Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Michael) #21

Black items are snails, 4 ounces worth. Also had thymus (3 oz) and beef heart (3 oz). While it looks like more, I weighed the tallow at 3 oz as well. Total weight on plate was only 13 ounces (not even one pound).

(Megan) #22

I leapt about all over the carnivore menu trying different meats from 4 legged, 2 legged and no legged animals, eggs and various cheeses. Everything left me wanting and dissatisfied, and no matter what I ate the intense, driving me nutso carb cravings wouldn’t ease, even for a short time. I’m so glad it’s over!! And I’m so glad I was able to limit my giving in to a couple of days of some very keto desert. Phew! How I didn’t go out and buy the couple of things I was craving for the most is beyond me. 3 weeks is a long time.


I am starving, I really had enough of that :frowning:
Just finished my lunch (but so hungry still), it’s only 16:30, over 160g fat and protein, 38g carbs as I was hungry and opened a box of milk and inhaled 5.5dl (wow but it was a few not too mild minutes…), WAY less than what I wished, a liter wouldn’t be a challenge but when it is so? It’s a tasty mostly-water, easy to drink.
Maybe opening a box of cream would have been a better idea though that has its own disadvantages… Oh well.
It’s not like some sugar can make me any hungrier at this point…

I had lean pork (so glad Alvaro and the cats ate up almost the whole thing, no matter how much sauce I use, it is super lean, it’s impossible to balance out this way), fatty pork (shoulder), Vienna sausage, lots of cheese, most of it on top of my scrambled eggs with bacon… And there was my fluff too.
Note for self: If I am in a very hungry phase, I better put a lot of proper meat in front of me instead of eating many courses… But I only had pork shoulder in bigger quantities and that’s so fatty it too easily triggers overeating so I tried to be careful… As if it helps in such times :smiley: Maybe it does, a little.

Now I am waiting for this starvation feeling pass. I ate over my energy need, I shouldn’t be hungry until, like, midnight… :crazy_face:

Tomorrow should be chill, right?

The food was good, by the way, apart from the lean pork - and the pork shoulder roast is so much better fresh and not frozen and defrosted… It’s meat so freezable but it still loses some of its charm. Hungry me was thankful though.

Tomorrow I cook a soup but for Alvaro too so it will include vegs. I only eat the liquid, should be good enough for now. We couldn’t come up with another lunch idea (he will have a sweet carby main dish, a soup is perfect before it), Alvaro is just bad at it and as time passes, I have less and less idea about what normal people eat… I just try to feed him meat when it’s not time for some split peas and whatever protein there is around (that usually covers 3-4 days per week and it’s difficult when it’s a different week) and sometimes it works, sometimes not. Soup is different as he doesn’t need to eat the meat part and he doesn’t mind the liquid. I have some leftover pork shoulder and fatty duck necks for the soup, it will be tasty unlike the chicken frame abomination that the cats diligently eat up…

Oh, Ginger apparently has owners! Not full-time-here ones but she does. So I can feed and pet her, it won’t be permanent, I wouldn’t want that. BUT I am careful as we are here all the time and Pie originally had an owner in this area too… Once I saw her, talked to her, fed her and she never went back, not even when the owner came again.
This area has mostly vacation houses, only 3-4 houses are occupied all year round, several occasionally (mostly in summer, of course) and some are just there, abandoned and the owner either comes once a year to mow the whatever grows there (one garden is super lucky, it becomes some lovely field with pretty grasses and even prettier wildflowers… our neighbor on one side has a total mess) or never, one still have little lawnmovers as someone brings all the sheep there regularly. They are beautiful, Racka, my fav :heart_eyes: With the prettiest horns and tastiest meat! :yum: But they are nice models too if they are willing to stop when I bring my camera.

I feel better now. Not satiated yet but I feel I ate much. It’s so weird when I have this delayed satiation. I have such a thing often but it’s just not being satiated until some time (like 1-3 hours) passed, not feeling totally starved when I already at a lot :frowning:

I wish I would have some super satiating and always tempting food. I would just sit down next to a big bowl of it and ate until needed. And possibly get some impressive numbers. I do get impressive numbers sometimes but using zillion items and measuring too many times and feeling starved for a too long time while eating and making food continuously.
(I have boiled eggs now but I don’t want them. Feeling starved doesn’t make my appetite much different. At least I had appetite just NOT towards the most boring eggs, boiled ones. I did eat a soft-boiled one, those are nice.)

8 eggs + 1 yolks this far, 400g meat and lots of dairy. It didn’t feel much… Strange perception.

I try not to come when I am mildly upset and think about things. It can’t be fun to read. And I like to be entertaining. Or something even more useful.


Last night was 2 lamb chops again.

We had vegetarians over for dinner on Monday night this past week. They may have scored a mention in Feb22 as well. The couple were our housemates for awhile in another city. I’ll get judgey first. We offered them rainwater or kombucha to drink, and after dinner Mrs. Bear likes a cup of tea. They drank the wine they brought but added, We don’t drink water. At night with dinner it is always wine and beer. Every night?, I asked. Yes, every night, we look forward to it, replied Mel. It’s normal, added Bart. So, I learned that water drinking is abnormal out in the human world.

We served dinner. There were lots of vegetables and salads served in various chopped and cooked performance states. There was cooked cheese as well. Mrs. Bear put my plate in front of me it was lamb chops, fried eggs, fried halloumi cheese. She had kindly built a wall of pumpkin cubes, I think Americans call the fruit “squash”, with kimchi ramparts to fend off the vegetarians. I didn’t eat the pumpkin wall but it’s intent was appreciated.

Half way through eating Bart offered, I think if you are going to eat animals that you should be the one who executes them. I chewed my meat and thought we had answered the question implied over many shared dinners. You know I have killed thousands of animals Bart, I replied after a swallow. Yes, I do, he remembered. However, from an animal welfare aspect, I understand the point he was making. This year I developed the conversation, Actually Bart, you are right, I didn’t kill this hogget. I paid someone to do it. It’s the way of the non-water drinking world. But I reckon further. That, if we are to eat the animals, we should raise them and care for them as well. Right up to the momentary juncture, that flick of the off switch, between hogget and lamb, or steer and beef. The ladies at the table enjoying their spiralised zucchini wrenched the reigns and turned the conversation to real estate comparisons.


I find your trial empowering as a reader, Megan. Thank you for sharing the struggle. And the strength you had to hold to plan in a keto safety net, without a full avalanche slide back to high carb sweet food-like substances.

The “trillions of voices” that rally in our gut, sending vagus nerve delivered demands to our thought centre are difficult to consciously regulate. It highlights a potential pit-fall of the intuitive eating method. Imagine listening to the mass rally demonstration of a gut full of sugar craving microbes! But feeding oneself with on-plan ZC food will quell a gut biota insurrection over a few days, I think. The few days are the battleground.

(Megan) #26

Thanks @FrankoBear!! It was a hell of a 3 weeks.


what great posts here - fun to read them all. Sunday will mark my first month on Carnivore. I’m thrilled that after 2.5 weeks things settled down for me in the bathroom arena LOL Overall, have felt pretty good, sleeping great, a bit more energy. But most of all, i no longer feel like a slave to food. Before all meat, I was basically on a lower carb diet but lots of low carb veggies and sparing on protein, and only lean. I would eat lunch and an hour be hungry again. I’d eat dinner at 5 pm and by 8 pm I’d be feasting again. Now I usually eat at 11 a.m. and again around 5 pm and I’m good. No snacks, no real cravings…satisfied. And free.
I’ve lost about 12 pounds in the month so happy about that. I want to thank all of you for the help those first two weeks. I was ready to quit Carnivore due to the tribulations of adaption but you all helped me stick it out.

(Michael) #28

Plates are going to be pretty similar. Here was first plate tonight - kidneys, sardines, 6 eggs and a hunk of tallow. 0.1 g less protein tonight compared to yesterday with only 3000 cal today. So far so good, but not sure I can keep downing 3 oz of purr tallow nightly for 90 days. We will see if I have the willpower to keep it up or if I have to change my tactic. Second plate of pork belly is not shown.


@Karen18, hope all is going well in your neck of the woods :slight_smile:

@JJFiddle, did ya get your power back. Hope so! Out of the winter toughies I think the ice storms are just dreadful! We get them also but probably not as much as your area.

@MeganNZ, 3 wks is a long time actually. I only would combat a day or 2 of intense cravings. Any issues that ya think might have dragged out this super long cravings attack for ya? Stress about stuff or ? But key is you are a strong person and did well in fighting the darn demons that come to get us sometimes :sunny:

@FrankoBear, very interesting when the vegetarians come over and the ol’ stupid ‘you need to kill that hog or beef’ for some ‘super ethical’ reason to eat it :slight_smile: Sad. Does your vegetarian eat dairy? If yes the ethical of all that mess can easily be discussed. Need ‘an livestock husbandry’ for that product. Eat eggs, produce their own only? If not again, animal husbandry farming practice comes into play. Also, can one address the usual issues of intense farming to buy those veggies means so much death. Insects, rodents, land pollution/deforestation, all small animal populations effected up to the entire natural chain of life for all living beings etc. I know you are not going in for the kill on your chats with your vegetarian friends, but that ol’ useless line gets so tiring to me. Have me over for dinner wtih them one day :slight_smile: The convo would get quite spicy…heehee. Cool post.

@Naghite, yea I can see it as only something I could not handle…hope you do ok on it all. 90 days with all that tallow is a daunting task. Keep us updated on how you are feeling thru it all!

@Shinita, you are tackling Feb. as all carnivore for you right? So key to that is like you said, best to put proper meat in front of ya instead of eating smaller courses thru the day. Should chill ya out better :slight_smile: Good luck thru Feb carnivore month!

-------------so hit store and got 3 pks bacon, 3 on sale chuck roasts, hit 2 nice marked down price pork tenderloin small roasts. OK not bad, but…

Heart palps kicked in when I was finishing at the store and when I got home from the shop. Ugh. Also felt tad of nausea in tummy. Licked salt, drank some water.

I was SO into the bacon but when I fried up 1/2 lb. I didn’t want it. I have 0 interest in food right now but since I fried it up, I put a tad of melted cheddar on it and ate it down. Put the other 1/2 of the pack in the fridge. Later I cut that 2 lb. chuck into 2 hunks. Put 1 lb. in my dutch oven and let it cook 3 hrs on lower to perfect tenderness. Got it out, all ready to eat it and whammo, had no interest. WTH? I did eat tho with a bit of force 1/2 lb. of it cause I knew I better get something down me and 1/2 lb. of it was all I could eat. Tasted yummy, but I have like 0 appetite at all right now. Other bit is in fridge to gnaw on today, maybe? I don’t know LOL

I mean I have had this hit before. No appetite but this time it ‘feels’ more strange to me. Maybe now in year 6, coming off the ‘sicky icky’ issues that hit my guts, maybe also I am changing on how much quantity of meat I do need in my day. Like body super healed more, feeling great and all, maybe this time line means I might be cutting back to a lb. of food per day or like in that area? Again don’t know til I walk my path.

Not drinking as much water either as I usually do. I think winter and my slower days do have something to do with it but I don’t know. I just ‘feel like something is changing’ and I can’t put my finger on it just yet. Huh.

I felt very bloated this morning when I woke up. Like I thought I had to have put on a few lbs. that I lost ya know with the bloaty feeling…so stepped on scale. I dropped 1/2 lb. OK I will take it. Always surprises me when I feel ‘heftier’ in some fashion on the body but the scale drops? who knows.

My usual morning I have meat pulled for defrosting for the meal day. I stopped doing that the last few days cause no food is coming to mind I even want in my day. another Hmmmm on it. I got 1/2 lb of bacon to eat/ Got that 1/2 lb. of chuck to finish and I do have burgers made I can grab if I require more. For some reason I don’t think I will require more at all.

So I got that crazy dog tilt picture in my head. Head tilting trying to figure out what the heck is going on and why my ‘so normal zc’ is changing alot right now? I might be morphing into another whole new me again? No clue. Maybe the being sicky icky issue did something extra in the guts that has effected ? no clue :sunny: Maybe the body is now in an area of being so nourished and more repaired it is now saying time for a change into a new pattern that suits me? No idea yet. Is the winter season with moving alot less just triggering less food required?

Again no idea. But with no food focus today at all upon waking, I will just see what I do want to eat and when I want it thru the day.

Worse for family is I lost all interest in cooking anything…even for them HAHA They are not happy about that. Like I just don’t wanna bother but of course, I still gotta do some prep/cook work for them. bleck. Kiddo came out last night around 7 and said what’s for dinner and I said nothing, go scavenge and find something. She was not thrilled LOL but today when she gets home from school I will cook her a real meal. Scallops with garlic green beans and a few small roasted taters. She will be happy to see that food, but I won’t be happy cooking it.

So just seeing how my no food focus is gonna continue. I think I went into a new change thru no power of my own but will have to just follow it and see where it goes.

(Robin) #30

Yes!!! Good for you!


But even if they drink booze every evening… One doesn’t drink ONLY that… Maybe their food is wet enough… Still super odd. I drink a lot in the evening, it’s nearly impossible to get without water. For me, at least. Once I didn’t drink pure water until the evening as my coffee hydrated me but that was a special day. (1.5 liter weak coffee, very good at hydration.)
I personally wouldn’t want to consume alcohol every day… But as I automatically skip a month or two, my opinion probably doesn’t count :smiley:

Every too “moral” vegetarians (and vegans, they are usually worse and their diet cause masses of animal deaths too) would deserve us two on either side :smiley: (Only we wouldn’t deserve that often. It would be fun once but that’s it. And definitely not while eating as I prefer to be all chill then.) We have very similar and very right arguments :smiley: If they think so deep about eating meat, why don’t they think about what eating eggs, dairy but even plants mean? That’s not all sunshine and roses for animals either.

Yes and I know, I never did small meals until carnivore and I only do it carnivore when I am forced to it and I hate that. Yesterday I fancied more eggs and maybe my meat intake was a tad too low to my body’s liking… But I can’t eat a ton of everything and anyway, I didn’t feel the need for meat. But then got hungry late again and I remembered I often have these seemingly unneeded extra late meals on lower-meat days… I try to focus on it a bit more but I probably always will have different days…
But lately I am HUNGRY. Even if I eat more meat. (Still, starting with a pound of meat and a few/several eggs is the best way, I only miss these two when I neglect them.)
Small meals aren’t my problem lately for sure, I have the opposite problem now, not too easy satiation (but I still get the short lived satiation, sadly).
I eat a biggish meal, that’s fine, the problem is I get hungry again. And again. And maybe again. My late breakfast was small but of course, I can’t eat much when it’s early. It caused no problems, I was fine for hours and my lunch was okay sized. But then I got hungry again.

Oh let’s hope it gets better already.

When my satiation is okay, it doesn’t matter if I eat small meals or big ones, I reach 130g protein and enough calories (and don’t do it way too early) and I don’t get hungry again, that’s nice and chill. But I don’t have that now.

Yesterday was hungry, most definitely. 211g fat, 215g protein…

Today I wasn’t really hungry after 3pm when Alvaro came home but it was such a snowy/rainy/gloomy day (it started with snow but it became rain and just didn’t stop. now I miss my walk. I usually don’t miss it if it’s a single day but now I do) and I had wonderful freshly made hot soup… And as always, it triggered a full-blown meal. It’s so strange to me that people use broth to easy their fasts, I can’t help eating a lot if I touch the thing… I suspect even coffee acts against fasts but it depends, probably. It definitely doesn’t help.

By the way, I drank coffee with my only meal, wondered about it but I am so very used to my warm egg milk after my meal and had no idea what else to put in it… If I don’t have cream, it’s not so fun alone, vanilla and clove just isn’t enough for flavor.

Today was great food wise and no starving at all, not even proper hunger all day! Not even during and after my meal when it has the biggest chance!
I had a late, elongated lunch. Ate a lot of pork shoulder, some in the soup, most freshly fried in a pan, it was WONDERFUL. I really like fatty meat now. So much better than the defrosted shoulder roast, I think I won’t put roast into the freezer again if possible, fried meat works better. I actually barely eat roasts lately, I prefer freshly fried meat now.
But even in the soup, shoulder was so tender and nice, nothing like some leaner meat!
The soup had 4 duck necks, I ate 2 (about 150g meat not counting what stuck to the vertebrae and the cats ate it), it was tasty :slight_smile: Not as good as the pork but almost.
I had 6 sponge cake muffins as well, some was lightly cheesy, I ate the last one with a bite of sausage. And my egg milk as I mentioned. It’s quite simple according my standards… And very satisfying.

I kind of tracked but I don’t know how much meat I ate from the soup as Alvaro had some too, pork shoulder fattiness is anyone’s guess too… So IDK if the fat was 100g or 150 (guesstimation says 112) but the protein was probably close to the guesstimated 146g :slight_smile: Cute meal, perfect for OMAD. 6g carbs.

Hopefully I won’t need much food this night and maybe finally things get less hungry now. I am very pleased with today eating wise. 624g/1.4lbs meat, pretty normal for a meaty day.
It’s 7pm now and I am perfectly satiated :slight_smile: Promising. Doesn’t mean I won’t eat a lot after midnight, of course but I am usually way better on days with a 1600+ kcal first meal, they are often enough to keep me from eating for 20-24 hours (unless I am not asleep when 8-12 hours pass. I never could do morning OMAD days).

The local supermarket chain put pork chuck on sale and Alvaro got me over 2kg! :smiley: YAY! I don’t need it now, still have plenty of pork shoulder to fry and he will make us chichen liver and heart stew tomorrow but somehow I could fit it all into the freezer, oh it will be so nice, I have plenty of chuck now :smiley: I will use it together with something else so it lasts longer and I will have variety…

I think I made putting almost no effort and time into cooking for Alvaro an art :smiley:
Baking is different as I like that but that isn’t so much effort either. And some carnivore food for him is a tad more complicated but I eat at least a little of those.
But carby dishes I don’t like? I am willing to spend 1-2 minutes of work on it, it should be enough. And it is. I don’t really cut vegetables since I tried carnivore. Maybe sometimes when he cooks and I am cute enough to help a weee bit. He can cut up the cabbage, I definitely won’t do that :smiley:
So Alvaro, the mildly adaptable person got used to his pretty much veggie-less workdays (except when there is leftover from the weekend, the raw stuff that needs no preparation and the very much not time consuming split peas. they need time but almost no work. but if I can feed something carnivore or almost carnivore to him, I do that).
But I probably wrote about this too many times this far…

But there are still too many dirty dishes. Sigh. We still don’t eat simple enough especially him and probably never will.

(Karen) #32

@Fangs all good here thanks. Life is getting a little more busy since Raymond’s perked up. His meds were tweaked and he got the morphine pain patches he asked for and they have made a significant difference. No feeling/being sick as he did on the liquid morphine and able to get sleep now which has improved his mood and ability to to focus better. Which in turn means more dancing :grinning: we’re getting in at least 3 dances per week. The back is feeling better, not twinging now so i have booked on to CrossFit tomorrw, see how we go?? The CrossFit open games is back in 3 weeks but i have already decided not to compete in them this year. Can’t improve on last years result lol … the only way is down hahahah and i am not as fit at the mo … comparable to my own performance that is!

Funny how every now and thn we don’t feel the need or want for food … sometimes i eat loads and at other times i can go the whole day and not really want to bother … with me it usally depends on what i am doing. Wednesday we were over in Solihull dancing which is other side of Birmingham and at 3.45 when we came out i suddenly felt ravenous, i hadn’t eaten all day but i think i just knew it would be almost 1.5/2hrs before getting home to eat … today we left the dance just after 4 but never even thought about eating and hadn’t eaten all day … an hour plus to get home (cos i went to Aldi after dropping Raymond at his place) our bodies are amazingly strange!:wink:

(Karen) #33

Food over the past couple of days … pork chops bacon eggs … scrambled in butter, chicken …charred … got distracted, cheese, steak … a little thin one.

Exercise, daily 100 push ups, some stair running, 50 plus side and front shoulder raises and dancing .

Freezer starting to whisper to me to fill the gaps so might have to do a Company Shop trip tomorrow afternoon :grinning:

Been clearing the closets and loft room of clothes … made a small dent so need to keep doing :roll_eyes: determined to reduce the clutter!


My freezer is as full as my belly… I am TOO full. WHY I have this delayed satiation? (I totally didn’t forced it, I just ate because it felt nice and I still wasn’t satiated.)
It’s not fun. Still better than hunger though :slight_smile: And I take it a good sign that my Hungry Times ended.

(Michael) #35

Temperature outside is -27C or -17 F without the wind chill. Pretty darn cold.

I am continuing to improve on my percentages. Down to 121 g protein with 10.6g carbs and 344.1 g of fat. A good ratio at only 13.4% protein and 85.4% fat for a total of 3625 calories. Today was 2.5 oz tallow, 2.5 oz sheep lung, 3 oz beef heart and 11 oz pork belly on first plate. Second was 1 oz cream with 4 eggs scrambled with cheese.

Happy Friday everyone.


Oh my, it would be record breaking here! We didn’t have -20C this winter yet, it doesn’t always happen and this winter is pretty warm anyway. Few days had frost all day long. If it happened at all.

We have HUGE wind. This is a windy area to begin with but it’s very serious now. I went out just a tiny bit but my face almost frozen off…
Sunshine though :slight_smile: Hopefully I can have my long walk later.

Yesterday was OMAD, yay! :smiley: Only 146g protein (I ignore my kollagen peptides again sigh) but I should do even better! But it’s not too bad, at least it’s not 180-215g… And I have great food now.

{I can’t write about our special food today without mentioning vegs, I warn you.}
Alvaro made the liver/heart stew. It’s a bit wet, oh well. Our stews are normally have little liquid. Goulash has but it’s a soup! Of course some people make stews somewhat more watery, we don’t.
And I am still a tad unsure what stew in other countries look like but it seems they usually have pretty much liquid and tons of vegs. We don’t have that here as far as I know except goulash but that’s a soup, again :smiley: I have found our last liver/heart stew recipe, IDK how old, I don’t even remember we cooked it before but we didn’t put nearly as much onion into it this time (and no tomato puree. why was that there? normal stews only use onion and paprika, some people go further but the basic stew recipe doesn’t.).
I probably will have 3-4g plant net carbs today due to it. Why does it sound much to me? :smiley: Oh well, I want this stew, it’s so very rare I get chicken hearts! But I remembered which supermarket had hearts, hopefully it is normal. I will make non-stews from it as well :slight_smile: Lovely in soup too, I always liked the chicken heart in soups but there was only one at a time…

By the way, I haven’t eaten pork or beef hearts since AGES… And they are very good. I think heart is the only organ I liked from every animals. Did I eat chicken tongue? Whatever, that can’t be so good. Liver can be problematic (I have problems only with turkey liver at the moment), I dislike lungs in general (okay if it’s chicken but not if it comes from a bigger animal, of course my experiences are limited but I hate that somewhat spongy texture and didn’t find them tasty ever)… But heart is lovely :slight_smile:

I fried my leftover pork shoulders, it will be amazing. Exactly a pound :slight_smile:


That is great. Our fat on zc is so important. Glad you are enjoying your food better!

@Karen18, happy to hear Raymond is feeling more spry :slight_smile: Smart to not compete in CrossFit games this year. Yea I get it if you can’t beat yourself, why bother, just do reg. ol CrossFit when ya want and just cheer on some others in the games. Cool food pics as usual!

@Naghite, it is now good Sat. morning to ya!
Your eating experiment is moving happily along.
BBrrrr on that low temp. We are 21F this morn, too cold for me!

-----------------so ended up not wanting that bacon, had a hankering for reg. ol’ pork sausage. So 1/2 lb. of sausage fried and enjoyed that taste. Then I finished that 1/2 lb of chuck steak in freezer.
Then I had 2 beef sticks later in the day.

Still getting no draw to food really. I have low eating times before but this one is going a long time. Very interesting.

I am down another 1/2 lb on the scale.

I don’t know…I am just going to keep eating as I see fit and want. I just am letting zc do what it wants to do. I ‘almost feel’ like the appetite is gonna ramp up sooner than later for some ‘internal feeling reason’ but for whatever crazy reason I am only eating so light right now…hey zc baby :slight_smile: Just do what it wants. Feeling good, feeling strong and all and see where it goes from here.


Today. I do have that 1/2 lb of bacon to use but also a bit of that sausage left. one of the 2 or maybe both on first meal later?
I have a just shy of a lb. small pork tenderloin to eat up later.

Hope everyone is doing well this ZC February!!


I normally enjoy my food and I always eat fatty but this fried shoulder was exceptional.
I totally am in my “fried pork phase” now, prefer it over roasts. I fry my dish freshly every day (waiting a few hours are fine but that’s it) and it is very good. And all the pieces get reddish brown in the pan :smiley: The meat and fat alike get some crunchiness if I have the patience for it… And the taste is really great this time. Maybe the next shoulder won’t be THIS good, it happens. Of course my actual state, whatever that means, matter a lot too. We just don’t enjoy the same things the same all the time…

It’s only carni day #4 so no wonder but I have absolutely no food boredom and desire for something else yet :slight_smile: I don’t even need to use my more exotic staples… But I soon try out the thing made from various organs and even some normal pork… I kept my curiosity in check this far, I had other things to eat. I don’t even need stew for variety yet but Alvaro wanted it already. I will bake pork skin biscuits (with yolk, a little pork and partially with cheese) and I don’t need them for variety or recipe making either, I just have leftover skin after I ate pork jowl, it’s soft and nice so not for the cats but for me… And my freezer is full with tiny boxes, I don’t want to put it another. It feels a bit wasteful to eat these when I would be just happy with my pork and salt and eggs… But it’s good I like my food and maybe I would get bored easier without variety, I had that before: all was well and suddenly I got bored of most meats. Better to keep up variety.

Alvaro says we didn’t have such a low temp since December :smiley: It’s much warmer now.

How fatty is the sausage there? And do you have dry sausages too? Well surely you do, maybe not as a traditional super common one… My anchestors always had some in the pantry as everyone who wasn’t extremely poor :slight_smile: Nice smoked whole hams too… Mmmmm.

(Karen) #39

@Fangs yep you’re right regarding CF, they have a blaclboard and written down everyones names who are entering … there ae so many this year but that isn’t making me want to put my name on the list and yes i will certainly be cheering and encouraging them. I guess this year they may feel ready for it as lockdown are a past memory and most have got back their fitness levels they had pre covid. I went this morning for the teams workout and some were surprised i wasn’t entering. I just get so anxious prior to each competiton that i feel quite at ease knowing i have made my decision. A lot seem to like competitions, i never have, i wouldn’t even do dance comps!

Well the CF wod included 100 hand release push ups of which i had to do 50 haha still doing the 100 at home though.20230204_155443

Had a thin steak for lunch as it had defrosted whereas the pork chops and chicken thighs weren’t ready to cook so i will eat the chicken later and probably save the chops for tomorrow. The steak was lovely… probably way too thin for most but they have a good taste and virtually no gristle, o really enjoy them. Ate a little bit of blue cheese too which was a bit salty.


The cats get more creative at getting into places with food… Or plates, they like licking them and I won’t clean them if I will eat from them in 2 hours and the exact same thing.
So we kicked them out. Again. They try to hide… Sometimes it would be nice to have a kitchen door but it won’t happen.

It seems that yes, I lost my huge hunger. Yay! I have smallish but very satiating meals today (not for long, small ones can’t do that but I am quite fine for a while), I got the chill I like.

Well maybe it’s not that easy :smiley: I had my biscuits in the afternoon (crunchy ones!!! oh, nice, I need more experiments though as I rarely have pork skin and it’s better for soft stuff anyway) and got pretty hungry at dinnertime. And satiation just didn’t come… Eventually I stopped eating and now I am hungry but hopeful that my body recognizes the sheer amount of food I threw at it… I kinda feel I am full or something, I feel I have lots of food inside, I am just hungry at the same time.
As usual, uncertain how much I ate but guesstimation says 219g fat and 239g protein… (Possibly more fat, I used modest data for my pork shoulder but it lost some fat too.) Oh well.

By the way, the organ not-sausage thingie is WONDERFUL! Now I need to bake a bread for Alvaro tomorrow or poor thing can’t taste it before I inhale it all…

Today was pretty organ-y :slight_smile: Yum. Alvaro consider it weird that there are people never having organ meat too. It’s so so very basic here!

:sob: Today must have been so super expensive, I can’t afford this. But I was hungry… So hungry… And it was lovely food too…
Okay, organ isn’t so very expensive, the duck was -50% and pork shoulder isn’t expensive, eggs and cheese are… Still. I shouldn’t eat nearly this much protein. How on earth do people eat little of it?!

Hard to be upset with such a full belly, I start to feel a nice satiation form now… :slight_smile: I only was very hungry for the duration of my quick but effective dinner, that is okay.

My lunch except I just tasted the fried pork shoulder at that point… I won’t edit out the morsels, ignore them or whatever, I don’t care.

From now on I will do my absolute best not to eat until sunset… 10pm would be better, that would ensure that my overeating won’t be epic but I can’t last until then… :smiley:
I am better with well-fasted hunger. I have no idea if I will eat more today, obviously. It’s only 8:30pm. But I ate well so I have chances…

I am still waiting for carnivore(-ish) quicker satiation to kick in but then I will have ideas what to do.