Making coffee NOT boring..Any ideas?

(Robin) #105

I like your style! I can’t “go there” unfortunately, but back in the day… yum.

(Robert Corlet) #106

I have recently been adding a dollop of (smooth) ricotta cheese to a cup of plunger coffee instead of heavy cream. Lower fat, more protein. It’s really nice - well, i think so.

(Robin) #107

Whoa! Just whoa! I would never have thought of that and can’t actually imagine that. But you can bet I will give it a try.


New things to try:
Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer…Vanilla flavored.
NeoCell Collagen (Vanilla) powder

Old things its about time to resurrect…
Liquid Chicken Latte…
1-2 fresh eggs
1TB butter or MCT oil
Heavy cream
NC sweetener (if you must)
Strong, fresh hot coffee
Blast with an immersion blender until its nice and frothy.

The Pumpkin Pie Liquid Chicken Latte
Same as above, only add 1-2 TBS of pumpkin puree
and 1/4 or 1/2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice.

Nowadays,I actually forgo the puree altogether and just add the spices once in a while. Can’t see opening a whole can of pumpkin (when its not actually pumpkin anyway) - plus its not exactly carnivore. The thicker texture does make the drink very satisfying - if you do indulge in the veg - and need a replacement for a desserty kinda thing.

Love doing the eggs in the coffee though. Very filling and satisfying.

(Robin) #109

Wow. I am a coffeeholic, but very boring. This is inspiring.


:grinning: Its all yummy!!!


Made a liquid chicken latter Sunday morning… used Mct oil, no pumpkin, no spice. That bugger took me right through until around 3pm.(used 2 eggs.) I worked 645am-445pm, with no issues.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #112

So we’re revisiting this nearly 2 years on. To what I said previously:

I’d like to add the following. If you set out to taste every type, brand, roast and flavour of coffee currently available in the marketplace you would undertake a lifelong adventure. Considering all the possibilities, just how anyone could ever get ‘bored’ by coffee is beyond me. Drinking the same old cup of black Nescafe Instant every morning, I suppose might do it. Just to tickle your fancy a bit…

(William DeFelice) #113

I was a sweet fiend before keto and T2D. Still need to satisfy that need and the flavors I’ve missed. I am OMAD and started with black coffee in the morning. Found C8 MCT oil powder and started adding (3 tbsps in 32 ozs. Then started experimenting with flavors. I got extracts and have reproduced all my favorite profiles. Here are some: These extracts are added to the 32 oz of coffee with the C8 MCT oil powder and three droppers of Vanilla Creme Stevia Sweet Drops.
Black Licorice and Sweet Dough. - Tastes like the Twizzlers
Butter and Rum - Tastes just like the Lifesaver
Mint and Cocoa Powder - Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Peanut Butter and Grape - PBJ sandwich
Banana and Caramel - Bananas Foster
Cherry and Strawberry and Banana and Cocoa powder - Banana Split

I have many more and these are some of my favorites.
I test my BG four times a day and these have never affected it at all.
Put some other ideas for flavors down!

(Tim Cee) #114

Put a tea bag or two in the coffee maker with the grounds.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #115

Not that I particularly care what anyone else eats or drinks, just saying ‘sweet’ serves no useful purpose and the sooner lost the better. Don’t cater to it. You will only prolong the withdrawal pain.

With all the various ‘flavoured coffees’ on offer I see no point adding so-called ‘flavour/extract’ drops. Coffee is a world of different flavours just awaiting your discovery.

You could also create your own ‘keto mix’. Suggestions? Here above or my current mix here.