Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023


@never2late: Oh my omega6/omega3 is nowhere near the recommended range, it’s way higher and it won’t change as I live on eggs and pork.
My body is happy as long as it gets enough of them and not much carbs so I think I am good. I just don’t worry about it. I can’t change my ratio but it sounds so wrong that eating good food can be a problem just because I don’t eat fish. Well, very little. The last time was several weeks ago I think and it’s always a tiny amount so negligible.

I try not to open another cream (a bag this time, 250ml, it’s good Alvaro is ready to help ;)) so I made my jelly fluff with melted butter instead. And it’s good! :smiley: Cream still works better but even with butter, it’s creamy and nice unsweetened.
I like my new gelatin, it’s beef and it wouldn’t matter but this is way, way finer than the pork gelatin was so it melts way easier.

@Fangs: Yeah, I don’t like gray much either, I am waiting for GREEN! :smiley:
And yellow. REAL spring flowers have colors, I never liked snowdrops having snow colored, I am usually pretty bored of grayscale at that point :wink: But they are still cute almost-spring flowers so I appreciate them too.

Gloomy day, the flowers stopped in the deeper cold so they aren’t in abundance yet.

I still don’t get why fanfics and anime act like stomach/guts growling would mean intense hunger… I got the growling at 12:22 and now at 16:20 I am still kind of satiated :slight_smile:

It’s WAY more expensive here than that…

17:33. A bit hungry and quite satiated at the same time. I have this sometimes after high-calorie days.
ZERO appetite but the first bite surely will change this…

Yep. It did. And I had to eat a lot to satisfy my hunger… Tomorrow I will focus on my meat more as 20 measurements and grabbing something again and again and again isn’t fun… But my meat wasn’t fully ready even at 6pm. I ate a small piece, half first and then (not being so hungry for a little while) I fried the leftover in a pan a bit and it was great! Crispy, warm, nice juicy leanish meat with fat layer on it… Great food.

(The white plate has my jellied fluff! With anise and vanilla and cloves.)

I started with this. I wasn’t sure I need it all as I still didn’t feel particularly hungry or in need of much food when I started my meal, it was merely dinnertime so why not…?

I ate it all, of course… With much more eggs, quark with Greek yogurt, multiple slices of pork jowl, a little pork belly… I was still hungry, okay?
I got bored of all the measurements so I stopped eventually.

And 2-3 hours later I was way too full and a tad nauseated. Sigh. Alvaro has it with fatty low-carb food but me…? Oh well, it is very very rare so I don’t worry about it.
At least I surely won’t eat again today :slight_smile: And I am not particularly unwell just not ideally right.

It was a success I think, for day #1. No coffee (easy as I have none), OMAD and carnivore.
Guesstimation says 139g protein, 146g fat and 11g carbs. Not bad but it seems I don’t need to add pork jowl when I eat a small amount of leanish pork (and it had a fat layer anyway). Okay. I can’t guess my intake if my life depends on it, I need more time to figure these things out without planning first - and as no way I follow my plans, planning isn’t that useful.
I did felt a desire to eat protein until the end.

Only 350g meat including the very fatty pork jowl.

My arm muscles and I weren’t very enthusiastic today so it’s a leg and abs day. My quads cramped a bit after 24 measly squats so I stopped. Oh well, I will be patient with my legs.
Allegedly zillion push-ups aren’t the best (I keep watching videos about weightlifting and other workouts), not like it matter to me with my 0… I think the guy said they are like planks: fine and dandy for beginners but when we can do many (or doing it for long in the case of plank), it should be replaced with something more challenging. There are zillion different kinds of push ups (and other exercises doing similar things), that’s why even I can do a few if I ease the base one :smiley: Others rather make it harder.
No idea what is the limit for push ups where one should do something else, I heard 1.5-2 minutes for plank. Makes sense. Alvaro totally got bored afterwards :smiley: I still collapse after 4-5 seconds. But I can do 30 seconds of kneeling plank (from a “core exercises for beginners” video. I can do all 4 except mountain climber but there is an easier version for that).


Work is a challenge. Already sitting for too long. Compared to last year, it’s nice to be physically pain free. And Billie the Labrador wants a walk.

Eating 2MAD. Breakfast at about noon of bacon and eggs. Then dinner is a ruminant animal-based (I did have a fish dinner last week), but mainly beef or lamb. I’m already drinking too much coffee, and trying to keep that to two cups in the morning a few hours apart. With work I do get that urge to forage for food. So I eat a tin of fish (mackerel), or a boiled egg or two. That makes me rethink the 2MAD with work and having smaller meals and higher ketosis is probably a better aim.

About that fish dinner. It was lovely. A white fish called Barramundi. It also has nice tasting skin with fat under the skin that goes crisp in a frypan. But fish does not hold my hunger. Especially not with work driven cortisol hunger. That’s why I’ll stick to ruminant red meat through the tough time. Probably won’t even eat pork nor chicken, as I need a meat protein and satiating animal fats that cancel hunger from my list of mental tribulations.

I am not near any shops. So stress driven cravings are ignored. If I go out, it’s to the beach with the dog. This is a postcard from February life. I like finding critters. The large black cockatoos have been active this year, and that green frog is a “motorbike frog” as it’s croak sounds like a motorbike changing gears. Mrs. Bear is bird watching. That bird is an Australian magpie, and I reckon it was watching us.


@FrankoBear: Oh nice pics I especially like the frog :smiley:
I don’t think I ever ate barramundi. There is such a little variety of fish here :frowning: I don’t usually desire fish but still, I want a bigger variety and not even for super high prices (the more interesting ones are way above even the cheapest beef and the latter is already a luxury item). And I prefer fattier fish and that limits things even more. Sigh.

I only saw zillion ducks today as I had a lovely sunlit walk next to the pond…

And I have aching quads. Not too bad as I am careful. But they better get bigger! :smiley: Just a bit, legs are the only parts where I can apply the term “too muscular” (well, a tad more muscular than what I find prettiest, more like) even in the case of natural women. Of course I don’t need to worry about that until I have all this fat on my legs… (Not so much, most of it is on my belly and hips.) Okay, I don’t need to worry about it ever, actually. I would just stop my leg exercises, not like that would help if I run and cycled much but I don’t.

I have so many plans :smiley: Eating wise too. I doubt food boredom is a real concern on OMAD (of course I can’t possibly know what longer term could bring but if I can do longer term, I already will be elated), it’s not because of that, I am just curious and wanna do fatty and lean experiment days :slight_smile: My lovely pork jowl expires today so I want to use it for a fatty day very soon. Anyway, I want to eat it, yum. I don’t seem to handle very fatty items so well now (maybe it’s because of OMAD though?) so I pair it up with lean pork. And my lean day will be my “as close to PSMF as possible”, I think about a plan with 200g protein and 60g fat, maybe I can pull that off? I do have plenty of lean favorites, just not super lean :slight_smile: So I need the fat (and the calories) but 60g is extremely low for me. Of course I want to keep OMAD. Never ate 200g protein in one sitting I think, I like new records :smiley: But I don’t actually want to eat that much, I just make a nice tray and eat as much as I desire.

But today will be a normal day. With pork roast as my main food. I started to plan a day, added all the lovely egg dishes I wanted, quark, processed stuff (mostly the leftover pork belly)… And there was barely any room for my roast and it won’t do so I will try to be careful with my eggs. But I am into eggs right now…
How people with a tiny energy need do it if they love multiple protein sources in somewhat bigger amounts? Maybe they don’t have this. Only some very unlucky ones. But I often have this in my meat and egg loving times that it’s hard to have enough from everything without eating too much. My desires and my needs aren’t in harmony. Alvaro has it worse though, his hunger and needs are a tad off and not just sometimes. But it doesn’t seem to be too bad as long as he is properly active.
Yep, activity would do good to me too… I do some kind of workout almost every day and my 45+ minutes walks too (well 45min is minimal but I had worse times. and it’s sometimes 90. with a bit of elevation and little run). I need more. I even desire much more now :slight_smile: And miss my old hiking tours (20-40km in the mountains, I don’t like long ones). I don’t need them often now that I live in a pretty place with hills and forests but sometimes a somewhat longer excursion, that would be nice. I sit too much.


of course, I so agree with that! prices are frightening out there :frowning: ugh
you have such good pics of your wings, always so tempting!!
So sorry on Raymond!! Smart to get in right away and get checked. Key is if anything is bad to catch this early is massive help for med help but hoping it is something simple and he is cleared ok!! Prayers for Raymond!

Me too! I am a color person. I love my location in the South with the tons of color, and early color too which is nice. Fast spring and budding colors on trees and tons of flowers. Color is exciting to me vs. dreary old gray dull. I also SO need that color and vibrancy for my life. My eyes require that color pop and nature sure can give us beauty in color out there! I enjoyed reading your posts today!

@FrankoBear, lions and tiger and bears, and frogs and birds, OH MY. I love watching nature around also. I put out some bird feeders in my front yard so I can watch from my big bay windows in the front. I love nature activity. I love watching my resident Red Hawk at my barn and how he hunts my horse pastures. I got binoculars out for him, when he is on a fence post I just stare at him and all up on his biz. I just so enjoy the magestic of him…I say him, could be a her HAHA

We have a big burn tree cutting and more area we placed at the back part of the pasture for landscape and dead tree and more issues to deal. We left it for about a year to grow big and we were gonna light it on fire and have one hellofa fun bon fire but heck the bunnies and skunks took up residence. Couldn’t burn it, don’t got the heart to do that to them. Now it is just decomposing at its own speed and now I have a ‘giant mess pile’ of tree cuttings and more and it is a nature home to my critters. oh such the farmer right? can’t burn out the local residents HA

When ya go to the city for work how long ya hanging? Is it just a week til ya can get home again? Sorry the work is so aggrevating now for ya.

----------------got a nice ribeye steak to eat later first meal and then got thin cut pork center chops for second meal. ZC covered. ZC on…

(Eve) #165

Is soya yoghuty OK to eat? It is zero carb but l have read it can kick you out of keto which l don’t really understand!


Today was mildly surprising.

Stomach growls began at 10:30… First baby hunger at 13:40…
And at 3 I was properly hungry, enough to decide on having lunch with Alvaro. I ate as much as I comfortably could, it was a big part of this:


Even very hard cheese works so well in the microwave, it’s amazing… So crunchy and airy :smiley:

These are maybe 1300 kcal? And I couldn’t eat all, far from it.

We had dinner before 7pm, I barely could eat, I was so satiated after my nap but I clearly needed more food and I dislike eating after midnight… And I could start to eat and then things went smoothly.

The pork is very fatty so I partially considered it being chuck instead of fresh ham, it sounds about right.
Guesstimation says 126g protein, 98g fat, 8g carbs. A low-cal day, wow. And TMAD with a 4 hour eating window.

Oh, forgot, my dinner was the leftover pork (fatty yum), the egg milk and a piece of Gouda with a bite of dry sausage.

I enjoyed my food. Tomorrow will be trickier (unless I change my mind), I planned a lean day and it’s low-cal again. Or maybe I should do a high-fat one I wonder… Or a normal one? We will see, messing with my own plans is nothing to me, I do it a lot. Even making my tray and making a photo of it doesn’t mean my meal in the next 30 minutes will have much to do with it (that doesn’t happen so often, I vaguely used to follow the plan regarding my main dish, at least).

But one thing is sure, I will make sponge cakes, I miss them! Alvaro brought 50 eggs, now we have 59, modest amount but something, definitely allows me baking my sponge cakes and even making my jellied fluff, a double portion…

I am lovely satiated now, it’s only 9pm but I think I can avoid eating in the next hours. Good. It’s pretty chill now, the intense hunger I had earlier disappeared. Yay.

My quads are aching more and more as time passes. I still can walk but the stairs are a small problem… Hopefully it gets better now. It was 24 squats with a tiny weight!

(Robin) #167

Shinita, it sounds like you are actually doing it! Way to go.


I just hope it won’t fall apart later or something. I am pretty determined, just like with my workout. I am aching almost everywhere now :smiley: My full body workout wasn’t so great today (I will only raise the weight for my triceps exercise but I was almost there last week too) but at least I did it fully. Well only 2 sets for chest but I was hungry and weak at that point and it’s still much more than the zero so many times…

Still satiated, it’s so great. And I don’t miss coffee at all. But tea is boring and I am still super thirsty all day so I drink pretty big amounts of water now. It definitely seems so but I can’t even vaguely guess or measure the amount… IDK how others do it, I can’t. But I am thirsty and I drink so it must be just fine and that’s what matters.

Oh forgot to write before, it seems I had less salt lately as today I liked my food pretty salty and my barely salted pork tasted bad (well, very very lacking) before I salted it generously. Normally I can eat even unsalted meat, not ideal but far from inedible unlike in the past.
I measure my salt intake now but I calculate it after a week as tiny changes in my salt bowl are hard to measure with a kitchen scale.


No. Soy yogurt is made from soybeans, a legume
We on the carnivore plan would not eat that. No plants as our food.

@Shinita, nice nice food pics!! Yum on fatty pork :sunny:

----------------keep zc simple today. start day with big ol’ cheeseburgers later when wanted. not sure on second meal, have to go get something out of freezer to defrost. Probably some Tbone steaks I need to use before they set too long in that freezer. Time to use up older scores of meat.

ZC ON strong all!

fast edit to say I scored! fast run to local smokehouse store cause hubby said he is out of his cheese! heaven forbid but he loves his cheese… so… hit marked down burger and ribs. Will take it any ol’ day. In fact I got 1/2 that rack of ribs cooking for me now for later, paired with that steak I need to eat so no burger day for me but will patty out that 2 packs of 85/15 and 2 pks of 90/10 burger for me and the dog HAHA for future frozen burger grabs when required. I done good.

A great carnivore shop day is friggin’ exciting to me truly :wink: :sunny:


I cooked. So much (at least it felt so)… Very simple things but still. And 3 of them were for me… As it’s sponge cake baking day and then I often make my fluff too. Today was more complicated as I plan a lean day so more egg whites are involved. And I messed up things and poured the defrosted egg whites into the wrong bowl… So now I have a normal sized fluff instead of a double one (maybe not a bad thing as that poor thing is less fatty as usual too and I will open cream soon and will have the best kind :D) - and zillion raw eggs in my fridge. So I probably make some nice eggy days tomorrow. I don’t feel any desire for a fatty day anyway now, the pork jowl can wait. It only expired 2 days ago but it’s pork jowl, the date doesn’t matter nearly as much as in the case of most dairy, for example (sour cream is a lovely exception, it lasts very long after expired. if it’s not opened since weeks, at least).

I split my leftover pork, I will eat the lean parts today. Half of the leftover will be tracked as chuck, it’s so very very fatty! But my data says pork chuck is only 12% fat. I definitely saw way fattier pieces (I am pretty sure the average is way fattier) so maybe I should track it as fully chuck… Oh well, fat is always a mystery anyway so it doesn’t matter. I don’t eat much meat now anyway. I just can’t squeeze much into my eggy meals. But I don’t miss it and things will change anyway.
Yesterday was 385g meat, the day before 313g, today will be similar… That’s still almost 0.7 pound, not so bad :smiley: I had lower-meat weeks in the beginning for sure. I changed since then though…
Oh well, I can’t do anything about it, I already eat way too few eggs to my liking :(. But it sounds good anyway for now.

Another very sunny and definitely WARM day. I only brought my thinnest jacket against the wind for my walk (the street is super muddy) and not even my headband. We heat was less now too, of course.

No workout today :slight_smile: Maybe a little core, I need a lot of work on that.

I am still super thirsty and drink all the time. Maybe my workouts, who knows? Not like I see the reason but I can’t think about anything else.

I go to the nearby town tomorrow. Chicken thighs are on a great sale, they sound good to me now :slight_smile: Hopefully they won’t be tasteless, it’s always a hit and miss with chicken, it’s never really tasty but spices help and I really like the softness and when I manage, the crispy skin… And the bones make the cats happy. Not as much as a chicken frame with the zillion bones and meat on vertebrae and between ribs though…
But we have a big hen too (compared to the 900g one before :D), we will make it into a soup soon. Hens are good at that while young chickens always disappoint.
I never made a rooster soup… The hypermarket has it, maybe one day I will try?


Headache :frowning: It made me more willing to eat but I was kinda hungry at lunchtime anyway and yesterday was low-cal. So I ate :slight_smile:

I don’t think I ever try to do a lean day again… Beyond something like “I fancy lots of fish and/or leaner pork and boiled egg whites”.
By the way, I have read about PSMF again :smiley: It seems still as insane as ever, why it is popular I can’t comprehend it, people are obviously suffering on it! (Some people surely handle it better, that’s… Not fine as starvation never is but more understandable. And rarely enough even low-cal days may be fine, I had no problem with a short fat fast.) I just read to potentially get some idea what to eat but nope, they just went waaaaaay too far (no problem, I can add fattier items but the dishes were too miserable still).

But I had my idea anyway :slight_smile: My photo got blurry but it was only deviled eggs (one boiled egg and lots of extra egg whites, I prefer boiled and deviled eggs with way more whites) and pork. I had my jellied fluff and egg milk too. And I just lost it. But I was still careful, I only ate a single slice of pork jowl (I wrote wrong, it will expire tomorrow. the camembert expired yesterday), a little camembert and I used my whiter sponge cakes (twice as many whites as yolks, I eat them with very very fatty food sometimes). And I had quark with sour cream and more, yolkier egg milk. Oh and all the fattier pork too (it wasn’t as fatty as I expected, I just managed to cut it up at the fattiest layer).

I feel more alive now but I was better. Stupid headache didn’t go away. But I am satiated. I think I will eat as fatty as I desire for some time… I will experiment with fatty days later. Only on OMAD.

My dinner was very soon after my lunch so my eating window was pretty small, I don’t watch the clock, maybe 3 hours? Doesn’t matter. I only had a little more food, quark with sour cream, some more sponge cakes, a Vienna sausage and a creamy coffee. Oh and 2 slices of pork tongue, I forgot about that stuff, how many days was it? :smiley: It’s amazing how long lasting meat is, definitely better than veggies. They usually have 5 days, 6 at most. Alvaro has some problems sometimes. We both prefer to make as much food as possible, we spend too much time with cooking even this way. And it works for me but it’s a challenge for him sometimes. But he manages.

It’s 10:22pm now, still headache and I am not perfectly satiated but it’s fine. Determination helps a lot, it even affect how I feel physically, it’s neat.

Pork chuck is defrosting, it’s amazing even just boiled in a soup… Perfect cut, I always say.

So, today was TMAD, about 3 hour eating window, guesstimation says 168g protein (I had collagen peptides too), 113g fat, 10g carbs. Quite nice macros.
0.84 lbs meat, it’s higher than in the last 2 days… I just love eggs too much for it to be more and it seems to work for now.

Today was my resting day, no workouts and only small walks (that wasn’t intended, walking is very natural, I don’t need rest from it, I would need rest from sitting but that won’t happen).

I am pretty sure I had a calorie deficit in all these 3 days, I wonder how long it lasts. I probably never had a deficit for more than a few days in my life. I am the type who eats. A lot. I had 1-2 higher-cal days a week when I lost fat too and I noticed that my body likes that and they automatically happen. They may be beneficial. But it’s not my job to think too much about it, my body will tell me what it wants, it always does especially if it’s about more food.

Things keep going smoothly, I like that very much. I don’t mind TMAD if it goes this well though these very close meals are a bit pointless, I should just eat one proper sized one. But it rarely happens at lunchtime and I often get hungry at lunchtime. Oh well, it’s good now.

Hopefully I won’t feel the need to write and think this much later. It would be amazing to keep this chill. I do think and cook and write a lot but the eating itself goes well. I like my food if it’s not too lean, I have supplies… Now I have a list with expiration dates on my poor fridge too (it is full with notes and recipes. it comes handy). It’s a long list of various processed items, the last item is still the cheese we bought somewhere in December… It expires in the second part of May. Cheeses are so very long lasting, we may buy a ton and they still get eaten way before expiration…
And tomorrow I buy another processed meat, the sausage with various organs including liver and some normal pork. I like it last time and it is on sale again. And it’s all mine as Alvaro doesn’t like it. He is in an avocado phase, he found some really cheap ones. I always found the stuff pointless, just some barely fatty watery grass thing. Me and greens, never mixed well except a very few like onion leaves. But that’s almost spice.

(Linda ) #172

The last two days have been crazy my husband came home for his 34 hour break valentines
Day …so i cooked him smoked pork, bacon and prime rib…so he can load up his freezer with pre cooked meals.

But his 34 ended at midnight (thursday) and he wanted me to bring our f250 back…so after driving up there last night he then had to do his another 10 hour break…Adding to that yesterday was his last day with that department he starts Sunday same company but going regional for better pay…but he is keeping the same truck had to bring it home til Sunday morning which is why I had to drive our f250 back.

So I ate Wednesday night about 6.30 /7 pm it was late for me having hubby home always messes up eating hours lol…
Turned out it was prob best thing that it was a late Omad… Since I wasn’t home today and I knew I wasn’t going to be eating junk on the road as still had food at home and when i sarted driving at 5.45 pm tonght I still wasn’t hungry … hubby ate tuna… But what I wasn’t expecting was that driving home was going to be a super slow trip he can only drive the semi at 65mph where as everyone else is doing 80 mph. and since I was following him in our f250 we never got back home for a meal til after 11 pm at night… so much for not eating after dark lol… it had already been well over 24 hours so of course im hungry and going to eat another one meal day for me…


I wish to eat only after sunset (not by much) but it doesn’t happen lately. Oh well :slight_smile: It’s not what really matters but I hope it gets better.
I already wasn’t satiated when I woke up today, no wonder after 3 days with calorie deficit in row, I am not used to that :smiley: But I am quite fine now and will have a 11-12 km walk through the wildlife park forest :slight_smile: Exercise at lunchtime (if I am already not satiated) always make me super hungry so I will welcome my - extremely low meat, the chuck is still defrosting and anyway, I cook it later - lunch. (Walking at other times make me satiated longer.)


nice Tbone steak for later and enjoy more of those ribs I cooked yesterday and then got burgers for backup if more needed. Simplest zc for me.


Meanwhile I had zillion courses… I totally need some ready to eat meat in the freezer even if I have plans. As I ate earlier than I could cook for myself…
As we did a little shopping (got chicken thighs, 2 of them are in the oven) and came home on foot, we had a late lunch at 4pm.
This was the start…

I hope it’s okay, Fangs once said that carbs in something that is a pic irl is fine :smiley: I got bored of my old thing below my tray. My tray is ugly too but I only have these very traditional ones, I will try to buy something prettier and if possible, a tad bigger. So I have this thing with bread and wine and cheese underneath but not much is visible. I have a cake and a cherry one too, nothing else.

The picked eggs happened after I saw my pickle juice and decided to make a few eggs before I throw it out. I don’t really want pickled eggs anymore and it’s old. Not carnivore but condiment level so I guess it’s fine for now.

I was brave according to Alvaro (he mentioned the cats) and ate the super old tongue but it tasted okay.
The tiny cup contains sour cream, the big egg milk, obviously as always.
I put pork jowl into my scrambled eggs this time, making it even lovelier.
The cheese is a very cheap Trappista (it is a thing again… even Trappista is expensive now normally but I saw lots of big cheese sales lately. sadly our favs are too popular…). It’s very bad, very nostalgic. Mom always bought something like this just that was half wet and white too… She spent so much money on food but we never had good cheese. And I never missed it, probably because I didn’t know what to miss. I just disliked the bad Trappista and got lightly traumatized for decades. But since a few years I am willing to taste it again and now I even bought some.
It’s not bad as cheese whisp! :slight_smile: Alvaro will try it in Vienna sausages. At least it melts there, my biggest problem is the texture. We didn’t expect a good taste, it’s just for times when the flavor of cheese isn’t important. But when I just grab a slice, I still want a better texture, not the rigid rubbery one this one has. I only ate a thin slice from the thick one on my plate and promptly converted the rest into whisp.

It was still hungry so I ate 4 more sponge cakes with a generous amount of pâté, quark with cream, cream with yolk, a Vienna sausage, a bit of Camambert and a piece of Mangalica sausage (it’s good and no added sugar, yay!). And more cream and more sour cream. It was tough to get satiated. Yep, I do need a proper meat as a base. I actually know that but things happened this way now…

I will track later, I am lazy. I surely didn’t eat little and there was lots of fat.

And I had the craziest carby dream ever… No idea why. It was colorful, I like those since I was told humans usually dream in grayscale. The next night I dreamed about a bunch of gems with different vibrant colors. I don’t believe it’s not common but I definitely dream in colors. They aren’t important most of the time but they are very apparent here and there.


I tracked. Pretty good day though unusual. 74% fat, quite high from me! Meat (mostly processed) 300g/0.67 pound, I really will raise it already, very very significantly :wink: But it was okay today. I even tried to eat fried pork chuck at dinnertime but only managed a few bites. So it was almost OMAD today.

Guesstimation says 2250 kcal, 127g protein, 182g fat, 14g carbs. It was a very dairy rich day. Compared to my normal, I mean. I could eat WAY more… I love cream and sour cream and cheeses too.
90kcal for dinner, 2160 kcal for lunch. I consider it perfect for today, I walked 11km and ate lower for 3 days. It’s still just barely maintenance I suppose.
It’s not surprising satiation was hard as I used less satiating items. But I needed the energy so no problem and it’s better for me to eat one big meal, it lasts way longer. Long term satiation is fine even for those not so satiating items according to my hypothesis, it’s the reaching of satiation the first place is was trickier.

But I won’t do another “almost no proper meat” day if I can… It just happened. And I could pull it off. (Unless I eat up my pork after midnight. I hope I won’t but no big harm if I do.)

And IDK why I try to plan a day… I took out all the cheese and almost all the eggs and I still only got half a pound of pork chuck (I always plan a 120-130g protein day). But I’d like to eat MUCH of my fav pork cut… Stupid chicken thigh :smiley: But I want that too! I think I will just ignore it, hopefully I won’t be hungry for a ton of protein anyway… But I postponed my usual sponge cake+jellied fluff combo (I only need to clean my hand mixer once that way), that definitely won’t fit. It’s fine, I had a lot of them lately, pork chuck has the utmost importance! :smiley: I love it even in soups. Not many meats can shine boiled but this cut can. At Alvaro’s Mom, I usually end up eating most of the meat from the bone cooked in the soup… And it’s still so tiny. But I put 1 kg into my own soup now, minus the bone but it’s not very very much. I always considered meat heavy soups good meat soups… The liquid is fine but the edible solid parts should be near to truly 100% meat if you ask me. Never liked the poor, barely any meat soups if they had meat at all. I made veggie soups myself but if it’s a meat soup, it better contains lots of meat, I always thought so.
It’s not even expensive as meat actually satiates me so I don’t need a ton of it… I am lazy now, I don’t want to cook a meal that doesn’t satiate me. I leave that to Alvaro but it’s possible even cabbage soup satiates him. He is a weird one :slight_smile: But it can’t satiate him really well as its calorie density is low, even with sour cream. But at least he makes enough for 6 days (OMG. it was dangerous, it’s a too long time for vegs, he was lucky). And now he will make his long lasting food again and I only need to cook carni dishes and some simple stuff next week (and the baking but that’s fine). I like that.

(Michael) #177

Ate my lowest calories in a long time today and my lowest protein intake on record. Only 97g of protein and 260 fat with 8 carbs giving 2753 calories. I have not been taking my blood or ketone levels, and I have no plans too until closer to April. I will track those shortly before I go in for another NMR lipoprofile, iron panel, thyroid panel, A1C and HOMA-IR calc just to put everything together and in perspective. Trying to maintain weight is harder when I consider it important for the experiment such that I actually care about not losing or gaining. Hopefully I am getting some body comp improvements while maintaining gravitational attraction.


fast post. buy darn it :frowning: boo, no one likes chores do they LOL

today is fast run to store for things I need for carby family, bleck.
will check out meat dept fast for markdowns. Might eat what I find but I got burgers and some frozen ribs I am gonna make today if I hit no good sale meat. ZC covered.

@Karen18, wondering, is Raymond doing ok cause that symptom of chest pains is scary for sure. Sending good vibes all well for him!

back later to chat up. ZC on strong all!

(Robin) #179

Curious what you’re eating, to get those percentages. A lot of fatty meat, or extra dairy/cheese?


I slept little and feel generally a bit miserable with no mood for restriction. So I just do carni IF and that’s it. Not even sure about the IF part. I still want eggs galore and needed some kitchen work too so I baked 12 sponge cakes and made a smaller than usual jellied fluff!
I ate a little fried pork chuck at night too, still IF… Wasn’t actually hungry but not satiated and something was missing, maybe, not much but I can’t stand like that. Still fine. I would miss my days with a calorie surplus, they must have a role (keeping my metabolism up?) as I always have them, in my best fat-losing times as well. It feels nice to eat a generous amount of food anyway.

I will track later but I had my 3MAD (more like 3.5…) with pork soup, a tiny chicken, lots of sponge cake with pâté, I like that now, it has cream, what a nice idea, I will put cream into my own pâté too… It’s very easy to buy it though and it’s not expensive… But mine could be totally carnivore. And anyway, I like to do my things if I am able too (still have no idea about making a good mustard but as time passes, it is less and less important).
I had crunchy cheesy biscuits, creamy egg milks, quark and a little sour cream as well. But this was a simpler day than yesterday.

Oh, almost forgot! Went to a walk to see if the pasqueflowers are out already, this was a mild winter… And YES! We saw 2 tiny groups blooming!!! :smiley: And ducks walking/swimming on/in the icy water, one step on the ice, another step into the icy water… In one corner there is still ice but the weather is quite warm so the proper icy pond time is over.