With the protein, what amount are you adjusting from / to?

I am not too hungry at the moment and I have to make sure I’m getting sufficient protein, especially on the days when I don’t feel like eating an evening meal.

I haven’t dropped too low - but if I hadn’t been tracking, there’s a couple of days where I would’ve, especially if I end up not hungry by the time of my last meal.

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Yeah lack of hunger def decreases the amount of protein


My protein is high even if I have zero hunger and appetite… It’s nice eating protein and my body needs and wants it even without hunger (the same with fat but that drops easier if I have easy satiation). But I really will do my absolute best in the next month to minimize protein (and fat, of course. still don’t care about carbs but they probably will be pretty low as my desire for simplicity points to meat first, eggs second and very little else).

Nice sunny day today.

I practice short comments now.


chicken fat got me LOL: OMG my guts went wild. I ate alot of chicken skin and fat and I paid dearly for it :slight_smile: Back to regular ol’ beef and pork for a bit right now. I loved the fat and skin, all soppy on my meat, believe me I just inhaled that fat but it tore me up in crazy time. Eek. Feel alot better today so food is not a draw. So burgers and maybe just like tuna or something. Not requiring alot. Don’t want it.
keeping food extreme super simple from now and not thinking of inhaling tons of fat from chicken HAHA ugh

Wonderful posts. Life is wonderful isn’t it without worrying about macros and ‘being on a diet’ right? That is one of the top keys to zc for me for sure! Life without food focus, priceless!


Hi Robin. I’ve read the Overstorey. It is one of the most significant books I have read. Yes, I read every night. Usually fiction, a novel. Currently reading George Orwell, 1984. I will be one of those people reported injured or dead in an avalanche. A bedside table book avalanche.

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@FrankoBear Same… born with a book in my hand and will hopefully die with one folded on my chest. The only thing I don’t read is romance or westerns. I knew you were likely a reader, because you are a writer.

A few years back, I decided to keep only the best of the best. I have one tall bookshelf; an old school cabinet with just six shelves. Three for fiction, two for non-fiction, and one for poetry. Room for about 110 books. My goal is to not leave behind so many books that they’ll just end up in boxes… destination unknown.

My daughter swears she will take the entire cabinet and work her way through it… and find me inside.

The shelves are full. To add one, I must let another go. Hard.
But It’s heaven to sit here and see my most beloved books on display.

Overstory is one of those books I will read again.
I would save it from a fire.
And my dog.

Trusting my husband will look out for himself.


@robintemplin, I know it was too long ago when I last expressed how much I love your comment, your style, your thinking, your humor… These in total, I am not nearly as good with words as I wish! Reading your comments are a joy! :smiley:

We had about 10000 books when I had a kid*. I have read quite many of them but I still needed libraries… I LOVED books. That’s why my English is as good as it is (I am not pleased as I am not at a good writer’s level but I am aware it’s not bad for someone who has it as 3rd language… I have learned German earlier and got a more serious exam of it. and then I just never use it anymore. sigh. well I don’t miss the gendered nouns. I basically dislike gendered things in languages, mine hasn’t gendered pronouns and how great is that in these modern times? :D), I love reading.
I read less books and more fanfics nowadays but I still read books.

And then Mom died. There was the 10000 books and I barely could bring some. I remember when we crossed the country with a single motorbike with a single box on it and I filled it with old books :smiley: We found someone with a car once so I could bring all the fancy famous literature books (sorry, IDK the term I should use here), they have super thin pages, that helps… I miss a few books I left but they aren’t so very important. I just remember reading them… My summers were between running wild in the nearby places (Nature, only a few people but usually just me) and reading books. Of course I combined those quite often and read in the grass or between reeds… Good times.

Now I have little place for books but I filled those :slight_smile: No idea how many books we have. Oh yes I brought all the travel books, there is a series… IDK, a few thousands? we have very few books, it feels weird. In (originally) Grandma’s house there was two “kitchen”. One was for cooking, the other for eating (not like I didn’t do that a lot in the real kitchen), the latter contained the fridge, cupboards for the plates etc. Well we put there bookshelves and one very old cupboard was completely filled with books, not only on the shelves but they were pushed everywhere so opening the door was interesting. I called it library room. As the kitchen was the place of the cooking. But we had a house and an apartman so we had two library rooms and the other normal rooms had books too, of course. Just less than the library ones. (I had no room, I slept in the library room with 2 doors, it didn’t offer very much privacy. Grandma’s house with the two “kitchens” had only one bedroom and the kitchens and a pantry, nothing else. It had no bathroom or even water but it still was my favorite place.)

But now I only have my own house. It’s a bit sad. I like when good things never change. Of course they do. I am bad with time.

I don’t heard about Overstorey. I have read 1984, of course, it’s basic. So very much that it pretty much stuck into my head and no need to read it again. I have a few books like this, movies too. I just don’t forget them.
Oh I have read at my Aunt in summer too, of course. It was good, she had different books than we had. And I went to the library for different ones… I have read Brave New World at my Aunt. She usually was in the hospital and I read a lot (as there was no cute Nature places around). When I didn’t spend time in the kitchen with Grandma who moved there at some point. I LOVED kitchens. Especially nice family members doing things there. I like sitting there, doing something (like reading) while the other person does whatever they need the kitchen for. Just being in a kitchen all alone isn’t as lovely, I always appreciate when Alvaro is in ours too. The cats aren’t enough. or the chickadees if I look out of the window. By the way, I suspect they are smart and some figured out that it helps if they hover in front of the windows (as much as chickadees can hover. it wasn’t too bad, definitely better than beginner sparrows hanging from those bird feed balls. they were awful but they learned)… One did that until I went out and fed them. It did it repeatedly, in front of both kitchen windows but only on one day so I can’t be sure…

Alvaro’s workplace has no heating now. 14 Celsius but it will be worse… Poor one. Okay, he is working somewhat physically so it doesn’t need to be as warm as our house but STILL, it’s low.
But he works at the better place, there is one that is partially open and it’s always cold there in winter. By the way, the company changed owners or something like that so even these poor jobs aren’t as sure as they were, to put it lightly… We will see.

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Wow … miss a day and heavens so many posts!

Took my son out yesterday and went walking wth my daughter and then to he local carvery pub close to my daughters house so her hubby could join us. He had been working on the old house so it was nice he was able to eat with us. No pics cos i forgot to take one but i can assure you the chef looked after me. This is the same place we dined at omce before were the chef did me proud with plenty meat. :grinning:

Went dancing to Melton Mowbray in the evening and had a lovely evening. There was a man in his 40’s (guestimate) who had autism to some degree and who was having a super time mostly dancing on his own in the corner the organisers had ‘sent’ him too so that he wouldn’t be in the line of dance. Bless him he took a shine to me and kept asking me to rate his dancing then he would dash back to his table to write his score down. Then we had a dance together. At the end of the evening i had popped into the kitchen to wash our glass tumblers and he wouldn’t go out for his taxi until i came back out and he could say goodbye to me :blush: the organisers asked me if he was bothering me as i am sure some may have felt uncomfortable with the situation but no he wasn’t bothering either me or Raymond, we just thought how lovely it was he was able to have such a lovely evening. Funny, but if he had downs syndrome i doubt anyone would have had any issues … you can see the disability… this is why i have encountered issues over the years with my Ben, he looked too normal! Thats when a blessing can become a curse :pensive:

Food made at home …

i had a 2nd plateful straight after. I hadn’t eaten all day and had this about 5pm. Just had an easy day after the late night, mind you doing my jigsaw can hardly be called easy … nearly there but it has driven me mad!

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Shinta, what a joy to hear about your reading, books and memories. I can’t imagine a life without books. Dreary!


Me neither :slight_smile: Even the smell of old books is so precious to me :slight_smile:

Today was very much not carnivore but almost OMAD, I only had a tiny dessert at dinnertime. The usual jelly stuff but I run out of gelatin :frowning: I wonder if the town supermarket has it or we need to order some… I will order more than usual, this is a lovely dessert. But I suppose I can live without it for some weeks… What if I just fry it in a tiny butter instead of making it into a raw jelly fluff…?
I still very much in love with whipped eggs (white whipped separately), they are just so wonderful, I made a batch of sponge cake muffins today too :slight_smile:

I am back to carni, good, it’s not full fun to be away (absolutely no new experiences this time, apparently I didn’t change)… But if my rebellious self is satiated for at least one short month, I will be pleased. I feel really ready and serious now. It’s time to eat the meat I made in the last days… I barely tasted my lean pork as I still had fatty pork and didn’t fancy much meat anyway.

I had coffee today but only after my first meal and not much, it’s something. I will stop soon :slight_smile:

Oh and our cats are idiots. Not like it’s news. And they have enough smarts to get fed and enjoy life in various ways so it’s okay.
Someone (we suspect Caroline, the Cloud but even Tofu is super soft and fluffy this winter) forgot (or never knew) that she is an obligate carnivore and ate the end of the bread I baked today for Alvaro. It was a piece of art, seriously my prettiest ever, I was very impressed. But I coated it with yolk, obviously, it makes it super pretty and anyway, yolk does very nearly everything better. Even the end was very yolky in the outside… So maybe it was my fault, I didn’t put it away anyway (I do it with almost everything edible as the kitchen has no door, it’s merely the main part of the downstairs. we plan a wall at some time but still no door). Still, stupid cat…

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Hilarious! I hope she’ll be ok. With the cat lovers dog we have I forget how cats jump up and steal from the counters!

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Oh my goodness, small world… one of my old stamping grounds… I worked for Pedigree Petfoods in Melton for a few years in my younger days.


Gut issues again. Kiddo has them also. Hmmm. Something got us but we eat so different can’t be our food in common. Hubby does not have this issue. Kiddo running to bathroom like me. Huh. She took today off school, she now has a bit of the shivers and some hot flash times like I did. Huh

I wanna eat. Other than some small syptoms, the bathroom being the monster one here, I feel fine and I wanna eat :slight_smile:
Ate a few bites steak yesterday. Right thru me.
Later ate a small cheeseburger patty, right thru me.

then still so hungry I ate a can of tuna and mayo. DID NOT go thru me.
I actually feel like whatever bacteria bad boy I got in my guts is now on its way out.

Will see how I do on some food today. Just a weirdo time for me. I never get sicky icky but this one grabbed me for sure!

got on the scale to ‘see’ and yea I lost 2 lbs. OK these few lbs are racking up every so slowly :slight_smile: Love always seeing something come off but darn, I kinda didn’t wanna lose it thru being a gut/bathroom issue, what a pain tho.

Also had heart palps yesterday. Shook bunch of salt in hand and into mouth it went and drank 1/2 glass water fast. Dehydration and low sodium I am sure cause not long after I felt better. So good ol’ water and salt right? So darn important :slight_smile:

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Yes… salted water is the first and last thing I drink each day.
Hope you feel better quickly. Heck of a way to lose weight!


Get better super quickly, @Fangs!

@JJFiddle: Oh, the cats are fine. A bit low appetite lately especially Pie, I don’t know why, she always was a foodie… But she seems otherwise okay and she does eat just less…
Ginger, on the other hand wants eat up the world while being quite heavy for her size. We do our best not to feed her but it’s hard, the chicken bones must be put outside, Alvaro forgot and fed them outside in the morning too… We really don’t want another cat and she is very well-fed, she gets some food elsewhere… She has 2 names despite this, Assertive Ginger. She is SUPER assertive. The others have no chance because they are soft tame little wimps and only hiss at her but let her get her way quite often.
(Her proper name is Assertive Gyömbér, it’s the same translated but we don’t use ginger as color, only as spice and plant. But we don’t want her so she doesn’t actually need a name from us. It just happened.)

The cats got all the soup liquid, it doesn’t taste good enough for me, the little pork couldn’t balance out cheap chicken. The meat is way better, it just needs some sauce.
I had eggs and some soup meat (little chicken, all the pork) for lunch and my leftover fluff for dessert. Amazing, I think I will just do it without jellying, still good, I better eat it early though… I have whipped cream left and it works best in this dessert.
Not 100% carni day (forgot about some leftovers, very low-carb but non-carni ones) but very close. And I accidentally invented the best baked keto stuff I ever made last week… And it’s not carnivore :frowning: Carnivore, especially mine lacks flour options, I only know one, grated hard cheese. It’s great, I will check if it’s enough alone… I couldn’t even find the pork rinds on sale last time but I couldn’t depend on such a thing anyway, it’s a tiny expensive thing… I don’t buy egg powder and boiled eggs don’t make a fine one and I don’t like the clumps. Anyway, that would be eggs mixed into eggs, not ideal… Oh well, I just go with my grated Grana Padano for now. If I eat cheese occasionally, I don’t mind cheesy baked food :slight_smile: And if I add sour cream, I will arrive at quiche, not bad at all but more moist than my fav baked goods.

I can’t just eat meat and simple egg dishes. I need various textures.

Our mountain range has snow storms now, we only got a few snowflakes here, 10(?) km from the Great Hungarian Plain… My walk was varied, cloudy, windy and snowy in the middle, sunny in the other two ends… My workout was so-so, my strength is about the same as last time and I didn’t feel in good shape or very motivated. But I keep it up and I am bound to get better. I still see tiny changes in my biceps, sometimes I wonder if it’s an illusion or it really gets bigger from that tiny workout I throw at it… Well, them, I have 2 arms with 2 biceps, 4 heads in total… I tend to focus on parts I actually see when naked in the shower :slight_smile: My belly :frowning: and my tiny but somewhat shapely biceps :slight_smile: At least obviously better than they were 5 years ago.

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@Alecmcq Melon Mowbray isn’t a place i visit often. I went there once for shopping but it was dreadful but the occasional damce there is okay and the venue, Gloucester house, has a super lovely danceable floor.

@Fangs glad you’re getting over the trots pretty quickly, not a lot worse and it can be so painful. Fortunately i also don’t get them often and i think i have probably had 2 bouts since i started ZC over 2 years ago … i got them a lot more regularly when i ate a ‘balanced’ diet!

The usual meds BP books and black coffee this morning then went to meet my ex colleague Helen for a walk with her pooch around Newstead Abbey. We did a good 6 miles and the pooch, a 19mth springer spaniel darted back and forth and did about 20 miles ! Sweet little doggo. We finished with a cuppa and i had a plate of bacon, ot was about 2pm and i hadn’t eaten so i enjoyed the bacon very much.

By the time i got home, via Raymonds house and Beeston town centre i was ready for a spot of smoked cheddar and have just cooked and eaten a ribeye. I cooked it in he pork fat and juices and poured them over the steak which is why the plate looks like it has gravy on it. It was very delish.

End of month 2 of 100 push ups and side and front delt raises. :thinking::thinking: do i carry on tomorrow for another month, may include some stay running…


Meanwhile Alvaro was attacked by a dog who did a good impression of wanting to kill him. With a statue of a guinea pig on stilts, he says. I can’t imagine this but I know very well small dogs very often have a HUGE attitude.
I just got reminded of it.
The spaniel must have been very cute, it’s a lovely breed I think. As I only know the looks, I never knew one personally. I knew German Shepherds, one of my big favs, they are just wonderful. Dogs are good for walking, they just take little detours. Cats are good at running way quicker than me but they just stop and lay down ALL the time and in bad cases I need to carry them half the way (it happened with 2 kittens next to a road. very low traffic but still some. I suppose the adult ones are smart enough not to get killed). And no one asked them to come, they do it all by themselves. Of course, they meow after us instead of just keeping up… They annoyed me a lot in the last decade but sometimes they are funny, running like crazy with a super thick tail in the air…

I ate a decent amount of meat today but I am not in the mood for a meaty day and tomorrow will be very proper carnivore, no matter what as it’s February so it’s time to do a fat fast (but definitely fatty) day. I have plans and supplies, it should go well.
I try to stop drinking coffee, I already feel sorry for myself. No coffee for a while isn’t hard but no coffee AND proper carni? Never managed that for “long” (more than a few days and that was rare too, I just don’t quit coffee and not come back to it soon). But I will try. Today I had some lovely creamy, egg milk-y coffees as a goodbye.

(Judy Thompson) #360

@Fangs feel better soon! Glad you have a chance to rest thru it all and not still working! And the 2 lbs down, a plus. Good idea to drink water with salt. I occasionally have palpitations. I’ll try that.

Ice castles surrounding us here. Luckily we didn’t have to go anywhere and haven’t lost electricity so far. Mimsy has her coat on and that one change makes her unstoppable outdoors… Normally she doesn’t stay out in the cold more than 3 minutes.
Today, sous vided 2 chuck steaks for us in the instant pot max. I had 2 deviled eggs,a nice filling meal.

Tonight I broke out the liverwurst, ate a couple oz (they call that 2 servings, ha).

I gave up on the Joule sous vide and have ordered an Anova which should be here Friday. The Joule quit Monday, I don’t think they repair them. I think the Anova is also easier to manage when internet goes out, which ours does with some frequency.


Hi Robin @robintemplin, It’s Frank here in the future. We are already in February. It’s quite nice. Please could you close this thread.
We can continue over here at the February ZC chat:

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