Love Your Cat(s)? Share Them with Us


(Katie) #21

How do I paste a picture here? I run on an iPad. None of my images are in jpeg or gif formats.

(Failed) #22

Here it is in photos. I hope you can follow it.

(Katie) #23

This is Smidge. She is part pure breed alley cat (white) and a Ragdoll. A dog killed her Mom when she was just 3 weeks old…she has been my baby ever since.


Sadly I’m not a cat owner :sob: Am I still allowed to lurk on this thread and experience vicariously the joys of having a furry companion?

(Failed) #25

I love the heart on her face, sweet kitty.

(Failed) #26

Lol! Although once the body cools down, the cat would likely go elsewhere.

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Awww that’s sad about her mom. At least she has you. She’s so pretty.

(Failed) #28

Of course you can, :two_hearts: i love looking at others’ cat companions too.

(Khara) #29

Kiki the baby panther ninja cat.
Loves: Pickles, hair ties, curtains, arm chairs, cardboard beds, naps on laps on a blanket folded just so, and, tuna.
Special skills: Being invisible.
Records: Has never not caught the red dot.
Fears: Pumpkins. (We are working on that.)
Current projects: Learning to take selfies.

Sweet little River. 1998-2014.
Best kitty in the world. Floppy 16 lb Ragdoll mix. Loved being picked up and carried around (by me only). Was on/in every bag or box within seconds of it entering the house. Loved fancy collars (hats - not so much, but would tolerate them for me). Could identify when I was making tuna noodle casserole by the ingredients that came out of the pantry - and waited with patient anticipation for the tuna cans to come out. Once, in the middle of the night, she brought me a loaf of bread upstairs and onto the bed. A second night, she brought me a bag of marshmallows. (These were the low fat high carb days.) She played fetch - with tinfoil balls only. If I used foil in the kitchen, she would come and demand a new ball. On an old digital camera we found a selfie of her and still don’t know how it got there.
Special skills: Continues to make us smile.

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #30

I love Bombays like Kiki. My daughter has a Bombay called Eevee.

(Khara) #31

Your cat, Gnarlee, I’ve seen pictures like her before online but just thought it was unique to one kitty. I didn’t realize this was a type. Never heard of Chimera until now. Really interesting. Cool that she works with you. My River was an office cat. She was always on top of the work I needed. Had to “trade” her something else for it. :nerd_face: They are fun to have around.

(MooBoom) #32

I have four cats, three of them are Tonkinese (genetically 50% Burmese, 50% Siamese).

Ollie, otherwise known as Crossy (nicknamed as such by several of my keto pals!) is the eldest of my Tonks, just turned 4. He is cross eyed sweetness and light and hilarity, and loves his cat wheel. Sadly I can’t post videos of him on it in here, but I can post a pic of him!

Next came Axel- he is my heart cat. He had his second birthday yesterday, and I got him what he wanted most- a leaf (:joy:) and me home after 2 weeks away on a working cruise. When I got home he raced up and hugged my leg tightly with all his paws, while staring into my eyes making a drawn out happy meow. He makes my heart explode with love, and is the best, funniest, most affectionate and human kitty I have ever known and probably will ever know. So you get two pics of him!

When Ax arrived we quickly realised he was a right fire cracker and needed a fellow kitten to burn off steam with. Shortly thereafter arrived Bax- and thus began the most horrendously stressful, sad, uplifting, heart breaking, exhausting, ultimately positive but utterly soul destroying at the same time 6 months of my life.

His story here: Baxter: the miracle kitten

And this is my gorgeous little man today!

They are all ruled over by Queen Mim, our 4.5 yr old Burmilla. She pretends she’d like to be an only cat but then we find her floozing it up with her men folk like this :joy:

I adore my cats, they are each so funny, sweet, loving and entertaining that I miss them when I leave the house even for a day. They are 100% children substitutes for my fiancé and I.

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #33

Yep… she is her own non-identical twin. Cats like her, will form when four parent cells form together either as two already fertilized eggs, or as two early embryos that have fused together. Because the cells have already started to develop in the separate embryos, each half keeps the original phenotypes… which determines their appearances and markings. This means that the resulting cat becomes a mixture of all of these genes, which can lead it to have a rare, unusual combination of fur, eye and marking colors.
At first, I thought Gnarlee didn’t have different eye colors, but on closer inspection, one eye is darker than the other… though just a shade.
Her condition is rare in animals in general, but according to feline experts, not all that unusual amongst cats.

(Brandy) #34

Ollie for the win! I wanna smoosh his face with my face.

(Khara) #35

Love all of their stories! Thanks for sharing. So happy Bax is blessed with you coming into his life to help him get healthy and live a great little kitty life. I found the kitty wheel video on YouTube and also stumbled upon Ollie’s Facebook page the other day! Glad you’re back home with them!

(MooBoom) #36

Thanks Khara! I’ve just got back from the vets with Ollie, it never ends with my boys :joy: but it’s lovely to be home with them again :blush:

(Brandy) #37

Despite being fed a rather expensive, perfectly nutritionally formulated carnivore kibble, A Cat Has No Name seems to be requesting an upgrade this morning.

(Hannah Conway) #38

Teetee my torti

(Hannah Conway) #39

Dot and her pal tesla who thinks shes a cat

(Hannah Conway) #40