Low Glucose Number


On day 5 of extended fast. Only water consumed. Glucose reading upon waking in the 60’s. Throughout day some in the 70’, 80’s and 90’s. Early evening was 62. Should I be concerned at low 60s numbers? Stop the fast?

(bulkbiker) #2

Do you feel ok? how long are you intending to fast for?


Feel real good. Plan was 10 days.

(bulkbiker) #4

I’m assuming you are not on any medication for anything?
But I’ve been down to 63 when fasting with no problem but don’t tend to stay there for long.
Its usually day 3 for me then I go back up to more regular levels. if you feel ok then fine but if you start to feel bad then eat … start with something light though…


Was taking trulicity. But quit that couple weeks ago in favor of getting serious about diet and exercise as key to healthy life with controlled glucose levels. I’m feelin fine so I’m going to keep checking levels. If they go down much further I’ll eat something. BTW my longest fast was 17 days years ago — long before diabetic diagnosis. Thanks for your help.

(Alec) #6

Low 60s is the low end of normal. I would say you are just fine. As @MarkGossage said, the key thing here is how you feel. If you go too low on BG, you will start feeling off (or more than just off, you might start feeling really weird!). If so, end the fast.