Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023


very cool. hey when one has a gift it is great cause I tried writing and I ain’t got the knack for it, but some people literally do so more power to your young’in!

you posted a pic, my ‘uploading pic’ statement line just keeps spinning and spinning and no progression…still at 0%…wonder why I can’t upload a pic now LOL omgosh the crazy of tech. works one day fine, next minute nope


Hi Fangs. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, as I tell my children, and also to myself. And when my two children show a particular interest or talent I encourage them, and praise them, as focusing on the positives and strengths have always been my aim with them. My youngest, aged 4, was dead sure he was going to grow up to be an austronaut, and now he’s swapped his space interest for numberblocks lol, dead keen on maths instead. So they go through a lot of changes and their interests will change as well. My oldest also said he wanted to become a doctor.

Been handwashing my favourite dresses as it’s a nice drying day for them to hang on the line. There’s something nice about handwashing garments as opposed to always using the washing machine, though with all my childrens’ clothes getting dirty all the time, I don’t know what I would do without it, lol.


My supper was a couple pork chops, then I scoffed down a third. Pork chops tomorrow as well as my SO bought quite a few, but I never tire of the taste of pork.

The whole day seems to have gone a bit up in smoke with me spending the time while my boys were in school today to try and convince my mom of the healthiness of carnivore as once more she expressed her major concerns.

(Karen) #124

@never2late i can’ t bear reading stuff in my phone … i even find it hard reading the posts on here when there are too many so my codewords and cryptograms are in paperback/magazine form. The pok roast looks tasty. I used to find pork a bit icky but as is usual with carnivore my tastes changed and i began to like it again. Trouble is when i do a roast, usually shoulder with a good amount of crunchy crackling, that flippin crackling is gone in one😲 i love it so much. I have been slow cooking pork chops just recently and the meat just becomes like pulled pork, very tender.

Up at 7.30 this morning, coffee, books and then off to CrossFit. Tough session … when is it anything but???

Stayed to chat and chill with another black coffee then got my tyres checked and a trip to The Company Shop where i got some good buys.
2 x 1kg packs of chicken wings
5 x small packs of seasoned cooked chicken thighs
Some cornish cheddar
A packet of lamb kofta meatballs
2 x packs of 52 buffalo chicken wings
2 x packs of 2 ostrich steak burgers
454g lamb mince
£22.77 :grinning:

Home and for brunch seared one packet of the cooked thighs in butter.

Finished the small jigsaw that i started yesterday just before the light went.

Dinner was the 2 pork chops i did in the slow cooker last night, just seared them in the fry pan and had a bit of mayo with them. Ate a bit of the cornish cheddar and then finished with some streaky bacon.

I have put 4 more pork chops in slow cooker for tomorrow and started new jigsaw puzzle. Come spring i won’t have time for stting inside doing puzzles as it will be garden time again so i am making the most of them now.

100 push ups and shoulder work done for the day.

Busy day :grinning::wink:


Cheese and bacon snack after my morning walk, and a coffee with cream. Then 20 push ups, so that’s improvement, though still a pitiful amount. But I think my energy is improving somewhat, which is good. Smoked mackarel fillets later for dinner. Have a lovely day everyone.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Judy Thompson) #126

Good morning, 5 am here. Yesterday was a balmy day for shopping in nearby Fredericksburg TX. @Karen18 wish I had the prices you’re finding! But since last January my grocery bills have been down. Still less although they’re climbing again some. I bought the brisket last week and then had to order a new sous vide and bigger box for cooking - free old sous vide could stand on its own in a cooler and this one won’t, so had to get a 26 qt. water container. I did a whole chicken yesterday all day and the bigger box came yesterday, so switched to that lastnight when I took the chicken out, cut the brisket into 3 pieces to bag and put on lastnight. It won’t be ready till Sunday night so we will start eating it Monday.
Yesterday at the brewery I had a small knackwurst plate.

There’s no point in getting a big meal out for me, I’m never thrilled with restaurant food so it’s mostly a waste of money! As long as it’s zc I’m good, I can grab something later, which I did, had some chicken salad at home I’d made to start the day yesterday and kept half (chicken breast, boiled egg, mayo).
Made dog food lastnight too. Late night in the kitchen, didn’t finish till nearly 10.
Tonight starts the long weekend of work and hymns to transpose for Sunday morning. Doubling back both weekend nights /mornings (mornings are teaching and then playing at church), we’re glad to be able to come home and crash on Sunday afternoon!
Tonight is thrilling, we’re playing at the new steak house, Jack’s Chophouse. It’s set up like an old style officer’s club, something we’re very familiar with from our Washington DC military days. Dark green walls with Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe. Little lamps on tables, expensive steaks. Just 2 hours, then an hour to travel and set up, then an hour at the intimate polo themed bar.

(Robin) #127

We have an old steakhouse here that has remained true to its 50’s roots… no detail has changed. Love going there for the atmosphere as much as the food.
Have fun, let us know how it goes.


Smoked mackarel fillets for dinner today, a nice change and lovely taste but nowhere near as satisfying as meat. Oh well, pork chops tomorrow, and I’ve bought a packet of ground beef so will attempt to make hamburger patties, without the buns of course. It’s been a relaxing day doing housework, and now it’s half term for my boys, so next days will be busy. Every week they’re home from school they start to get bored so fill their week with family walks, playcentres, crafts, and my oldest boy can practice writing his stories. Hope everyone’s had a lovely day🙂

(Linda ) #129

I’ve done a few days now of walking three dogs and nope I don’t always want to go but I have just stepped up to it until today when my husband was able to drop in on his 10 hour break so took all the dogs together…so I think I’ll slip out while he is sleeping and take myself twice around…the dogs all got a walk so this time it’s for me…

But since changing my schedule has also changed up my eating…I was doing two meals pretty close together which has now turned into one meal.the last couple of days…down a other pound on the scale so two months in and 16 pounds down…

(Linda ) #130

Mackerel might be better as a side dish …if I eat fish I’ll still have my meaty meal as well …both your foods today alot of carnivores eat as side dishes unless your just not hungry…I love bacon so I’ll eat it as a main with egg… but my 2nd meal is usually steak or lamb or pork

(Megan) #131

Update on Suki: I decided to take her back to her owner at the end of the trial period. She’s a lovely girl and she had calmed down a lot, but it wasn’t a good fit. But she is soooo hyper alert and can’t keep still physically for more than a few minutes at a time, and I just couldn’t relax. I kept telling myself to stop being silly but the effect on my mood and emotional energy was real. I know Border Collies are high energy but this seemed more than just her breed. She seems a very unbalanced dog, unfortunately. It sure makes me appreciate my precious Lulu more, if that’s even possible!



Hmmmm, ok my bacon and cheese pic uploaded very easily.

but my pic of my beef filet and scrambled eggs won’t load. Must be some blip in the picture jpg or something? No idea but at least I can still get a pic posted now LOL


@MeganNZ, so sorry the fit for your pooch did not work well. You are right tho, sometimes pets aren’t a good fit and it is best to let that pet find another suitable fit and you might find a better fit too :slight_smile: Sorry tho it went down that way for you guys.

@Azi, stellar results!! Super congrats!!

@JJFiddle, so understand how most meals ordering out are a disappointment. I feel that way also. Alot of times I order an appetizer to come when their meal comes. Get bacon wrapped scallops or peel eat shrimp etc. I am SO tired of paying the prices for ‘sides’ I don’t eat and heck the family don’t be needin’ those extra sides either.

Love your new Chophouse gig restaurant. So cool your job is not behind a desk in a cubicle and you guys get to find new spots for your performances. Keeps ya on the move and new locations and new adventures in your day. Cool

I am an ol’ fan of that type of Chophouse. I am into that decor also. I am not a fan of smoothie bars or ‘bistro’ ‘gastro pub’ type places. Ain’t my kind of food but a nice ol’ timey Chophouse, yea they are gonna slam a monster steak on my plate and feed me well HA

------------------ZC going well. Eating a little more now. Appetite has ramped a tad higher. I was eating very low for a good bit, lost a few lbs, always take that, but right now food increase happening a bit back.

today is a nice 10 oz ribeye steak and finish the second meal later with chicken breasts. done deal. keeping it simple, easy, and how I like it :slight_smile:

(Karen) #133

@never2late well done increasing the push ups … habit habit habit lol and they don’t need to be done all at one time of the day you can spread them out over the entire day, you will be surprised how much stronger you become. Also something is always better than nothing :wink:

@JJFiddle yes i am fortunate to have cheap shops so local especially as the civil service hasn’t got my pension sorted yet … the tank is starting to run on air :astonished: it’s now been 5 months! (Where did that time go?)

Food over last couple of days

The mince is lamb and i ate 454g (just over 1lb for those that can’t convert lol)

Finished the other 2 chops for lunch today and now have another 4, the last 4 of the pack, in the slow cooker for tomorrow. Of course i may eat 2 later i will see how i feel.

Went to CrossFit this morning and it was teams of 4 so me and my daughter teamed up with 2 others. Btw the egg implant wasn’t successful, she’s dealing with that and will be discussing the next step with the IVF team.
The CF was hard with little or no time for gathering ones breath but enjoyable. Going to to the spa at half 4 this afternoon with her so i am looking forward to that and a good catch up. Glad i didn’t wash my hair yesterday as the Tea Dance at Lichfield had been cancelled.

I have some meatballs in the fridge that i may eat later but i quite fancy burgers … decide later :thinking::thinking:

Catch up again soon

(Robin) #134

@MeganNZ, well, darn it. At least you tried and the owners were willing to take her back. And yeah, now you can bask in the loveliness of Lulu.


Oh well I can;t just stay away completely… But I will go away again and try to find my way, I just went shopping and it was so so tiresome and the webshop order was messed up (we got the SMS that the parcel is there, we travelled there by car but didn’t get it. my gelatin!!! Alvaro goes again on Monday but it costs much extra money so he tries to get it back from someone)… I was so very much tired I napped after my lunch… My aching muscles didn’t help…

So! We got supplies :smiley: Finally, pork belly! It turned out I can find some nice one, smoked and boiled as all in a normal supermarket but without lots of water, IDK about the sugar… And it was on sale. AND I could find some super meaty ones with barely any visible fat! Yay! It’s almost like ham :smiley: A somewhat fatty one as it surely has it somewhere but not too much. So Alvaro happily makes scrambled eggs with it now :slight_smile:

As for me (though I will enjoy the pork belly too), I bought plenty of pork jowl :smiley: Alvaro considers it completely inedible but it’s not my problem. So I will have lovely fatty days, simple and cheap, hopefully.

I couldn’t buy meat but I still have plenty at home. Pork chuck is still the best thing ever for me but my actual piece is especially great, better than ever. Super fatty and it’s amazing just fried and cold…
I cooked the pork tongues so we have that too, Alvaro happily eats them as well, it’s good as we start to run out of eggs… So I will eat meaty and not eggy in the near future. Fine by me, I have variety. We bought plenty of cheese too (it seems they are on sale all the time now so we don’t need to buy them for double price compared to several months ago), quark, sour cream, Green yogurt… I bought pâté again as I still can’t make it myself but I will try. I just can’t buy pork liver easily, I think I will visit the butcher soon and get some nice heart too. But now I have more than enough organs to eat.

My tongue liquid converted into soup was nice but it’s better without the tongue water. It got duck necks and pork chuck with bone as usual, it’s a fine combo. I fried the fattiest pieces of the duck necks and got some lovely duck scrachings in the process… But it’s nothing compared to fried chuck (boiled chuck is great too. some lean pork in the soup is boring but fatty pork? yay! but I had to get off fat from the soup as I don’t like it fatty. I just like fatty meat pieces in it and I had them. Alvaro only ate a little duck neck - deboned by me). And I have a big bony piece of pork chuck and two over 1 kg slabs in my fridge… Mmmm. Future looks good eating wise.

I will come back if I put my things in order. I want some proper and coffeeless carnivore with a tiny eating window longer term. I almost run out of coffee so hopefully that part will be okay soon…
And food takes too much of my time still but no wonder on food shopping days… At least I am less on this forum now but still too much.

But I NEVER will be able to read back… It doesn’t mean I won’t try… But not now. SO tired. Folks, is it normal to be super tired after shopping? It’s always such a burden on me and Alvaro understands as he feels the same. At least we do it rarely. I really wouldn’t like to do it often even though it would be tinier then. I am fine with few mins shopping locally but I wouldn’t do that too often either. And a human needs so much food. And so many different items… Except some of you I suppose… It must be easy just to buy some fresh meat and little else… I am not there yet. (Of course I keep my eggs forever, most probably.)

But now we have so, so much food. Hopefully we can avoid shopping for several weeks except a few items Alvaro gets (eggs, the lean pork with the price cap, maybe sour cream but I try to use it sparingly, we have 330g Greek yogurt and 850g sour cream, it lasts for a long while if we are careful).

I want something super simple. Oh yep, that too. No coffee, proper carnivore, small eating window and SIMPLICITY.


Shinita, shopping tires me out too. My father and mother in law came round for a visit so my SO and I went shopping while my FIL and MIL looked after our boys. We needed to stop by Wilkos, Homebargains, Marks & Spencer and Asda, and just trekking about the different shops searching through the isles for the right stuff, was exhausting. But we found a new lego set for our oldest son in Homebargains, and a suitable box for my medicines in Wilkos, we picked up a nice birthday card for my dad who will be turning 70 this february, cheese and chocolates for my boys. My SO did the meat shop in both Aldi and Lidl, as prices are very reasonable in both.

Had a plate of eggs and bacon when we came back home, which served as lunch. And dinner was three pork chops. I’m feeling pleasantly full. I’ve also indulged in four coffees with cream and two jars full of whipped cream, so life is feeling pretty good. Caught a glimpse of myself in Marks & Spencer and thought it looked like I’d streamlined a bit more. So whatever I’m doing it certainly seems to be working.

Karen, I do pushups every second day, but I will begin to try and do more, spread out over a day, whilst still only keeping it to every second day.

Judy, your Chophouse gig sounds exciting, hope it went well.:slightly_smiling_face:


One day I will be able to do push ups too…
Now I just started to make leg exercises, a few squats and I have aching quads since 2 days :smiley: Well it will get better soon… At least my abs aren’t in pain anymore because 3 days passed… My arms are fine, they are more used to exercise… I changed some of my exercises and it is a bit harder now.

All shopping is tiring for me except maybe buying books and stationary and art stuff as I LOVE those. And a bookshop isn’t nearly as busy as a LIDL, oh my those are packed here… My fav is a used bookshop in the city, so calm and nice and wonderful. I like old books a bit better anyway…

(Megan) #138

A few weeks ago we had 3 months of rain in less than 24 hours here in Auckland, New Zealand, and surrounding areas. The flooding was intense in some parts of the city, water up to waist height and even neck height. Completely overwhelmed our storm water drainage system. We now have a cyclone about to hit us - very heavy rain and even worse, gale-force winds. The ground hasn’t had a chance to dry out and I’m expecting a lot of trees to come down, and more flooding. New Zealand doesn’t get many severe weather events, here’s hoping this is just a bad run and not a sign of more to come b/c of climate change.

I had reservations when I met her so said I’d take her on a week’s trial.

(Robin) #139

Whoa… you’ve had quite a season! Hope this all passes soon and is an anomaly, like you said.
Buckle up!

(Michael) #140

I have been struggling a bit to eat less than my usual 4000 calorie meals. I think I am adjusting now, only 3000 calories yesterday and today and feel full without too much hunger in the daytime before eating. Maintaining weight now, which is what I would like to do. Here is my main OMAD meal, had some cheese and snack afterwards.

Small for me, but 10 oz pork belly, 6 oz beef heart, 1 oz Buffalo liver and 4 eggs.