Making coffee NOT boring..Any ideas?

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Coffee is a multi-purpose vehicle that can deliver a multitude of flavours depending. And for you guys who like it all by its lonesome, in case you don’t already know the method you use to brew it can have as much an influence on the outcome as the differences between brands and roasts. If you’re content with Mr Coffee drip and paper filters, carry on. If you wonder if it could be better… well, yes it could!

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I decided to eat breakfast this morning and I was so excited because I could actually make a coffee that had what I want in it because I wasn’t worried about breaking my fast. I put some coconut cream and cinnamon in it with a little HWC. Man, what a treat!

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I found some FANTASTIC syrups that have surcalose and the bloat they have me was horrible! I was sooooooo sad that I had to return the Carmel syrup I had because the latte I made was awesome :heart:

Surcalose goes into the gut and begins to attack your good bacteria unfortunately. I have two videos backing up that claim if anyone is interested. I can post them.

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I always find out the hard way😑

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Its okay Wendy! It happens to the best of us… seriously. And I only mention it because it was something I ran across and I just mention it when it comes up in conversation.

I’ll let you be the judge… heres the video. Also, plenty of people still use surcalose and Maltodextrin… it just depends on the individual and their goals! :heart:

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I may not know all the ins and outs of the science behind alot of the processes behind Keto, but when it comes to those sweetners, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable because I’ve pretty much researched them all and tested them on my body.

I will say this… Once I get to my goal weight, I will try a few things that do have Maltodextrin. I won’t be so worried about blood sugar as often :smiley::smiley::smiley:

(Wendy) #91

I was very happy ,was a true eye opener.
Just made sense after the post. It’s always good to get product info. Will make me even ck more. And google if i dont know the ingredients. Thanks agian!:blush:

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No problem :+1::grin:

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That might be a slippery slope! be careful what you eat once you hit your goal.

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So I decided to make my coconut cream, cinnamon coffee again but this time I didn’t measure it because I was taking it to work and I didn’t want to break my fast yet, so when it came time to have it - it was SO sweet! I tried to add more coffee but it was still sweet but I had about 8 oz. I gained TWO pounds between that a bad eating day I had on Wednesday. I swear it took forever to loose those lousy two pounds and now I have to work HARD to get them back off!


Got to thinking about this a bit more yesterday, and I believe this might be a plesaantly un-borning way to take in some coffee, especially in the summer. Make a creme anglaise, using *Splenda or Swerve steep some crushed up espresso beans in the cream overnight, strain, and make coffee ice cream!!! (I’d add in some espresso powder too, just because I like the stronger flavor.)

*I’m not a fan of either of these, but if ya gotta have sweets, well…there’s 2 options. I’m sure there are others like stevia, or monk fruit, etc.

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Sounds good… But in “my reality” Sucralose doesn’t bother me at all. In fact I freaking love the stuff :slightly_smiling_face: Zero cals, and great taste.
Just found straight liquid Sucralose liquid in a 4 oz bottle. Super cost effective as it is only 1 drop per serving (3200 servings per bottle) for $11-16.
The liquid Sucralose is better than Splenda packets as those contain maltodextrin which has a small amount of unnecessary carbs.


I’m seeing a trend about a dash of salt. Is this to boost salt intake or does it change the taste of the coffee?

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I do know that salt in your coffee is good for curving your appetite while fasting.

When I first started, I put Himalayan sea salt in my coffee to help replenish my electrolytes.

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Depends on how big the ‘dash’ in how much coffee. I make a rather large amount of coffee and add 2 grams of my electrolyte mix. So it is a significant part of my daily electrolyte intake. As for taste, I have discovered that like many food items, salt accentuates the natural flavours of the coffee and the other ingredients. I haven’t yet tried ‘salt water coffee’ so can’t say what it tastes like if you add too much. I look forward to reports from any experimenters who want to give it a go.


Interesting. I’m going to give it a try.

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It helps cut the bitterness, and accentuate the coffee flavor as @amwassil said.
I like to use smoked salt in my coffee.

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It takes the bitter out for me. Especially if I am going for gas station coffee. One salt packet and it’s tastier and not burned or bitter. At home I just do it to add salt to my day.


Extra Strong Coffee (but 1/2 decaf)
Heavy Cream
Coconut Oil (not mct)
“Whip it good” (play the song)

It’s hard not having two of these a day but I usually just have one a day first thing in the morning.

(Wendy) #104

Salted Amish rolled butter is very tasty in the morning Joe. Adds the salty taste and helps start the day off on a heavy Fat note!