Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Karen) #101

I do code words and cryptograms and the occasional crossword. I like to do them while watcing tv although half the time i’m not watching the box Good to keep the brain active.

I was only using 2.5kg weights for my front and side raises but today up’d them to 5kg which do feel heavy as i do them straight after the push ups. It doesn’t matter what weight you choose to start with just that it should be a weight that makes you feel you have used them. Strength builds pretty quickly if you are consistent and keep pushing yourself a little harder. You will find shaking your whipping cream jar will become easier :grinning:

Motivation gets you started - habit keeps you going!

My motivation was seeing my arms starting to wobble a bit so i had to nip them in the bud :rofl:

(Karen) #102

Food today

Plus a bit of cheddar and a miniscule can of tuna with mayo.

100 push ups and 50 each side and front raises increasesld weight to 5kg. Was going to CrossFit this morning but camcelled at 6.45am after 3 poor nights. Stayed in … saves money and it is -3° brrrrr so read books drank black coffee and nearly finished jig saw. Started eating about 6pm again…! I will venture out tomorrow and take Raymond shopping. Going to nip in the Sally Army charity shop and have some brunch and check out their books :wink:

(Linda ) #103

I generally eat twice per day lately they been moving closer together but they are small meals so I go with when I’m hungry but I no longer eat after dark …if im hungry which I’m not usually ill have a coffee I mean I’ve got more than enough meals sitting on my body…

Which is why I’m ok with eating smaller portions they say our body can burn 31 calories of fat per lb of lean muscle mass …so if my body can burn at least 1200 calories per day just off fat on my body then I’m serriously cant truely ever going to be truely hungry at least while I’ve got a lot of excess fat.
I hear you on the energy I’m starting to up my dog walks to three a day the others don’t complain if they dont go they happily run around the yard. but they too need walks so it’s time to show up and just do it…
Update I can now claim 15lbs weight loss…

(Judy Thompson) #104

Hi! Weekends and Mondays are so crazy for me these days, teaching and performing, I’ve just finished reading 5 days of posts. Just the 7th day into February and already on the 103rd post!
Also our wifi has been moody. So uploading anything is laborious.
@MeganNZ congrats on Shelby! A companion for Lulu is a great idea and I’ve enjoyed reading her progress. She’s a beauty! At 11 months she will grow and change along with her environment and training. I hope you keep her. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
@never2late hello! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.
Thinking back - My sous vide died last week so the new brisket went in the freezer. I switched from Joule to Anova for this new one as I’ve lost 2 Joules in 3 years now and the Anova comes with a 2 yr warranty. But the Anova doesn’t stand up in a cooler so I had to order a larger box to cook the brisket. At any rate, we have eaten hamburger and air fried chicken thighs, did sous vide a whole chicken the other night and ate half of it yesterday.
@never2late if you an afford a sous vide to start, then your beef can be much cheaper. A chuck steak here is $3, a rib eye can be $22 or more, but the chuck steak is every bit as tender and flavourful cooked with sous vide. With the new box I plan to cook a week’s worth of beef at once as it also keeps better.
There is a sous vide thread on KF which is where I got the idea and started looking into it back in 2019! What goes around comes around.
That being said, I sous vided 2 ribeyes for us today and couldn’t eat half of it. One recipe called for an hour cook at 129°, which I followed. Hubby likes his. Maybe his was better :crazy_face:
But I had tuna salad and bacon with it and I was happy enough, then students in the afternoon, so, whatever. The ribeyes had been in the freezer awhile too.
Tonight, liverwurst and sharp cheddar.

Tomorrow we’ll finish that chicken.
Here are a few dishes from days past :


ohhh what I would give to be 40 again HA
I just hit 61. Your 40 should not be dreaded :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I also love the sweetness of good water. We have well water, so delish. I also can tell big differences in bottled water when I buy diff. brands. I buy a bottle of water on the road, diff. brand, and say this water has a weirdo taste and hubby thinks I am nuts, lol, I ain’t, I can taste weirdo water for sure. It is all I drink ever :slight_smile:

@Karen18, ohh -3 Brrrr. Enjoy your charrity shop lunch. Is this the place that feeds ya a big portion of meat? :slight_smile:

@Azi, super great Azi you hit that number loss! Keep on truckin’

@JJFiddle, wow you sure stay busy JJ. I think you and hubby need to give yourselfs a vacation break :slight_smile: Nice meat pics!!

-------------------Yesterday turned out to be a very low food day. Which was no problem. I just didn’t want anything.

ate this: image000000%20(61)

1/2 lb. of bacon and threw on some shredded cheddar
then I ate 1 tin of sardines

yea that was it for the day. I had 0 desire to eat that steak I had defrosted but this morning I did wake up more hungry so that steak will be my first meal of the day.

I think more like that sicky icky kinda reset me a bit when I couldn’t eat thru feeling ill…then the winter cold, I am truly not moving alot like I do in the other seasons, I feel more vegetable and planted in the house LOL, feel like a veggie, tied down inside and withering from the cold and useless in hunkering down HAHA

first meal steak for sure then got burger for later if wanted.
just eating as the day wants me to eat. all good.


My breakfast today. Eggs, bacon and a cold leftover chicken thigh from yesterday. The skin was all wrinkled, but tasted good anyway. I prefer to eat my chicken with bacon, as the fattiness of the latter balances out the leanness of the former.

Did 10 push ups today after my morning walk. I aimed for 15, but that was too much. Oh well, I’ve made a start. I’m also counting the trip I had to make to the shop to buy more cream as my additional exercise for today. Small baby steps …


Hi Judy, thanks for your suggestion regarding the sous vide. My kitchen is tiny and full of all manner of things, and anyway it sounds a tad complicated to me, so I’ll just stick with the usual. My mom has an air frier, but she’s into such useful gadgets, my most useful item is my French press, for filtering out the coffee grounds, I do my coffee in the pan. I am not a good cook, in fact I’m a rubbish cook, so I prefer keeping things as simple as possible. I have my baking tray, my baking dish and my pans. Also my colander for steaming my children’s veg.


Hi Fangs, I probably stepped on a few toes by writing dreaded. I do try to age gracefully and tell myself anyway age is just a number. My SO is 9 years older than me, but looks youthful. He says I’m the same, that I look young for my age. But I don’t think of it in terms of youth, but in terms of health. I want to be the healthiest me I can be, now and when I’m older, free of symptoms of any illness. At the same time I realise we can’t change ourselves into superbeings, and can only do our best.


you are so right. no one on the planet, well except with some expert plastic surgeons, who sometimes don’t do a great job on people LOL can ‘give us back our youth, a bit…but in the end I so agree with you. Our lust for life, our energy we project to others, our vibrancy to experience new adventures in our day, our forwardness of health to increase our movement and more…that is a key factor to this aging ol’ broad :slight_smile: I think that shows real beauty ya know. What we put out in life on a healthy vibrant energized level. It means alot to me too!

I can’t go back to 21 and look like that truly, but I sure can act 21 and feel that darn good and embrace life to its fullest each day. ZC gives us just that, what a great perk, just good daily life and well being!
Good post never2


I so get this. I am the same. I think the water supply should be tested before one puts down the money to purchase :slight_smile: Luckily we have well water and a deep well at that and water when tested was so good and taste is wonderful. It beats any ‘pricey’ bottled water out there to me LOL

When out and about I always order water at any place and I ‘start wtih tap’ and if I take one sip I can tell real fast where I am have ‘crappy water’ and then I say, what bottled water ya got to offer? and I buy a bottle of water and dump that tap they gave me :star_struck:

for me water is a huge issue for our home to cook with, or wash in, or just drink and you sound like me on that one! Good,safe, tasty water is a high priority for me actually. So I understand your post on this issue!!


Lamb chops for dinner. Bacon and eggs at noon. Heart is fine.


@FrankoBear, wonderful check in, so happy you are doing so well!!!

(Robin) #113

I feel boring with my monthly check ins. Just cruising along on the meat wagon. Was surprised recently that I had lost more weight. But otherwise, same old, same old.


I love the sameness. I must be very dull. Pork shoulder joint for dinner later.

With hopefully some good crackling. Congrats on your weight loss Robin🙂


That’s it Fangs, health and energy for our family and for ourselves to be in the right place both physically and mentally, is what matters. And the two goes hand in hand. There is a glorifying of youth that gives the wrong message when the emphasis should be on health. And making the right choices for ourselves, armed with the knowledge we have. Hard to make informed choices without knowledge. But many people don’t want to spend time researching such things, and will go on with their old habits, like my mum and MIL, bless them. They still think it’s unhealthy me being a carnivore, but they eat a lot of carbs, sugar, etc. But they believe too much fat is bad, and that plants are a must. Well I go my own way.:slightly_smiling_face:As to health and vitality, some days I look in the mirror and I think, oh this is a tired day, OK. Slap on some moisturizer and lipstick and onwards with the day! And on other days I’ll catch a glimpse of myself and think, oh, I must’ve done something right, seldom knowing what. Usually it’s sleep and fresh air, more water and some exercise. But I look my age more perhaps on those very tired days and on the better days my SO says I only look 30. So I feel very lucky.

(Karen) #116

:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: well done that’s a full stone and a lb, you are doing so well x

(Karen) #117

No lol this is where i get bacon and eggs … if they have any eggs left … but it is cheap and what they make they make well. This is where the 2nd hand books are shelved in the cafe so i can browse with a brew … i bought 3 today. The cashier didn’t want to take any money for them as they were christian books but i told him i was happy to pay and he took £1 for them , bless.

The big meat place is where i took Ben with my daughter and son in law and is a carvery pub.x

(Karen) #118

@never2late well done getting started on a bit of strength exercise… remember make it a habit!

Food eaten today
2 fried eggs and 2 rashers of bacon no pic, i was too busy browsing the books lol

The pork chops were from lidl and the were 12 for £5.99 so 50p a chop … i can do that lol. I slow cooked 2 and the seared them.
The bowl has a can of pink salmon and mayo in it and i ate the whole can, it was tasty.

I put anoher 2 chops in slow cooker and will have those tomorrow.

Finished the jigsaw i started on monday and have now started another.

I enjoyed this one as it wasn’t frustrating, every piece fit where it was meant to fit. I will be careful to check what jigsaws i buy in the future.

100 push ups and shoulder workout completed. Reduced the weights and decided to keep changing it up by going heavy on alternate days.


My plate of pork shoulder joint, plenty of nice fat to go with the leaner parts.

Karen, that puzzle looks so peaceful even I’d feel tempted to start puzzling. Though I prefer to play my word cookies game on the phone. I’m on level cognac at the moment. I have tried puzzles in the past, but found I never had the patience for them, but even so I always appreciated a nice motive to make it worth my while.


Cold leftover pork shoulder joint as a snack after I came home from school assembly and morning walk.

My oldest boy, aged 6, was rewarded for his writing, as he likes to use powerful adjectives and similes as well when writing stories. He wants to be a writer when he grows up. I keep telling him if he continues to work hard, maybe he will.:slightly_smiling_face: But he has many years to change his mind yet.