Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Luke) #242

This is hilarious, thanks for the entertaining read. :+1:t2::australia::kangaroo:


@JJFiddle, I sure don’t think of you guys as older at all :sunny: When I read your posts and your activity level and your love of your music career and all your gigs and more, I think these ‘young’ins’ are doing so well!! I know ya won’t leave, even if busy we can’t count on ya coming in and chatting with your zc friends!!

@Karen18, do you know it took me forever to find the missing piece LOL I am so quick to do find a word, so quick to spot the differences in pics and more for those games but your puzzle…all I had to do was ‘look for a green area’ peaking thru and it took forever LOL too funny. had me laughing on that one, like, omgosh she got me stumped but yea I found it finally :smile:

@FrankoBear, I can see you on Aussie Gold Outback tv series too. I love those shows and I can see you in the Artic on some off the grid and out of the rat race lifestyle for sure! I can see you being a Viking on a ship out to sea too, ya got red hair tho? lol…You are very versatile my friend!!

@Azi, too funny the dogs screwed up your scale!! Super congrats on 17 down and you becoming ‘very familiar’ with what it takes for you. Happy you are doing so well A!

I have felt this too as I changed/transitioned into a new me. It can be unsettling in that our such engrained ‘habits’ of what life was thru all the decades on the planet for each of us is now an upset apple cart :slight_smile: You know finding ‘my personal eating’ in my day against what and how the family ate etc. was hard. You will be ok as long as you do you and let it ‘settle over ya’ and don’t fight it but also try to incorporate Alvaro’s way of eating to somehow mix and match with yours. I had to do it too with the others in the family…it is a weirdo feeling. One that is like ‘on ya’ and I get what you wrote. You will be ok if you always just follow your food and your body :slight_smile: as we all have to do in any big changes we tackle on our way of eating lifestyles. Heck any change can felt, whether work issues like career moves, or this or that, life can be full of those pitfalls. I love you are ‘feeling you’ and ‘seeing changes’ and addressing them…we all have to do it…cool you are working thru it all too!! Power on S!!

SO…for me I love the beauty pics of meals on the board. I just love seeing the plates we eat in this thread. Makes me smile!!

Today for me is a big ol’ Tbone steak and burgers. I do have a bit of pork left to eat, might just make that a side to a burger to eat from the fridge before I lose it. this ol’ frugal gal never likes losing meat food LOL

ZC strong. All going well. Rainy today which is making it gray and blah but it helps keep the blooming tree pollen out of the air, I like that but next days are promising with into the 80s for higher heat and early early spring here. Love it, come on high temps!! Ready to open the pool and live life in full summer weather!

(Karen) #244

Hahaha so funny i was tempted to say look for the tear in the arm of the chair…
Oooo i’m a poet and didn’t know it hahaha

I’ve taken all the completed jigsaws to my daughter today for her to give to her mum-in-law, she’s already had some of the first ones i did. Forever recycle!

Food today … i finished off the lamb which was still tasty even though i don’t usually like cold lamb. Also had some cheese and now just waiting for the buffalo chicken wings to heat up in oven.

Met my new grandfurbaby this afternoon
She is very sweet and is getting on well with her new fursister Astrid yay :grinning:


can’t believe faunivore february is almost over

(Alec) #246

Lamb sourced from a local friend… bloomin gorgeous!

(Karen) #247

Looks absolutely delicious. If it is anywhere near as good as the lamb i have just eaten they you will definitely enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh we could have been “fawnivore” too, for February… I kinda miss ruminant meat now, I had none in February and it’s a bit sad. Even Alvaro wants it… But we have so much food to eat so we won’t go to the city for a while more.


the new furkitty baby? sex and name? with Astrid being so black cat dark, is the new furbaby very diff. or 2 blackies in the house? Glad ya made me search and search that puzzle, I had fun doing it from your pic, lol.

@daigo1…hey, hi…:100: Ya doing ok D? All going very well for ya, hoping it is!!

@Alecmcq, WOWZA. that fresh meat lamb plate. A carnivore’s dream for sure. I am thrilled ya ate so well and enjoyed your farm purchase!!
I do ‘see’ a fork in that pic. Ya use it? HAHA or all hands fingers to eat that delish meat? :crazy_face::partying_face: Yum

--------------ALL great here. My kiddo is just shy of 18 now and starting to wanna fly and momma bear here lets her do it but bites her nails while she does it LOL She went to Charlotte soccer game last night. We let her friend Amy drive kiddo’s car since her car was taken by her girlfriend to work but in the end, Charlotte big hwy traffic, rainy misty icky type night, 3 ‘young’ins’ in a way in the car the other never drove before, and them ‘let out on their own’ and momma bear was brain fried over it in a small way, but hey life has to happen. THEY all had a blast. Alan and Amy and kiddo just enjoyed it all and all fine.

Yes this is a small thing but not a small thing as I ‘let go of my DD’ for college very soon. Momma Bear is ‘feeling it now’ more and more. Kinda sad but I encourage her to live live live. Life is a buffet and most darn bastards are starving :slight_smile: Auntie Mame said it all HAHA

OK enough that

got fat pork chops defrosting for first meal later. They look kinda like Alec’s lamb chops but for me, just pork which I enjoy. Dinner not sure, in that I think the ‘family is gonna wanna eat’ who the hell knows from takeout or out to dinner so will wait a bit and she what goes down here. Key being if I ‘can control’ them easier I can get away with a few beef burgers for dinner at home and call it a day after my delish fatty thick pork chops for first meal…but with other’s involved, might have to adapt that second meal.


MeatMadness! sounding good to me, what other names we got?
Feb carnivore did me fine. Always happy to read how well our group is thriving in our personal carnivore needs in our journey!! :star_struck:

(Alec) #250

I is cultured, me… always use a fawk. :joy:

But I have to admit that I picked the bones up and gnawed them clean at the end! Oh yes!

And I couldn’t eat all of those chops, despite my recent bout of enhanced hunger… had to put one away for later.


@Alecmcq, I don’t even us a fork to turn them in the fry pan and put them onto the plate when cooked :crazy_face: I’m a healthen to the core. I used to eat 3 of these if wild hungry but once that drops, like your appetite did too, then I can only handle 2 when in regular mode.

------SO here are my 2 thicker pork chops I ate yesterday. Yum
then I had 2 nice cheeseburgers I cooked. Family wasn’t demanding on eating out or anything so I had a easy zc day.

Names for March coming at us? any takers other than maybe MeatMadnessMarch? got any good ones?


I ate hen thigh and wing today so I definitely used my hands there :slight_smile:
But boneless stuff…? Well… I think I use whatever I fancy…? I can imagine myself tearing apart a slab of meat with hands, it sounds… fun? :smiley:
And I surely eat scratchings with hand sometimes…

Oh guys the hen soup was GREAT, a whole not small hen in a not too big, not too small pot… I told Alvaro that next time I buy a hen just for me as I want to know what it is like without vegs. A hen is a serious thing so it always ended up with being soup for both of us and Alvaro never eats it without vegs while I may. But I am sure it would be great without vegs. I think Alvaro overdid them this time anyway if we talk about my preferences…

I got out the limbs and the skin from the frame and fried them more. Like, an hour? Still not crunchy when on the meaty part but not completely soft… One day I will figure out how to make it at least crispy everywhere…

I am in love with Emmental now, such a lovely, odd, sweetish cheese and not even salty… Normal cheese I eat has 1.8-2% salt while this thing has 0.5%… It’s less than ideal for me but it’s good to eat with a bit too salty other items…

I put away the coffee and took out some very fatty pork from the freezer. March is coming and I try to start it real strict. I have most problems with keeping my eating window small (i.e. I just don’t do that) and I still had some coffees today…

(Linda ) #253

Maybe don’t approach it as being real strict to start, that often seems to derail you a few days in… just go into March with your normal for you carnivore and try to keep it going with the fatty meats and protein you enjoy the most…just see how long normal carnivore for you can last…

(Michael) #254

@Alecmcq got me thinking of sheep, so 14.75 oz pork belly, 4.25 oz raw sheep testicles and 2.5 oz sheep lungs. RAWR.


No, normal would cause going off almost immediately, I have this slipping thing, it just gets looser and looser… And what is normal at this point I wonder…
I won’t be too strict, I even keep my dairy but I need to focus on OMAD, on the very least, it helps with everything. But we will see. I think I go off either way, strict or not, I want some proper days at least and only the stricter route gives me that…? But it doesn’t even matter much what I plan, I eat whatever I fancy anyway though sometimes I train myself a bit… And now my rebellious self is silent for a while so I can do that without problems. Later we will see.

I will do that :slight_smile:

We went shopping. New rules for the lean pork with the price cap. 1kg (2.2lbs?) is the maximum amount we may buy at once… Oh well, it’s no big deal, fortunately the city has different rules, I eat different cuts as well… And Alvaro visits the shop often enough as well.
But still, 1kg. It was 2kg before and they started to make 1.1kg slabs at some point so now Alvaro expects 0.55 kg ones… Now I could buy a full 1kg one…
But 1kg meat… If one wants to make a nice dish for the family… A quite… Modest amount, don’t you think?

I wonder how long these frozen prices will last…

(Judy Thompson) #256

What I do if hubby wants veggies in his meat is cook them separate and combine them right before I serve him. I don’t even add pepper, he puts it on at the table. That way everybody gets what they want. :innocent:

(Alec) #257

Now I am impressed with that! How did the testicles and lungs taste? And where did you get it from?

(Michael) #259

Testicles ( that was last one from bag of 50 I got a while ago) from one butcher where I also get thymus and spleens. A different ( both middle eastern butchers) one for the lungs (illegal to sell here) and a local farm for the pork belly, hearts and Buffalo.

Tonight’s dinner 1.5 oz tallow, 4 oz snails, 4.5 oz kidney, 1 oz Buffalo liver and 8.5 oz pork belly with homemade bone broth.


No takers for a March name thread for carnivores so I made us a new one.


Everyone come here for our new month to chat!!


Of course.
And it’s completely impossible to do with soups, they must be cooked together…

Well I don’t the the above at all. I don’t cook vegetables, period. Alvaro cooks his veggie dishes himself.
The only problematic dish type (rare but still happens a few times a year) the meat+veggie ones. We never do this meat and vegs on the side thing, he eats meat and something very carby (and raw/pickled vegs), I eat meat (and eggs), typically. That’s fine. But curry with a ton of vegs? Other dishes where meat and vegs are cooked together as only that combines the flavors properly? (And we usually make these dishes over open fire, cooking everything together requires an hour at least already… I don’t think he ever finished anything outside in 3 hours but a big part of it is preparing the vegs - I soooo don’t miss that :smiley: -, making the fire proper etc.) They are only for my off days. And I have off days and he usually can wait until I get one - the only problem dish is an ancient dish that contains ruminant meat (originally lamb) AND beetroot, about the same amount? I don’t even really like it as it’s horribly sugary and I hate sugar in my meat dishes but when we buy a tiny ruminant meat, all of it goes into the dish so no way I miss that. And he wants that dish now. We realized the last ruminant meat we ate was several months ago. I told him he should make it with as little beetroot as okay for him and I WILL eat out a bunch of meat and only that…
Stews are way better as they contain barely any vegs if we make it.

And hopefully I won’t talk about vegs in the new thread :smiley: Much.

(Kirk Wolak) #262

Interesting Fact. The water freezing on the plants/trees actually protects them.
Because the ice never gets below 0 degrees on the inside, so the outside could be -50 degrees and the ice is protecting things.

I know a Nursery Owner who would water down his plants, etc. when the freezes were coming, to protect everything. It blew my mind.