Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Karen) #181

Here I am lol …

Raymond is still in hospital only he jas moved to the city hospital which is near the prison so further to travel. He is being kept in until they can fit him in for an angiogram under general so if they see anything that needs fixing they will do it straight away. Apparently there’s chocabloc surgery list to squeeze him into so it will be as soon as. They are looking after him but he is very poorly. … not poorly enough to ask me to get him saturdays paper with next weeks tv guide in it and a ready mixed latte coffee powder cos he doesnt like the hosp coffee lol i am off shortly to visit him.

Food over last few days…

Jigsaw done and finished and new one started… took a week and too much heavy concentration which has been causing pains in my head. Going to visit doctor on tuesday to register my concerns that i am still suffering these pains when i have to concentrate hard. I have decided i will just get moderate to easy, but satisfying jigsaws from now on as the pains are quite debilitating. 20230218_180838

Also this week quite some communication between prison and civil service pensions. Looks as though there has been a monumental cock up between the two as csp now saying i dont qualify for ill health pension! The ball now in prison court and i may have to go to pension ombudsman. Hey ho, not stressing, no point while its out of my hands.

The CrossFit games started this weekend but i decided i didnt need to do it this year and feel very happy with that decision so i went along this morning to encourage and cheer on everyone else who is doing it and watching how their anxiety levels were peaking just reinforced my own decision not to participate. I cant do any better than i did last year anyway lol … when you’re at the top there is only one way and thats down hahahaha.

Daughter has adopted another kitty so i now have 2 grandfurbabies :grinning: both black beauties!

Went dancing at Lichfield yesterday, on my own of course and had a pleasant afternoon.

Did a Company Shop shop to fill freezer with some sirloin steaks, cooked chicken and cheese and today picked up a rolled lamb breast in tesco that i will have tomorrow. Still to do a trip to Morrisons for the lamb shoulder.

Right i think thats me caught up sorry i havent enough time today to read all the posts i have missed… thats another thing that sets my head off hurting unfortunately :persevere:

(Robin) #182

Well gosh… you have enough to work through. Hope your head starts cooperating with your puzzle addiction! And it’s easy to say no stress when something is out of your hands, but often easier said than done.
But you are a level headed women in charge… you still got this!


Have been listening to Dr. Diamond and Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, really fascinating topics and learned heaps more about cholesterol. I’m a bit of a nerd, lol. Find my appetites are changing. Have gradually been cutting down on dairy, and no longer interested in whipped cream. Had 2 coffees with cream today, but I felt I would have been fine with just the one.
Food today was pork chops which I didn’t bother to photograph, a plate of prawns, gammon and cheese. But I only ate a little bit of the gammon and cheese as wasn’t majorly hungry. Am losing interest I think in dairy. Food is becoming less and less important to me, it’s all in how food makes me feel now, and meat and fish and eggs to a degree (as don’t eat that many eggs) makes me feel really good. No inflammation, no joint and muscle pain. Tomorrow I’ll fry up the rest of the prawns with some eggs I think.

(Robin) #184

Look at you! Creating your own map for your body!
It’s great, isn’t it?


Eating steak and lamb, eggs and bacon. There has been cheese creep (creeping cheese, eek!). The days are beautiful. And I get drawn out into them. I have shifted my computer work hours to night time because I can’t resist a blue sky summer day from the inside of a window.

Staying on plan. Coffee in the morning mix. Out in the sun. At summer high tan maximum, making me feel invincible. Getting the work done. And walking the dog.

Yesterday threw some plain chicken wing niblets in the oven to bake as a strategy that worked. The work has some stress related cravings. The chicken wings in their protein, fat, and fiddly finger food eating are the tonic, with some added salt.

I’m inspired by the writings @Alecmcq and @Naghite to organise some biomarker monitoring tests,

@Fangs I work a 40 to 50 hour week with teaching in 3 hour lecture tutorials for 3 full days per week per 16 week semester. Luckily I can sneak away home to the countryside for the non-teaching days, if I don’t have face-to-face meetings with managers on-campus in the city. I’m supposed to be starting a PhD this year :joy:

(Alec) #186

What would your PhD be in? Anything related to health?

(Michael) #187

Mostly pork belly , 12 oz or so, then something lean like heart or spleen, sardines and eggs with cheese often. Today I added fat since I had a lot of lean protein in shrimp and heart

In general I stopped adding extra fat when I have enough pork belly.

(Alec) #188

I have always loved hollandaise sauce, but never really knew how to make it. All the hollondaise I have eaten has been either at restaurants/cafes (therefore God knows what’s in it), or from a jar/bottle from the grocery store, and then I did know what was in it, and it was always crap (seed oils etc etc).

So, imagine my excitement when I tripped over the YT video below:

So, I just did it, and it was DEAD easy! And I am gonna do it again. My only mistake? I put too much on my bacon and eggs and it was TOO rich! Next time I am gonna be a bit more sparing. But I can’t recommend this method enough… easy and delicious! Some pics of my meal:

(Robin) #189

You had me at pork belly. Yum.


@Naghite is it Mangalista pork belly? @Shinita would have access to it, maybe? Or do you know how the pigs were fed. I don’t think I’d eat pork or bacon in the USA :us: or Australia :australia: without knowing the farmer.


PhD combining animation and learning technologies, maybe. Something about the psychology of visual storytelling. Still forming a hypothesis.

(Michael) #193

No idea on type of pig, sorry. Just from a farm that claims everything is grass fed or organic for chickens and pigs.

(Alec) #194

I am excited that I am buying a whole butchered lamb from a local friend who has raised them well. They will be butchered by a famous local portable butcher, and I can pick up my lamb next Friday. Probably need to clear out my freezer of old sh1t to make room.

My order sheet is below. Excited! Baaaa! :sheep::sheep::sheep:


Hi people I didn’t know what happened here for a while, almost nothing except my posts…
Good to see you all back! Waiting for the others too, it’s so strange without @Fangs’s enthusiastic comments!

I will talk about my weekend later but nothing interesting, I just eat everything I have and I have nothing new and special. But I have nice food.

After a gloomy morning and some rain, there is beautiful sunshine now and it’s SPRING now. Flowers came out, almost blooming, the weather is WARM, t-shirt level warm… March is usually colder (and too often brings a big snow lately for some reason) :smiley:

I am almost envious! I love lamb and it’s so very hard to get it here, no idea why :frowning: The nearby beef farm had it once and it was amazing, my fav ruminant, I think…


Yeah I can imagine it was too much…
I don’t remember ever having hollandaise but I watched the video and may try it once when I won’t be lazy. As I am just happy with just mixing things together without heat :smiley: And of course, my version will be zillion times eggier :slight_smile: Just like my “mayo”. The yolk must be more than the fat, always. But it sounds nice, I even allow lemon juice, it’s in the “spices and condiments” category as long as it’s just a tiny flavor. I wouldn’t use sugar/sweetener on a carby day, I don’t like my savory things sweet :slight_smile:

I am even okay with using butter now as I stopped using it in my egg milks so my butter consumption is, like, a few grams per week now, I can afford using up much more at once!


I tracked.

The day before yesterday ended up at 1 pound of meat and 200g fat.

Yesterday I ate all day long (I mean, I had a huge eating window) so no wonder I went over 200g with both protein and fat… 764g meat (1.7 pounds). It happens when I eat both chicken and my beloved pork chuck among others after lower-meat times.

Today I feel I ate more modestly… Let’s see. Well I was below 200g… 174g fat, 157g protein. 554g meat (1.23 pounds). 4 hour eating window.

I ate mostly pork soup with pork chuck in it, chicken, more than usual cheese, less than usual eggs.

I have a very mild bellyache in the evenings, I don’t know why. I eat right things and I never had it just because I ate a bit much.

(Linda ) #198

Hubby has gone back on the road (left midnight last night) so my dog walks and eating can get back to normal it was nice to have him home for the couple of days .

I seem to have changed to eating schedule to one meal per day at least for now so todays meal was one kiolbassa sausage link and some chuck steak. The kielbasa has 2 carbs per link so not 100 percent carb free and still considered processed as they a pre cooked but im ok with it its a nice change… the chuck steak I sou vide in my Anova oven 12 hours then seared in lard in cast iron pan each side about 30 seconds…I could have done that in oven too but since it was just a quick sear I didnt want to wait for oven to come up to temp for a few seconds lol…Turned out great.

(Judy Thompson) #199

Hello, so much to catch up on but I did and I’m here!
ZC is going along great. @Fangs yeah hubby seems to believe me about the health aspects of carnivore but doesn’t believe he could follow it. I wouldn’t insist on it and he’s simple to cook for, eats the same thing nearly every day. He is affected by his choice in bedtime snacks which make him snore so sometimes it wakes me and I move to the couch.
@Karen18 best to Raymond. Hopefully he’ll get a stent or some other treatment and be right back on the dance floor!
@Azi your sous vide chuck sounds great! I love saving $$$ with sous vide on cheap cuts!
Speaking of which, we ate the 2nd hunk of the sous vide brisket from the freezer this week and OMG it was so tender! I had left it an extra 8 hours for a total of 80 on account of a power blip during the last night of the cook. I heard Dr. Chaffee say that he doesn’t refrigerate brisket, just leaves it on the counter for sometimes a few days (!) and cuts pieces off. So I’m not as worried about meat bacteria as I used to be. I just said, if I taste that brisket that cooled after the power outage, and I die, then I’ll know it wasn’t safe to eat. But it didn’t smell bad and incidentally I didn’t die, and in fact it was amazing.
Our work is getting more lengthy, we have to have a full day of rest Sunday after playing church in the morning. This Friday and Saturday we will start extending to a 5½ hour total time in 3 restaurants. A usual job is 2-3 hours, that’s what we’ve been doing for most of our careers. We’re wracking our brains to think of what to play next even though we know at least 1000 tunes by memory!
We seem to be in the paper and well advertised according to customers who are following us from one restaurant to the next and returning night after night-- So I guess we’re not upset about the time increase. If we get good tips then the pay does compare to the east coast totals.

Here are some good pics from a few days - we ate mainly the brisket and a whole chicken this week, both sous vided ahead then seared at mealtime.

The chicken salad was chicken breast, boiled egg and mayo.
This is hubby building my Valentine’s flowers from a lego kit -

(Michael) #200

You are sounding more and more like me these days :grinning:

(Michael) #201

Last nights first plate

had eggs and cheese afterwards to finish my intake. Saving a ton of coin these days with high fat. Barely going through my foods, but knowingly short on some vitamins and minerals, so supplementing which I had not done much in long time. Otherwise good and my weight is stable where it should be.