I’ve worked with her for so many years, she knows all the issues we’ve had with cows breaking out, losing chickens in the great weasel massacre, etc. The cows have been a constant source of humor and aggravation for over 2 decades.

Anyways. Eats. Still not feeling super duper hungry. Part of it has to do with the heat, and just feeling a little sluggish in not wanting to cook a whole lot. But, the hunger just aint there. After mixing the mackerel and egg salad yesterday and only having 2 bites, I was fine at work. Ended up getting hubby and kiddo a couple sammies at Culver’s. So, I got me a double burger w cheese and mayo. Just ate the meat, and feel fine. Thinking I might have needed a little iron. Completely satisfied with that little bit for the day.

The bug bites are another story. Don’t know why they last so long, and itch so much now. Just to get to sleep last night, had to pop 2 Benadryl. Ugh. So hard to wake up after taking those. More coffee for me! After work, I’m gonna try getting back into the garden for a couple hours. Might light a tiki torch out there so I can work without all the bugs.

Still drinking it black- no HWC. Feels like the fat burning body is finally getting its Mojo back. Life is good.

Have a blessed day!

(Karen) #176

@JJFiddle looked up paxlovid and see that you are meant to take dose between 5 &7 days after positive test. Well i decided to enquire with the doctor and spoke with receptionist. :thinking: i can’t get it from the GP. I have to get prescibed it through a private clinic or if i get taken in to hospital. Given a different timescale of 14 days! I felt a bit weepy and put phone down and slapped myself in the face … get a flipping grip Karen! I have absolute faith in prayer and i was tip top fitness when i contracted it and if i can get through a Stroke because i was ‘fit’ then i can get through this. Been reading too much doom and gloom about covid and now i need my positivity back … along with my taste buds and regulated sense of smell, it’s really heightened at the mo. :wink:

I have eaten 1 chicken thigh this morning but i didn’t enjoy it particularly. I can’t stop eating @JJFiddle it is fuel and nourishment and i need copious amounts of both that and sleep to recover well. :slightly_smiling_face:

I cleaned the other side of the kitchen and the cooker splashback and hood. Wish all the frying didn’t leave fatty gungey residue over everything :roll_eyes: think i will cook some sausages in the oven today lol.

Catch up later …

(Robin) #177

Look at those wonderful bright counter tops!


@SecondBreakfast: I sooo enjoyed reading about your animals again… :slight_smile:

@Karen18: That’s the spirit! You are right, someone like you should handle it better than many others! Still wishing quick healing!

Another slightly too hot day. Well, in the warmest hours, it’s still nice otherwise. And my terrace is nice and cool for sitting, walking in the sunshine is a different thing and I don’t even try to run.

Satiation came slowly again. Well I did get satiated quickly but 5-10 minutes later I was hungry again… Why do I have this with meat too sometimes? Oh well. I could eat more and more. And more. About 2 hours again, it should be enough I suppose.

I had 8 sponge cake muffins, leftover pork stew, leanish pork roast, pâté, little cheese and not much else (I have too many carni items still, I really go for a simple day tomorrow that the stew is gone and I can pair up my lean pork roast with my fatty pork roast :smiley: this chuck slab is quite fatty! I put away most of it into the freezer so I won’t accidentally eat it up).
I need another stew recipe, this is way too rich (though good and it turned out some lean pork roast bites in it help). And it’s almost exclusively meat :smiley: Not enough, apparently.

Guesstimation shows a great day. 134g protein so I just ate the minimal amount… And my fat intake dropped to less than half of yesterday’s amount… I tend to do that. Sometimes my protein doubles though that’s rare, I need a low-protein day for that first and that’s not my style at all.

Strawberry season arrived, we will have a lot, they are very beautiful. Alvaro says they are mostly nice tasting, I am still quite patient and he can appreciate them loads more :wink:

I really, really need to do something about my core as my lower back pain was quite bad today. Just very temporarily, my exercises help at least somewhat but I want a painless time again and meanwhile I try to strengthen my core. It’s very hard as it’s so weak I can’t even do exercises for long. Like, I collapse after 5 seconds of plank. So I suppose I need to exercise regularly all day to get some amount of exercise for it…? It really should have dealt with already.

At least my head is fine lately and I never feel sluggish, tired, moody… Something changed on Saturday and I look at life differently now. I do need big changes.

I started to meditate and I want lucid dreams. Not easy considering I very nearly never remember my dreams at all. The last one is moderately fresh, it happened a few weeks ago… I think I have a few per year. Not good. But it will happen eventually, I focus on some meditation now.

No lawnmoving today either, it does bad to my back even if I am fine and now I am not. Tomorrow I will do a lot on that front, plants grow like crazy. Or like house martins, the ones on the webcam are a few days old but they went from lil pink jelly beans with some tiny random fluff on them to pretty big and quite ugly grey lumps :smiley: My favs are the common kestrels, they are pretty even when tiny. And very lively. One (exceptional) day they got 18 voles (not just the chicks, Mom ate something too) and it’s a lot for such small birds. They get many one-bite insects today (and voles and lizards. voles are always present in their day). The buzzards weigh 5 times more when adult but they only have 2 chicks, not 6. The kestrel mom is very good, even the little one gets a very full crop (I didn’t know it’s the English word for it. we have a unique one for it). One is way tinier than the others. But lively and everything and that’s what matters.

(Judy Thompson) #179

Yeah anybody would envy that beautiful hot pink kitchen! Makes a girl wish she was single again!

Good for you to continue eating. I hope that keeps your taste from failing - I still have aversions to some foods (butter, sour cream) after more than a year and a half, but I think it’s lessening because the long ferment yogurt that I make tastes fine and the fresh froth I do for hubby’s cappuccino is lovely.
I read about that taste thing from covid and it turns out to have nothing to do with the taste buds but is all from changes within the brain. Hubby didn’t suffer this post-covid although he couldn’t tolerate the taste of much of anything during the illness. We both lost quite a bit of weight, and I went back to church saying “I highly recommend the Covid diet!”
On Paxlovid - at first, only certain patients could get it. Seniors could, or anyone at risk like my Type 1 diabetic guitar student. But when I talked to my doctor here in Texas he said no, anybody can get paxlovid, just call me and I’ll write a prescription if you ever test positive.
But I have also found that most medications are not as controlled here in TX as we saw on the East coast.
You’re right about rest, of course, because it’s the time when the body repairs and rebuilds.
Are you dizzy? Did they measure your O2 levels?

Meat Chew'n June! - ZC Carnivore 30-day Challenge - 2023

Apropos hot pink… Nowadays I like hot pink in tiny amounts on certain things like my flower :smiley: The seeds I sowed did nothing but I had these beauties last year and now I have some again…