Loving olives

(Suzanne Demeester) #1

What’s the best way to enjoy olives, if you don’t really like them. What can I substitute.

(Stylee) #2

I like the green ones best, lower in carbs than black olives. I really LOVE Jalapeño stuffed olives and often just eat one or two straight from the jar. I don’t cook with them much except for kalamata olives which are great with all kinds of stuff. Try a Greek Salad with feta and tomatoes and cucumbers over some greens. Or a Greek Scramble. Maybe chop them up a bit until you acquire a taste. But that was never a problem for me, and now eating keto you don’t have to worry about them being “fattening “. And there’s no rule that say you have to eat something that you just don’t like!

(John) #3

Yeah, that’s a good question. :slight_smile: What I have been doing is just eating them. I have never, ever liked olives. Or pickles.

But I bought a jar of each, and I add them as sides to meat and cheese plates when I don’t feel like cooking. I figure it is an acquired taste so I eat them while pretending to like the flavor. I wasn’t born liking black coffee or straight bourbon either, but have developed an appreciation for both. :slight_smile:


Olives are not compulsory. Feel free to shun them - come join the Proud Olive Haters Club!

I mean, it would be convenient to like them (they’re such a handy, portable, fatty little snack), but ugh, cannot get past that GROSS taste. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #5


(Candice) #6

I enjoy not eating them. Yuck

(Laura) #7

I only like the green ones. The problem is that they taste so much brinier now and pucker me up. That never happened when I was growing up. I don’t know if they changed the recipe over the years or not.

(Garry (Canada)) #8

I had never heard of a person that didn’t enjoy Olives… Until now.
I can understand not liking Artichokes, …but Olives??

Too each their own I guess. :thinking:

(Clare) #9

I have a slight addiction to olives! :rofl:

(Sheri Knauer) #10

My family and I do too. We go through at least a 21oz jar a week!

(Sophie) #11

Same. I really like the ones stuffed with garlic, but all olives are on my radar. Once upon a time, I came across some (with pits) that were brined in rosemary. Those were phenomenal, but I can’t find them anymore. I still mourn. :cry:

(Clare) #12

Hah that’s brilliant! :rofl:

(Clare) #13

Awww I hope you find them again soon! I get sad when there’s no olives in the fridge!

(Diane) #14

I love olives, especially green olives. These are my favorite brand. They have a milder, less briny flavor. I use the less expensive briny (typical) green olives sliced in green salads, egg salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad.

(Diane) #15

You inspired me to explore a little. Here’s a link I found on how to add flavor to “regular” green olives.

I’m excited to try playing with adding different flavor profiles to some olives!

(Sophie) #16

Awesome! I also like to get the really spicy mixed ones at our local Earthfare. Their olive bar is really good. :heart_eyes:

(Bob M) #17

For any olives you get in an “olive bar” or the like, if they have labels, read them. They probably are mixed with oils like canola, soybean, etc. Not good.

About the only things I eat that aren’t meat are olives and pickles. I do eat some vegetables, but no many. I also like green olives better than dark/calamata.

(Sophie) #18

I do believe I’m going to have to give this a go, especially since I have 3 very large rosemary plants in my front yard begging to be used! Thanks for the linky-dink! :heart_eyes:


I don’t really like them but I DO like them chopped up (black and green) and mixed with cream cheese and then rolled into a piece of deli meat.

I also like them melted into cheese on top of a piece of pepperoni.

I can barely stand them plain, though. (And for the record, I love artichokes!)

(Suzanne Demeester) #20

Thank you, all! I actually was asking for a friend. But, I learned, too! Thank you!