Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Megan) #141

All buckled! The rain event caught us all off guard so now a lot of folks are freaking about what this cyclone might do. It’s only a little bit windy at the moment but already the harbour bridge and some airports have been closed. Met service is predicting the heavy wind and rain to start hitting Auckland at about midnight, 7 hours from now, with the really heavy rain starting to hit us at about midday tomorrow. My home didn’t get flooded a few weeks ago so I should be ok. The last storm already blew down any vulnerable trees on my section, tho the massive bougainvillea next to the driveway may come down, which will be a major (thorny!) pain to clear.

Ruby is anxious as all hell, I’m struggling not to roll my eyes.

(Linda ) #142

I’ve been eating through all my freezer meat and am down to basically roasts now so I took put some chuck roast threw them in my anova oven for 24 hours on sous vide function then Browned it at 450 with same oven so tender yes i had to try it…so ill prob throw some through meat slicer and freeze…and rest will be meat for meals.

(Linda ) #143

Megan hope your bad weather has passed my sister lives in Tauranga so I have been hearing how bad it’s been for you. Guys in nz

(Megan) #144

We’re still under a red weather watch for Auckland (highest warning level, for both rainfall and wind), but by this time tomorrow everything should ease as the front moves south. We had some crazy wind last night, and the next 6 or so hours will be full of torrential downpours, but it hasn’t been too bad so far. Other parts of the country aren’t doing as well tho.


I apparently forgot to send this yesterday…

Tomorrow Alvaro goes back to the bigger town nearby to pick up our parcel, finally… We got an ALDI coupon so he will use it. I told him to buy more pork belly, it won’t get spoiled :wink: We will get spoiled, it’s really nice :slight_smile:

We had springlike weather today, bright sunshine and warmth! Good day to cook over open fire (Alv and his carby and super dense soups… I will make my own soon and it will be carnivore so he won’t touch it).

The Greek yogurt is very, very sour this time. I like sour but it would be problematic all alone…

Barely any muscle ache now, tomorrow I will do another workout :wink: Today wasn’t active, not even a walk. It’s fine sometimes.

I will bring photos soon :slight_smile: Wanna show my lean, ham-like pork belly :slight_smile: And my newest roast though it is similar to the others but since when did it stop any of us?

We bought a new doormat, it has a metal frame and many holes (where it’s not holes, it’s coconut), I am not so much looking forward to the cats putting small bones into those holes… But we will see, maybe they will be upset about losing them and won’t eat on the doormat anymore (no, actually I am not that naive :D).

I am still waiting for my first one… I do way easier exercises now as far as my core is concerned…

Wow, how do you get crunchy there? Mine is all soft, not like that couldn’t be good…

Still @Karen18: Your prices, seriously…
But yesterday’s shopping wasn’t annoying price-wise, I already got used to the doubled ones and they didn’t go up even more. And cheese sales everywhere! And pork belly sales! We even found butter for less than since months… So we have plenty of butter now.

I finally run out of coffee (I just kept stealing from the tiny bit put away for Alvaro’s chocolate but now that is mixed with other thing so I stop. I am horrible. I don’t even LIKE the thing black and I don’t have anything to put into it… so I made egg milk again, too early… coffee brings numerous problems)! And my first proper day starts tomorrow. Back to tracking too, I feel strange not having much idea about my macros. It’s way better on OMAD, I have an educated guess there.


quicky post
off to bank for financial stuff and more and then hubby wants to eat out. Bleck. I guess a nice bacon cheese omelet has my name on it :slight_smile:

home to a nice ribeye and defrosting some chuck roast to make a nice big ol’ crockpot of beef to eat on for a few days. Sounds good, easy peasy zc’y. :sunny:

(Judy Thompson) #147

Good morning. Very good, tiring weekend playing, teaching, writing, churching, then napping!
Jack’s Chophouse was made for us. Even the requests we get in there are more like the old standards we used to play, for instance My Funny Valentine was a huge hit, might not have been recognized in the other restaurants (with same clientele, smh)
Big floor shows at the bar, no breaks in the music but lots of good requests. People are following us from one restaurant to the next and coming back the next weekend, which is as much as any performers could hope for.
We had to negotiate when the owner wanted us to play in all 3 restaurants each night, total time 6½ hours, and I’ll just say, no real commensurate raise over the 4 hours we already do. The end result wasn’t all that satisfactory - an extra hour for the same money we get now but without the seafood place which frankly is more like playing in a chow hall except with waiters everywhere! He does want us there but wants us at the Chophouse more so this works.

Enough shop talk… I told hubby that potatoes are the bane of my existence, and if he didn’t have to have veggies we could get dinner in 10 minutes - he said yes, he’d try it! Plus the snack he eats at night is so carby he snores like an elephant. I try to get him straight eggs and bacon when he’ll take it. That cuts out both the snoring and the apnea. I told him if he went to a doctor he’d get a cpap! LOL he said he’d follow my recommendations instead but duh… really?

Saturday we finished the chicken and Sunday I fixed surf N turf, hamburger patties and cold shrimp. I guess I should get him some cocktail sauce because I ate the whole pound of shrimp over a few hours time! Then I put the tails in a little water and simmered them to make a broth which I’ll drink today. Only made about half a cup.
Today, teaching.

@MeganNZ Suki was like a foster for you. I can see why the owners want to place her! You gave her a fun week, and know better what type of dog you want for the future. Win win in my book.
Hope your weather improves! This week has been a global upset with Turkey’s earthquake and Japan’s tsunami. I wonder if your weather is somehow related?
@Fangs yes, breakfast is my favorite meal out. They’re used to the keto people so “no sides” doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Our breakfast place here has local sausage and coffee and the omelets are great. Hope it was a great meal for you.
@never2late I was writing this when you posted. Your cheesy beef looks divine!!
Your dad is my age. I bet he’ll love the hat. Would you be going to Poland to exchange it if not? He could just hang it on the wall :wink:

The brisket is good now, tough when I checked it lastnight after the 72 hours but we had a power outage the other night so lost some hours. I tasted it to see if it would kill me and it didn’t so this morning it was very tender and I put ⅓ in the fridge and 2 bags in the freezer. Now a frozen chicken is in sous vide which will be done tonight and we are set for the week. There’s another bag of shrimp in the freezer for whenever. (I use smoked salt on the brisket so I get a little smoked flavor.)
@Azi I’m so jelly of your sous vide then broil function with that oven! I would have to rethink my space requirements I think. Maybe next year?


Fried some ground beef with a couple eggs and threw in some cheese, and with this nice combo I enjoyed the taste of beef again. Ate a cold chicken leg before that, and have a cold pork chop in the fridge I’ll eat later. I’m finding the carnivore WOE luxurious, as I never enjoyed my old HC/LF WOE anywhere near this much.

Both my boys drew lovely drawings today for my dad who will be turning 70 at the end of this month, and is retiring. I’ve purchased a handmade hat for him from a shop in Poland as I saw the hat and just thought, perfect, now I just hope it will fit him, as I didn’t know his hat size and had to guess. It’s a surprise after all. If it fits I know he’ll love it.

(Robin) #149

You have a fun life, doing what you love. Can’t beat that!

(Karen) #150

Sweetie only do those push ups if you want to. I am just a bit of a freak lol once i get into the zone i can’t stop … my son is Autistic and i definitely know who he gets it from.!

(Karen) #151

@MeganNZ praying you got through that cyclone without too much damage. Sounds scary!

@Shinita i cook my pork shoulder in the big oven and maybe thats why i am able to get crunchy crackling. It takes 2.5 hours plus 30mins at highest setting to finish off crackling. The skin needs to be flat to get all over crunchiness so after 1.5 hrs i stuff some foil under any bits that are curved over. Also to get best crackling make sure to buy the roast with a thick skin with plenty fat underneath.

Food over past 2 days

The burger was one of the ostrich steak burgers… it was okay but i prefer beef burgers. The meatballs were lamb.
Also eaten some cheese and a tin of tuna and mayo.
Went dancing at Tamworth last night, thats about 45mins drive from nottngham. A lot of people came over who said they had seen us at different places and there were a group of people frm the Boley Park Lichfield tea damce. We jad a pleasant evening but it turned in to quite a late one and by the time i got home at midnight i was running on empty so mikey’d some cooked chicken thigh strips and also a few chicken wings… ate the remainder after my rump steak today. Took 2 pics of the steak because on the outside it looked like leather but inside was nice and rare :grin:

100 push ups and shoulder workout completed.


Oh yes, skin, silly me. Hmmmm… Tricky but I will keep my eyes open. We have skinless normal slabs and sometimes whole legs with skin :smiley: It looked nice but it was a bit big for us :smiley:

No more coffee and tomorrow I start a new life or something. So many plans!

The weather is wonderful and sunny, chilly mornings but warmish days (at least for winter. I wouldn’t feel it warm in summer :D), the pond is still partially covered by ice.
Photos made on Saturday, gloomy weather and wrong setting I didn’t notice… And not even swans… But tomorrow I plan to go to the small town, through the wildlife park forest and shot the snowdrops and hellebores (not like I haven’t taken many pics in the last years…), they are surely everywhere already!

This part changed since:

This didn’t, merely more watery strips between the icy ones:

(Linda ) #153

Yeah I love my anova oven it’s stainless in side so to clean it just use oven cleaner…the newer updated version is supposed to be even better than mine…can still use sou vide in plastic bags to keep oven clean…

But yes its bulky…


Hi Karen, I am doing the push ups because it’s something I can steal 5 min to do as opposed to going to the gym which I haven’t the time for. But I had never thought of the possibility of spacing it out over the day, so 10 here, 10 there, a few times through the day, and I’ll be up to 40-50 by the end of the day, easily. And as I say, it’s something I can do. Because of my Tamoxifen I am dealing with both daily fatigue and muscle weakness, but at least I feel I’ve started something.


Lovely atmospheric photos Shinita. Coffee with cream is my dietary highlight still, so I won’t be giving up that. And cheese adds that bit of variety. What I’ve been thinking of lately is that I need to eat a lot more fish, and seafood. I got into the habit of eating too much pork and chicken, so will begin to address that now, to up my omega 3 intake as at the moment the omega 3/omega 6 ratio needs adjusting, there’s currently too much omega 6.


@JJFiddle, very cool chat about how you guys work your music career and the restaurants you play. So interesting to me :slight_smile: thanks for sharing!
You KNOW I got My Funny Valentine song stuck in my head right now LOL wild. I know it for sure :slight_smile: SO getting hubby a tad more on board? so cool he is slowly walking your way and will be interesting to see where he lands. I SO tried to change my hubby. Came close into keto land for him but he bailed. I still ‘tried’ a bit but nope. He is carby land point blank, but I wish he had more adventure in him to truly give it a better go ya know, like your hubby!

@never2late, ‘’‘luxurious’’’, what a fab word. I use ‘decadent’ so we are on that same page. Me being the meat hound I am any way, walking into zc just suited me like a T Rex on its prey for my eating :slight_smile: I sure hope that hat fits him and happy birthday to your Dad!! Plus retiring! Does he have a ‘plan’ in retirement, anything he loves to do?

@Karen18, you are so fortunate to have your ‘dancing companionship passion’ in your life. Keeps ya so out there and in it :slight_smile: Hey, were those lamb meatballs store bought already done or did ya make them from scratch? just wondering, they look delish!! Nice beauty zc pics as usual!

@Shinita, no coffee and new life. Love it! Forward on as you need! Enjoyed your pics! So gray. I am not a gray person and I always say, come on spring, show me some green and more life :slight_smile:

--------------omgosh had to get ‘financials’ handled with annuities maturing and had to be placed somewhere and moving retirement monies around to make ‘better money’ than it has and more…ugh. I love our money LOL but I hate ‘dealing’ with it all but luckily had such a great bank financial consultant we got ourselves in good standing right now. Ugh, this stuff in life one must deal with LOL

Today zc is nice ribeye steak. yum. but what gets me is the ‘sale price’ is now WAY higher as ‘those that be’ have ‘stepped us right there’. Noticed our normal ol’ on sale 5.99/lb is now landing at 7.99/lb and now the ales are 8.99/lb down from such a higher price. Bet sooner than later won’t find ribeye for under 9.99/lb ON sale. I see the writing on the wall on prices that are gonna be a pain in the arse against my meat buys…bleck…but hey, always keep saying, put it on our food and live vibrant and more healthy vs. Dr appts for sure!

after ribeye later I got some chicken breast to use up. thinking of making a small bit of homemade alreado sauce for it. yea, easy zc day.


Not feeling at all very hungry today. Ate a plate of eggs and bacon, and a jar of whipped cream. Later it’ll be more beef and eggs with some melted cheese. Did 20 pushups, 10 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, I’m finding it much easier to space them out like that. It’s perhaps not as effective, but a little bit is certainly better than nothing.


love it. when I started zc back ago I SO wanted whipped cream and it made me so happy. I tell ya I thrived on it :slight_smile: wild to see it making you happy too! Now I don’t bother, but now ya got me wanting some LOL

never worry on ‘effective’. Put focus on movement and if you do it, against your normal routine and it ‘gives extra’ to the ol’ body in ANY way, ya done wonderful. And better to come down the line!
good post!

one is never less than, one is heading toward more!! I know I now think that way, future to come, bring it on!!


Hi Fangs, I don’t think my dad wanted to retire, I think he would have preferred to continue to work, but in Norway, my birthplace, you can only work till 70, then you must retire. So I tell him it’s a new exciting era, with so much freedom on his hands, but he’s always been a workaholic. But I think, once he gets used to it, he will be fine in his retirement, he has a great inner life, very smart, he travels a lot, and I think the possibilities there for further intellectual growth are endless.

Oh whipped cream is my fluffy bit of heaven, I think it’s the best dessert in this world, so so luxurious, and decadent, yes decadent is a good word, also sinfully good is a word I like to use, lol.

It’s funny how I go for so long without feeling hungry. But fat just gives me such a feeling of calm, wellness and satiety, I never feel I deprive myself as I just follow my body’s hunger and satiety signals, it’s a lot smarter than me.

(Karen) #160

@Fangs the lamb meatballs were bought 8n The Company Shop… they were nice but i prefer beef. Talking lamb i must visit Morrisons soon to pick up some lamb shoulder… it was quite cheap there as i noticed the prices in other shops were a bit higher. One has to be a savvy shopper these days.

Well done @never2late … don’t be thinking those exercises spread over the day are making much of a differemce, that fact you are doing a little here and there just gets you in to good practise in forming good habits.

Good today … brunch was a 3 egg bacon omelette then this evening i have eaten chicken wings … not all the trayful though, left some for later in case i feel hungry again.

The wings were plain so i sprinkled on some cajun spice.

Well i was booked on CrossFit class this morning but had a rough night almost like what it used to be like and i awoke with such a backache.

So today i included stair running into the mix as it always helped my neck and back issues and it definitely eases it off to a degree. I just did about 10 flights up and down before each set of push ups and shoulder exercises.

Raymond got taken into hospital witj chest pains again today and is still there. Not sure whether yhey will keep him in over night or whether i will be picking him up to take him home later this evening. Will update tomorrow.