Loving olives

(John) #21

THAT sounds like a winner. On my list of things to try!

(Jane) #22

Add me to the Olive Haters Club. YUK!

(Janelle) #23

Castelvetrano olives are quite different - not so tart. Buy a small jar and try them? In Italy, they’re considered dolce (sweet) even though they have no more carbs. I find them nice and mild.


(Sophie) #24

If you had not posted this, I would have never been snooping the olive aisle at Publix this morning for cheap olives, and I never would have found these!!! So thanks again, Diane! I love this forum. :smile:

OMG! My 2 favorite things combined in one, who knew?! My life is now almost complete. :heart_eyes::laughing::crazy_face:

(Diane) #25

Ooh… those look tempting! No Publix here and the company’s website has a crappy store locator (wasn’t working for me).

I’ll keep my eyes open and maybe try Amazon when I’m feeling flush (so, not anytime soon… :neutral_face:).

Thanks for sharing!

(Sophie) #26

If not, I’d be happy to ship some to ya! :wink:

(Bob M) #27

Those are awesome; I’ve never seen them.

(Scott) #28

I have two ways to eat olives

  1. Martini
  2. Bloody Mary


(Katie) #29

You can try rinsing them :woman_shrugging:

(Laura) #30

I do that and they still pucker me up. Maybe I am more sensitive to salt now than before. I don’t know. Pickles don’t do that and I love a sour pickle.

(Diane) #31

No need! But thanks for the thought. I’ll enjoy the anticipation… and the hunt!

(Stylee) #32

Olives are lacto fermented usually and that is the tart flavor, like sauerkraut or Kim chee. The salt is to prevent mold during fermentation. And us ketonians need our salt. Olives are the bacon of fruits.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #33

Yeah, except that bacon is good.

(Katie) #34

Where do you find raw, fermented olives? I can only find jarred ones, so there is no active/living culture.

(Stylee) #35

Good question that I have never thought of, and I am into home fermentation. I do know olives take 6 months to brine cure probably because of low sugar content. I saw a short film about olive curing in the last couple of months but I can’t remember where I saw it, probably YouTube.

(Jane) #36

Confession here. I have HATED olives all my life. Picked them off pizza when someone ordered a supreme with the fuckers on them.

Tonight I was at a dinner where the courses were drawn out way longer than necessary and there were some green olives in a small jar with some seasoning on them and toothpicks to eat them with.

I thought… WTH. Maybe keto has changed my taste buds so I tried one.

Hmmmm… wasn’t horrible like I remembered. Tried another. Salty and not bad. By the third one I decided keto had corrupted my taste buds beyond reprieve!!!

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #37

Welcome to the dark side :grin:

(Doug) #38

:sunglasses: My wife and I had never had them, then encountered them at the Loyal Hound Pub, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we were blown away. My wife got some last month, and they indeed are special.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #39

The Sicilian ones are awesome - fat, salty and buttery :blush:

(Doug) #40

Gah! You’re talking to a guy entering his 5th fasted day… :smile: