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Linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid, and is essential to the human diet. So you have to have some, but you don’t want much, and for two reasons: (1) in quantity, it causes inflammation, and (2) it competes with omega-3, the other essetial fatty acid, for absorption (they use the same pathway). So not only do you want the right proportion of omega-3 to omega-6, you don’t want too much omega-6 to begin with.

If you eat any processed food at all, then you have no need to worry about getting enough linoleic acid.

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Thanks, what I missed is linoleic acid = omega 6. Cronometer tracks omega 6 and reports I’m eating 100 - 113% of the rda consistantly for the past 5 months so presumably that’s exactly where I want to be?

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Presumably, yes. Be aware that the European dietary recommendation is 2 g/day of α-linolenic acid (omega-3), and 10 g/day of linoleic acid (omega-6), whereas in the U.S., the recommendation is for less omega-3 and more omega-6. So I guess how much we need depends on where we live, lol! :grinning:

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I didn’t know that Dr. Brukner had such a sense of humor! And it is a fascinating lecture, to boot.


Thanks for posting, very good.

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I was covering AFL at the same time Bruky was doing the same thing. Yeah, good bloke.

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Thank you for posting these here. Much easier for me to access.
I found them. I was anxious to hear the 2nd Q&A that Dr. Phinney did (on his second lecture, Metabolic Effects of Fasting: The Double Edged Sword) because I was the first up on my side of the room to question Phinney during the Q&A. I’ve never listened to it yet. It will be strange to hear myself, but I always wanted to listen.

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You’re welcome! I just started watching that very session and heard you speak! :grinning: Here it is:

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I find the Q&A sessions to be very enlightening. I’ve been waiting for this one. Thanks for posting.

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