Making coffee NOT boring..Any ideas?

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:blush:sure will.

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This Leaner Creamer is pretty good! This is found at our local Safeway. Not sure if they carry it elsewhere. Coconut, oil creamer. No sugar,gluten free. It’s a powder. Only has 2 carbs. With .5 oz butter it’s very satisfying! Also have found that Juan Valdez instant coffee is better than a brewed coffee. And it’s not bitter.


Yeeessss. For similar reasons, I have settled on Peet’s Italian Roast or Sumatra. I don’t think it’s boring at all, because it has amazing, deep, complex flavor.

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I wanted to try that sooooooo bad! But I couldn’t get over the Maltodextrin :hushed::hushed::hushed:

I saw it at Sprouts and wanted to get the Carmel flavor… I saw the Maltodextrin and thought about the insulin spike :pensive:

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I have a history of Low Bloodsugar. But havnt noticed any difference. I was one of those people who enjoyed what I was putting in my coffee more than the coffee. I have tried quite a few different coffees. And so far enjoy the Juan Valdez instant the best. I can drink it black and enjoy it. The Leaner Creamer is a nice change up. Just watch how much you use. Its says 2 tsp. Not Tbs, I tend to drink coffee and use it at lunch, as a treat.

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I was SO ready to say… Maltodextrin, who cares… But yea’, it has carbs, so its a no go. I’m totally okay with acetohydrocanabitolitoldimethylarginine though… because it has zero carbs :slight_smile: lol

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the wife uses hwc with sugar free torani salted carmel. then uses a frother and its pretty damn good. Thats if you are ok with torani. i think the frothing is what make it a super creamy cup of joe

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I keep pretty close track of my micros, carbs ,fats and protein. With Fittnesspal app. Blood sugar has been steady, Ketosis has been according to my Mojo,constant. But thank you for the heads up on watching ingredients closer. ! Well! The more I research. Maltodextrin, guess it’s going in the trash!:grimacing:
Black coffee with Amish roll butter!


Best Iced Coffee blend I’ve had


I agree- the better the coffee quality, the less it needs, though now I can even stomach black Folgers at work. At home I grind locally roasted organic coffee with a manual burr grinder and use my ninja coffee bar. If I’m not fasting I might use a little heavy whipping cream or coconut cream, but I usually just use a tiny bit of salt and cinnamon and just froth the plain hot coffee with the frother. It’s so good. I avoid all the syrups and stuff because I’m really worried about insulin levels with my specific reasons for doing keto.


Agreed, good coffee doesn’t need to be screwed with… and Margherita is the ONLY pizza!

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Hey there Wendy :wave:
Take a look at this when you get a chance. This is how I found out

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Hooray for all the black coffee drinkers who contributed to the post! :raised_hands:

And a hip hip hooray for all the coffee drinkers who add a lil sumthin sumthin to their coffee!

Speaking of which I used my almond Watkins flavoring to add some frothy pizz-zazz to my French pressed coffee this AM! :raised_hands:

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Okay, I will ck it out! Agian I Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I haven’t been using it for long maybe 2 weeks. But a brand new bottle went in the trash yesterday after reading some articles. Crazy how much junk they put in foods. I have alot of sensitivities, and figured I would eventually have some kind of reaction, if I had continued using it. Strange… the past few days before. I had a headache that sent me home from work. Will be interesting to see if I get another 1.
Black coffee is Just fine with me!:grin:

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Just cked this video out! And Yes this is the 1 I watched yesterday!!

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If you use coconut cream, do you just use the thick part on top or the clear part at the bottom? I’m assuming ya’ll aren’t drinking these while fasting correct? it surely would break your fast if that’s the case.

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It’s just separated, like unpasteurized milk. The ‘thick’ part is coconut cream/milk, the ‘clear’ part mostly coconut water and a little of the milk. Use whichever you please or shake the can first to mix it again.

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Right, but which one do you put in your coffee?

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The best pizza I ever had was in Florence. it was AMAZING!.. and yeah, they didn’t crap up their pizza with a bunch of weird stuff either. Once you eat Italian Pizza, everything else is garbage.