Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

(Robin) #222

Nice. You’ve covered all your bases.


I’ve eaten all the meat. Time for another shop.

Lamb dinners. Bacon and egg breakfasts. Might add a boiled egg or tin of oily fish: sardines or mackerel, if my brain says so.


@Karen18. glad for Raymond!
Happy to hear you got such a great Dr. Nice to ‘feel that confidence’ when so much is on the line and you have to deal with a Dr during all that.

get this, my kiddo got a 1000 piece puzzle. Gourds, squash and all fall veg. omg an eyeball color nightmare but she is doing very well on it. will pic it soon and show you.

[quote=“Shinita, post:220, topic:117877”]
I have one bigger meal and sometimes 1-2 super tiny odd one. [/quote]
me too some days. normal for us to flop a bit sometimes. Key being as long as you are satisfied, feel good, it don’t matter how the meat gets into ya :slight_smile: rockin’ it!

Couldn’t agree more! So in tune FB! Sounds like you are feeling great! More zc power to you!

---------------food wasn’t big thought yesterday and I feel like it won’t be today.

last night around 11 I got starved. Oh yea I wandered the kitchen. I just of course didn’t wanna cook or reheat anything. Nothing to eat cold in there at the moment for me so I just said some usual to me…first, you are not truly hungry :slight_smile: You are so nourished you CAN go to bed with no extra food and survive LOL Yea I did and woke up not hungry at all this morning of course as I should. Tough tho when those weirdo times still hit a bit and ya think, come on, but longer we know truths on what we have to do and deal, we get thru ok. I don’t white knuckle anything anymore like the old days :slight_smile: I find that price less too and given to me thru zc.

today got about 1/2 lb of bacon to fry up. in the mood for it.
then 1/2 lb. of pork tenderloin to fry up and finish
dinner, thinking a nice med sized NY Strip steak. OK got a plan.

keep on zc truckin’ everyone. I can’t believe Feb is flying thru so fast…into March we go soon.


@Fangs: But I am not satisfied with tiny meals, they are so ODD! They easily make me hungry but not after a proper lunch., But after a proper lunch, why a dinner? Because Alvaro is eating, that’s why, I know… Oh well, I let things sort themselves out though I will make some very fatty experiments, my pork jowl is big and officially expires in a few days! :slight_smile: Yum.

Now I go and bake/make various things, it’s a busy cooking day for me. The star is quiche :smiley: It was ages ago…


oh I so get ya on it all. We have to change our social aspects of life and how they revolve around food. Years now I barely ever eat dinner with my family. I eat my time schedule on carnivore, then I ‘feed’ them as they want. I had to stop the insanity of trying to fit into the carby eating world as I left it. I tell ya, tons and tons of distractions can nail us. As you eat carnivore more and more those tiny odd meals might, just might, become your signature style…ya never know :wink: What seems odd and off now could be just your changin’ thru the lifestyle. So just go with the flow as you have and see where ya land. I think you are doing great!


Well I hardly will change these. If I can eat at dinnertime, I will. It’s not so bad, half of the last year was “if I am able to eat at midnight, I eat”, at least I lost that :smiley:
I am pretty good now in my “new life”, day #10 now, I don’t always eat when I can… Just almost…
But if I am triggered, I am triggered and I eat. It may go away by itself but I can’t do much about it.
I still don’t know what I should go for, lunch OMAD, dinner OMAD (feels safer but dinner is so late…) or “OMAD, whenever I get hungry/tempted first” or “whatever, whenever”… I am not in a hurry to decide as I don’t overeat like crazy even with multiple meals now, apparently, I don’t have zillion tiny meals either (that is always annoying)…

I had a smallish lunch (quiche, egg, lean pork, tiny tuna) and a snack (sponge cake with sausage) this far, I will have a dinner, it probably will be a good day. No photo, I should make one tomorrow, I have moderately cute quiche muffins, natur, sausage and tuna!
No hunger or boredom problems today at all. Food is nice but I don’t feel a huge desire towards it. I just get rid of my hunger, mildly enjoying the taste. Chill and a bit sleepy day.

Back to social thing./ I don’t have any problems with not eating at a meeting or whatever. But at home… Lunch and dinner are so fixed into my life. I do skip one or the other when I can’t eat due to perfect satiation, I can even push and not eat when I am not satiated but not hungry yet… But the combined effect of mealtime and some tempting meal, that’s serious. And it’s rare that I am very satiated at 3pm. Today I was fine and I would have waited - but I had fresh quiche! :smiley: And I pretty much gave up on skipping lunch for this week as it just doesn’t seem to happen - and it’s not a problem now.
So there are multiple things, hunger, lack of satiation, temptation of food, particular need for some joy (though I always welcome a nice meal when it’s lunchtime so it doesn’t matter so much) and yep, Alvaro being home and eating. I fought against it in the past but it always come back. Lunch and dinner, they are very very basic in my life, they are at a great time and I like to eat them. I just don’t always need both. But even so, I don’t always can resist.
I wouldn’t care about Alvaro’s mealtimes if they would be when it’s nice for me too. I obviously don’t care about his breakfasts though I am always asleep at that time so no wonder…
Even in weekends, I often eat lunch with him as I tend to get hungry earlier then (he always wants to have lunch around noon as he is an early riser. he eats at 3pm on workdays because he can’t eat before. his early afternoon is hungry, poor thing. while 3pm is ideal for me most of the time, often even in weekends but I often gets hungry way earlier too).

I never followed mealtimes not set by me except when it was inevitable due to fixed school lunchtime (or not so fixed but I only had one big break). Even then, I was hungry at that time so it worked well.

I indeed don’t know what future will bring, it will be interesting to see :slight_smile: I don’t mind as long as it’s chill and not the insanity of 5-6 tiny meals with lots of hunger, those days were horrible. Why I had those, I don’t know. But I seemed to lose them and went back to my decent sized first meals. And if I have a bigger meal, I won’t have many tiny one afterwards.

(Karen) #228

@Fangs well fancy that … hopefully your kiddo won’t end up with high concentration head pains :astonished:

Food today… went shopping to Morrisons andarrived at th right time to take advantage of the meat reductions!
Shoulde of lamb reduced from £7.50 to £3.50 :grinning: guess what i had for dinner???

I have eaten almost half … just because it was so tasty! Ate brunch at the supermarket 2 fried eggs 1 sausage and 2 rounds of bacon and very nice it was too. Also eaten some cheese… probably too much cheese :roll_eyes:

Raymond very upbeat today so we wll see how long that continues.


Way more active than yesterday (my usual work and a bigger workout day, upper body. I used to have only that until lately) and I ate way less… Wasn’t a hungry day.
99g fat, 127g protein, usual lowish amount of meat…
My meat will go up when it won’t be that super lean, I get hungrier or stop eating egg dishes this enthusiastically :wink: I will fry fatty pork next time, that will be lovely.

It’s good I use dumbbells for chest press as I can put them up without Alvaro’s help. Yay. It makes things easier.

(Megan) #230

That shoulder of lamb looks delicious! @Karen18

(Michael) #231

Last nights meal


@Karen18, happy for Raymond, and in a good mood to boot!!

looks jumbly…she has a puzzle board my Dad made long ago but she uses it as an artist board to paint also LOL I told her the 1000 pieces is eyeball color crazy against the board too. wild. Work in progress, so many pieces on this one and all the same colors…ugh. :slight_smile: Puzz frustration but no head pains LOL yet!

--------------simple zc. nothing stellar here folks :sunny: :wink:
got a nice NY Strip steak to eat later but ‘needing shrimp’ in some way so will chow down 1/2 a lb. with my steak too. then just cheeseburgers for second meal later when wanted. easy peasy zc’y. HA

(Robin) #233

Love your dad’s handmade puzzle board. A treasure.


yea can’t part with it. kiddo jumped on it and we did so many big ol’ puzzles when we all converged on T-day and Christmas. Big family memories over the big puzzles and kiddo just wanted it big time and doubt she will let it go any time soon :slight_smile:

funny how just something so innocent is so cherished. Dad made it cause we puzzle’d but then Mom was like…clear that table!!! NOW…food is coming and we gotta set the table and Dad handled it. He made the puzz board and when mom yelled food…oh yea the board lifted and moved, we ate and had fun but then came back the puzz board to the dining room table.

crazy what ya remember thru something so innocent…thanks for letting me share Robin…good times, good smiles :slight_smile: Ya made me smile big today :sunny:

(Linda ) #235

Well thing are still a tiny bit crazy here, my husband’s cousin and her husband moved into our rv on the driveway he works in Miami and stays in a hotel Monday to Friday drives home for weekend and repeat.
But he was driving 7 hours home now that’s down to two…gives me company during week somone to chat to and rv gives her and him when he is here their own space and privacy…

So with all the craziness and then one of my dogs knocking my scale and a battery coming out resulting in me having reset the dam thing, my weight jumped up a couple of pounds …So that set my mind frame back slightly to the pointI haven’t been weighing …But this morning I’m like nope enough of that it’s time to get back on regardless … Now Im not sure if my scale resettled or if it was just water weight but those pounds plus another one down so I’m now at 17 lbs loss… so ill def take it…

Food lately has been tri tip and last night I added fish today will be the same…tri tip and fish and of course fatty coffee…

(Judy Thompson) #236

Mmm shrimp sounds good! A small chuck roast is in sous vide for about 27 hours this time, supposed to be 30 but I need it at noon so will take it out and cook it more in the pan! It’s small, I want it to last the weekend but if not there’s the 3rd section of brisket in the freezer for tomorrow.

I had a very good pedicure yesterday, this guy is strong and so good. I wear sandals for playing so my feet are important. For so many years we performed in heels and I’m afraid I ruined my feet - but here in Texas and actually in general now, it’s not as important to wear heels or even closed toes shoes so I can get away with it! Tonight the job increases to 5½ hours total, 3 restaurants to drive to, we shall see if our 70+ year old bones can take it! Thank goodness for ZC, better health and lighter body weight. Hope it all goes on for several more years. Hubby plays the heavy stand up bass and he’s 75 (and carby) so I’m especially hoping he can do it!

Yesterday I had my boiled egg about 9:30, we had lunch at the brewery at 3 and just a burger patty and cheese for me (no pic) and lastnight, 2 eggs and local German beef sausage, a little spicy for me but it’s beef! Was in the freezer so I plan to finish them and not buy more.

Food over the past few days:

Brisket and tuna/egg/mayo

Burger and fried eggs

Chicken, day 1, dark quarter

Chicken, day 2, dark quarter with bacon

@Karen18 Top 1% of 65 year olds! Great doctor and you’re incredible, we know that :blush:
@never2late beautiful cheese and burger pic! Love it.
@Shinita you are marching right along on zc! Love hearing your food descriptions and seeing your lovely countryside.
@Fangs that jigsaw puzzle is hilarious on the paint deco backboard but she’s doing it and it looks like a hard one. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done!

Sorry for the long (endless) post but going underground to play and double back teaching and playing church for a couple days so I just wanted to cover a few of the bases before disappearing again. Please know I’m here, I’m reading when I can. I’ve looked around and this is the best zc thread out there!


Hungry day, I started to eat a bit before noon… Pork jowl time :slight_smile: I ate a lot of it but I still got hungry again and again, hopefully I am okay now. 5 hour eating window?
I will track later, I think it was an okay day.

Weather forecast talks about cold and rain since days, well nope, warm sunlit spring days every time… The sun might not come out until 10-11am but eventually it does :wink: I waited for it today so my walk was in sunny weather. And forgot to shot them but we have new, white/purple crocuses now!

Things start to subtly fall apart, I think it’s my rebellious self, I don’t really want carbs and I am okay with my food but there is still some low-key tension, it’s like fasting all day without hunger but missing the food? I don’t actually miss things but something is off…? I wondered what to do, I definitely want a PROPER carnivore(-ish, that is still strict and I totally fail it now. I am close but it’s not strictly that) in March, maybe I take a break in the end of February (I plan to stick to keto) - but for now I just continue what I am doing. I have pork jowl so I won’t fry the fatty pork yet, I fancy hen soup. I haven’t eaten soup since too long and the hen takes up a lot of space in the freezer and it has an irregular shape. But I am without proper pork then, maybe I still should roast some fattier pork…? But not tomorrow, I have processed stuff and quiche, it should be enough with the hen.

Today I ate lean pork with mustard-butter-yolk sauce, tuna with sour cream-mustard sauce and sponge cakes, the usual egg milks and to ease this tiny but still bothersome tension, I opened the milk (3.5% fat this time as it was on sale) and drink coffee again. I choose my battles well now and I had so many coffeeless days, my training goes well! I can have a coffee-y weekend. And of course, I ate a ton of pork jowl. I fancied a fatty day so I could have eaten it all alone but it’s just way too salty! :frowning: And it has a crack in it and even that is stuffed with paprika. This amount of paprika is too much for me for this item… I am so choosy :smiley:


You two are so amazing… :slight_smile:
What is dark quarter? I imagine leg is there but what else? I only know that breast is white and the leg must be dark but not much idea about the rest…

If you forgot wall of text posts, I may try to write another :smiley: (Though I do my best to be shorter and look, sometimes I am successful!) Yours aren’t too long and anyway, you talk about your work and health and important things! And bring nice food pics. I neglected that lately.


I knew I didn’t eat little. I knew I had much fat and I realized my body went for high-protein, ignoring all the calories it was getting (sometimes it works and I get high-fat lower protein, not today). And I was sure I ate too much when my hunger went into uncomfortably full suddenly (10.5 hours after I started to eat and a few hours after I finished).

I tracked now. 170g protein, 213g fat. Let’s blame the carbs as they happened today. Things started to get out of hand yesterday, not very much but I am sensitive to it sometimes. And I had many meals and big hunger. Small meals but frequently.
Oh well. I definitely needed calories eventually, I am more active now. But I don’t like being too full :frowning: I already decided hours ago I will focus on a TINY eating window or at least 2MAD (not like I can’t control that. so I better handle hunger as long as possible) in the future.
But if my belly stops feeling a tad bad, I am okay with such an occasional day. It’s not like I overeat every day, far from it. I have low-cal days too. Yesterday was okay-ish but I ended up eating my leftover tiny pork at night. No problems with that.

I think WAY too much about food now (especially today but I was hungry a lot so of course). I try to quit the forum for a while. Tracking too if possible, it doesn’t do good to me when I am exceptionally food focused.
I can be curious later.

I come back in March! (Probably earlier but let’s be optimistic.) Oh my, it will be already March… I will bring flower pics, some of my zillion daffodils are almost ready to bloom!
Maybe puzzle pics too :slight_smile:

(Karen) #240

@Fangs that is definitely a pain in the head jigsaw :confounded: lol i haven’t started another one yet my last one had the one piece missng :roll_eyes:

spot the missng piece :wink:

@JJFiddle aww thanks i am learning to accept the compliments … i aim to continue inspiring especially if it helps others to get a little bit motivated.

Food started a 6pm today. Fried turkey mince with some curry spice added 500g! Followed by one of the pork crackling skins … one humped and ended up too chewy to eat. I came across these in the reduced section at Morrisons. 17p so i bought 4 double packs. I didn’t know they put the skins on the shelves for sale :grinning: silly people who want the pork roast skinned! Their loss my gain. The one i ate was crunchy and delicious.

I had got a sirloin steak out to defrost day before yesterday that had to be cooked and eaten… any excuse lol. Forgot to take a pic but it was very tasty.

Dancing in Lichfield this afternoon and very lovely afternoon it was too. Raymond was well enough to come along and paced himself very well.


Mrs Bear and I went to a 21st birthday party last night in a basement bar at a pub. The young lady celebrating is my goddaughter. Needless to say her spiritual upbringing has been precarious. But despite being a bit wild she is a good person and works in a dementia ward caring for the oldies in her last year of nursing training. She has done a lot of growing up in the past year.

The delay of Alzheimer’s is a big motivation to look after one’s nutrition.

Staying on plan ate dinner before heading out. I had breakfast earlier in the day at a cafe near a barbershop. I took my new beard out for some eggs and bacon with a nice coffee. The barber has a friend who works as a stuntman on a Netflix show called “Vikings”. He looked me up and down and said I would be a ‘walk up start’ as an extra. The series is filmed in Ireland. For dinner before the party I had roast beef, leg ham off the bone and Jarlsberg cheese. Water at the party. It was starting to crank up a bit at a bit after 9pm. So we pulled the plug. It’s not fun being sober amongst the drunks. Except for an occasional glass of red wine at a family dinner, I haven’t been drinking much booze for a few years.