Low Carb Tortillas?

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #1

Can you eat “Josephs Low Card Tortillas” they have 6 carbs. They’re great for sandwiches and such, but I’m not sure they’re legal on Keto.


For analysis:

I guess it depends on how many you have and if any of the ingredients bother you. I wouldn’t make a habit of them myself.

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #3

One a day usually…breakfast egg and bacon. On an occasion, I may have a chicken sandwich made with one. I have, obviously, read the label. I usually bake a lot and will bake low carb foods, but I live in Arizona now and I have a hard time just breathing in hte heat. I live in a small cottage style home and the oven during the summer, heats half the house!


I use Joseph’s Lavash Bread for all kinds of things. First thing I do is cut up the sheets into bread-sized squares.

(Kelly Silverman) #5

I’m thinking about getting some coconut wraps I’ve seen at whole foods. I want a taco or Keto burrito… so I’ve been contemplating that. I don’t recall the brand they are, but I remember looking at them once (they’re kinda pricey) and they were very low in carb.


The carb count looks fine, but the ingredients are less than optimal, so personally I would eat them occasionally. I love the Mission Carb Balance tortillas, which also have some ingredients I avoid, so I try to limit my consumption.

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #7

I have a “real” issue where I’m living!! I am here in a tiny little town in Arizona after living my life in Cities. We are very limited in our selections of groceries unless we drive an hour into Flaggstaff. We do have what is supposed to be a super Walmart, but it isn’t…it’s limited to me.


I know you can get them on Amazon too.

(Charlotte) #9

I buy Folio’s from Costco to make sandwiches. They don’t taste bad either. They work for burritos too if you’re careful.

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #10

Well, as I said…only a Walmart here. no Cosco unless I drive into Flagstaff

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #11

We do Prime and order different types of things bi-weekly. I’ve never purchased from their Prime Pantry.


I’ve vowed (several times) to never buy the Mission Carb Balance tortillas again. As a T2 diabetic, I check my blood sugar regularly. I sometimes have a high blood sugar reading after eating them.

I’ve not had the issue with other low carb tortillas or with Joseph’s Lavash Bread. Unfortunately, I do like the taste of the Mission brand, so I sometimes cave in and buy them again, despite my vow. Only to make the same vow again.

Folios Copycat recipe. 15 seconds in the microwave?

(Patricia) #13

The lowest carb tortillas I’ve found are made by Mama Lupe.

(traci simpson) #14

It has wheat, oat fiber, whole wheat fiber…so NO!

(Joleena CLoudDancer Mogle) #15

I have a cast iron flat tortilla pan, I toast them on it


I did test my BG with the Mission ones and had no issues, but haven’t done the same with the La Bandera ones I have now. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow for peace of mind.

(Bob M) #17

Where are those located? I’ve never seen them. I will have to wonder down some isles I don’t normally go down, I guess. (All the isles with pasta, rice, etc.; you know, the ones I used to frequent before low carb.)

Personally, I can’t do wheat, which causes me asthma, allergies, etc. (most likely, leaky gut).

(Charlotte) #18

@ctviggen In my costco, they are in the refrigerators with the lunchmeat and sliced cheese, by the meat department. It took me 2 months of looking in the dairy section until I happened to see them in a totally different area. My friend should have been more specific when she said “in the cheese section”… because the “cheese section” is actually in 2 different locations. lol

(Troy) #19

Just another reason to go to Costco tomorrow
A good thing😄
Going to check if they carry them, curious I guess
Could be an option for my rare “ dairy “ cheat day

(traci simpson) #20

Are they in the frozen section or bread? I looked at Walmart and Mom’s Organic market, but didn’t find them. I did find the cauliflower wraps though.