Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

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If it is from a friend, see if you can get all the organs, especially the liver, but also spleen, kidneys, tongue, heart and lungs with stomach? Waste not want not, plus you could use the vitamins therein.


@JJFiddle, girl you guys sure are in demand :slight_smile: love your career work is doing so well for ya’ll.
Lego flowers from hubby, that is so wild and hey they look nice!
Yea if hubby is simple to cook for and eating relatively decent no need to torture in the ear too much :slight_smile: I know I gave up totally on mine HA

@Karen18, hope on Tues when ya hit Dr you can get some good answers to your questions!! Sending good vibes for Raymond.

@Alecmcq, whole lamb. WOW. nice score on that plus helping a friend’s biz and knowing your source. Cool

@Azi, nice to be back to your own routine right? Sounds like you guys have it handled well with him travelling for work and then coming home.

---------real nice meat pics on the board definitely!

hit store on way home from doing taxes and got 4 nice on sale NY strips. 4 packages of thick cut pork chops on markdown, great price, grabbed them all and some salmon family wants. I so wish I liked fish but in full truth I truly don’t enjoy even a nibble of it.

so for me got last of my leftover pork ribs and got 2 big pork chops to eat later. Got some bacon to add in for my day too. Seems like a very very porky day for this zc gal :slight_smile:


@Naghite: There are some similarities indeed but you have way more epic numbers when you eat a lot :smiley: My ~4000 kcal last February was my top on carnivore :smiley: (And maybe it was below it, I ate 1kg of pork shoulder and its fattiness is anybody’s guess, I used a data with higher fat and it gave me 4100 kcal but maybe it was 3600, who knows?). I always stop somewhere after 200g protein, I don’t think I went over 250g ever on tracking days. And I track a lot.
If you mean that I consider 157g protein modest, yeah I got that not so long ago. I should appreciate when it’s only this and not 180 or 202 or 225g… But I can do <140 if my eating window is decent enough and <100 if I really focus on fat. I need my truly modest days for my wild weekends and hungry times :slight_smile:

Honestly, I still don’t really believe it :smiley: It’s still SURREAL a bit.
But obviously, carnivore isn’t for everyone. We all should figure out what changes are the best. My body loved mere low-carb after high-carb (and it felt pretty good on high-carb) - but eventually I had to evolve…

When we bought half a goat kid from the nearby farm, we got the organs too… For a whole one as it wasn’t that popular… And they sell beef organs to begin with :slight_smile: I saw people asking for items not specifically written and they are very accomodating.
But it’s even better if we know the seller I suppose. Once I asked for the blood and head of the bunnies we bought from the “egg lady” and I got them. The head was a vague attempt at getting the skull, not for eating.

Day #7 of mostly coffee-less carnivore(-ish a bit, I am not perfect, everyone knows that but I am super close now. probably <1g carbs from non-animal sources, good enough for me :D). I like my food but I definitely think about certain non-animal items here and there. Hard to avoid as I live with and cook for a high-carber and anyway, I still think too much about food. No cravings, of course as I would eat them if I craved them, not even any pain or need for willpower, just thoughts and tiny doubts :smiley: But they are in vain as I think I know I do an unnecessarily strict woe from a certain viewpoint but it’s training and anyway, I am curious a bit. So I won’t change course unless I am forced to it.

But I try to take protein minimalization very seriously now. It’s not even hard, I just need to focus on a tiny eating window and pork jowl :smiley: I love pork jowl so, so much and I don’t feel what I had a few days ago that I don’t want very fatty food. Good. And what I have now as my main dish? Roasted lean pork (really lean, the village has the same cut as LIDL without the cute fat layer on it, I cut a little slab into 4 pieces and 2 has a tiny bit of white in it somewhere, the others are just lean meat. the fatty ones are definitely mine. as Alvaro will help me to eat this thing. I roast something fattier soon). Oh well. I can open my other package of pork jowl…

Sunny spring day again.

And I am almost braindead, IDK why.

Did I say that dairy prices may go lower, butter already did in ALDI and cheeses have nice sales?
I am just happy that meat prices stagnate and only the already expensive beef doubled in the last year… But it ensured I won’t eat beef every month. Maybe not even 4 times a year. But I do will eat ruminant in every 1-2 months, just deer and whatnot. I want lamb again…

Meanwhile time passed and I had lunch. I have great hunger again, I starved between 2 and 3pm (I was walking)… Satiation was hard as I got bored of meat again. At least, boiled pork chuck and very lean pork roast… I am fine with processed meats so I managed to eat a decent sized lunch.

I should do a Simple Day. I am curious what would happen if I only had eggs and proper meat. Would I starve and go off? Or could I do it? It depends if I had some fatty pork roast :wink: But now I have only lean pork. Very lean. Time to make fatty sauces.

After decades, I had Bologna sausage again (I had to look up the name, we call it parizer or in proper Hungarian, párizsi. wiki says Parisian sausage but we don’t call everything sausage :smiley: just certain very meaty things. some are more watery but Vienna and Bologna sausages or blood sausages, they aren’t sausages to us)! Ah we all grew up on it :smiley: And almost everyone loved it :slight_smile: And it had such a bad press, about as bad as Vienna sausages, they are called very crappy food (SOME Vienna sausages are better but most aren’t) - but they are still nostalgic and tasty enough :smiley: And what’s the problem with processed meat? It’s proper enough stuff. Well okay it seems they are a bit carby, oh well. I had to buy when I saw BEEF Bologna sausage. I already felt more and more temptation to eat such a niostalgic thing, just once… But beef? That’s special like hell, Bologna sausage is basically always pork! Just like Vienna sausage is always pork or fowl.
It’s almost like the stuff from my childhood but firmer :slight_smile: Proper sausages are loads better but it’s still above the chicken Vienna sausages we have…

And I really enjoy cheese whisps now. It’s so super easy, I just put a piece of cheese on a sylicon mold and nuke it for a minute. The original recipe I saw included grating but I hate grating so obviously tried it without and it worked perfectly.
It’s a tad too cheesy but so simple so it’s fine for me now. I will make my carni biscuits (cheese, boiled egg yolk, egg white, some spice) when I will have leftover boiled egg yolks.


I tracked. Yesterday’s guesstimation is (with the late eating) 213g fat and 188g protein.
Today’s very nearly OMAD had 139g fat and 92g protein. YAY! Total success :smiley: And I am quite satiated and satisfied now.
(My carb intake is almost always around 10g lately. About half from eggs, half from dairy. Some from my processed meat but that’s negligible, usually.)

300g meat (2/3 pound).

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Way to go, Shinita!

(Linda ) #207

Today I made it two meals for the day…first meal 2 prime rib beef sliders topped with a pinch of mozzarella cheese.
2nd meal was chuck roast. And of course my fatty coffee

My blood glucose and ketone numbers about 3 hours after eating…



Rib eye steak last night was too big. Sometimes I get through it, like I need it. Last night a split in two. It’s interesting to note the intuition. After eating the rib eye portion and a playing card sized portion of pan-fried sheep’s milk halloumi I was satisfied.

Summer evenings have been glorious. Long daylight means dinner (evening meal) coincides closely with sunset.

Billie (carni-Labrador, almost 3 years old) shiny in the evening light.

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Simply fantastic FB…. You are very lucky to have this… or maybe it’s not luck… :+1:

(Robin) #210

Yes, intuition is a good for the signal we perceive…when to stop and when to keep going. Contrary to my plans, it’s often a surprise to me!

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Fresh bone broth, one ounce Buffalo liver, 3.5 oz beef kidney and 9 oz pork belly. Having 3.5 oz cheese and 4 eggs most nights as second plate.


@Shinita, I second a big way to go for ya!!

@Azi, you seem very in your personal zone, love it! keep on rocking you!

@FrankoBear, just adore Billie to no end and I envy your location to live, not a doubt on that. maybe one day, full on retirement my ocean dreams and all will hit…but I love you have your location you so enjoy and cherish!

So true about eating. As we go longer and longer we find we change up even more…as you are doing. WE KNOW if we need more fat, more lean just to eat up and don’t want big fatty meats, we know portions to satisfy cause all the crap from our manipulation of eating before is just gone from our lifestyle. Rock on into the best you on zc for sure FB!

@Naghite, forever doing your zc thing, that is what it is all about :slight_smile:
----------------great pics on the board again as usual.

for me I am finding I am going lower in eating. woke up 0 food draw. could care less about food. What a friggin’ relief from my old non-carnivore life. priceless. Never thought I would get here but I sure did thru the years :slight_smile: relief, celebration, contentment, nutritionally balanced body, who knew, such a stellar lifestyle for me.

what is triggering now is hotter weather. I eat less, move more in hot weather, literally my life line. supposed to hit 80s and I feel the body wanting to now literally move!! I feel it in the bones. Early spring is coming, Kinda like nature is now waking me up again. I will definitely grab on and do just that. can’t rock that enough for me. I went from more sluggy and blah in gray to trees are blooming and I see real natural life as I need it right on the horizon.

defrost a NY strip for just in case. Got a nice 1 lb. pork loin to eat. got burgers needed always as backup on hand so I don’t care what I eat and when today, the body will move me simple as that.

rock on strong carnivores.


18C… Okay, so spring came strong and WARM. And windy :slight_smile: It does good to my mood, the sun and spring feeling, I mean but I like the wind as well as it’s not too much, just fun :slight_smile:
My crocuses multiplied while I didn’t look :wink:
The sun was way too bright so some parts burned but they show reality just fine that way :slight_smile:

I had a bigger than usual walk in the sunshine, I visited the pasqueflowers. One wilted, the others weren’t as pretty and colorful as in their younger form (some afterwork to enhance contrast actually solved it) but I still made a shot. The macro lens isn’t great for scenery but I did what I could. I was very half-assed and this old camera is reluctant to make shots sometimes (I press the button but nothing happens) but we use it until we can…

Our “street” in the distance…

No photos about my food, maybe next time, I will make the exact same thing again soon… Beautiful meat balls with pork skin, super tasty and nothing like anything else :smiley: I use the pork jowl skin, it’s already cooked and tender, I just need to ground it and mix with already roasted lean pork and an egg and little spice… One of my favs.
I ate some lean pork and some other usual things, very little dairy today.

I started to eat at 13:30 as I was already hungry but my proper meal was an hour later. Hopefully I won’t eat much more today.

Okay, I had a few more bites at dinnertime but not much. Let’s see…
1508 kcal, 106g fat, 5g carbs, 127g protein (it’s possible they don’t give the same, it happens sometimes for some reason and I don’t care about that tiny inaccuracy). Just wonderful. Though it’s early yet, I ate the vast majority of it in one sitting and it’s not so low so it should work…

I downloaded OpenOffice and I will calculate min, max, average for every week if I fancy that. I am lazy for that now. Did I say I use 2g added (by me) salt a day, I don’t remember. I probably get almost 3 from my other items but that’s just a guess now. Almost all of my processed stuff has 2% salt. The dry sausages are saltier. And some dairy items are way lower. So it seems I stick to my good old 5g salt a day. When I go lower (less processed stuff, maybe even less food), I soon start to like my food more salted so it probably gets balanced out, no matter what I do. (I don’t eat too salty items but even when I do, I balance it out with something unsalted or barely salted so it works both way.) Good. This amount worked for me before and after keto.

Hungary apparently have many wolves now! Even in the neighbour mountain range I can see from Alvaro’s window, it’s very close :slight_smile: The closest proper sized mountains are there as our own starts slowly and the tiny hills even are in the way so I don’t see the farther, bigger ones…
Romania has plenty of wolves but we have tons of game, lots of place for the wolves to make themselves a home :slight_smile: And they are big so probably don’t face the problem that the tiny foxes do (golden jackals). The red fox is allegedly a big fox but whenever I see one, they are barely bigger than our girls and they are smallish house cats…
And I become softer, today Caroline “Cloud” Aida (Cloud is her winter name when she is super fluffy. only she does it to that extent) received some of my precious proper pork due to her underhanded tactics… But it doesn’t do good to her as she gets sad when I stop feeding her… Oh well.

Oh yes, the meat boredom was nowhere to find today but I still didn’t eat much lean meat (still ate 300g, that’s not bad). I had my wonderful skin thing (with lean meat inside, though).
460g meat and pork skin for today (a tad more than a pound).

And Alvaro is being childish. He cooked a carby food with some soft sausage in it. The slices often has a concave side but sometimes they are puffy on both sides with the round part being concave a bit, giving them a shape that reminds Alvaro of something he probably almost never even ate :smiley:

  • Look, I cooked carnivore macaron!
  • …I infected you.
  • I did try to resist! But… I apparently failed.

I may talk very much about carnivore with him, indeed… Oh well, it seems he has fun.

And I opened a bag of cream, the one with the shorter shelf life but it had several days until its expiration date… Well the theoretical one. It isn’t good for desserts anymore :frowning: I still can make cheese sauce and quiche with it but I was looking forward to my fluffy dessert with cream! And egg milks with cream. Oh well. I survive. I kind of should get used to dessertless meals but it’s not so easy…

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@Fangs collected raymond from hosp today. Prcedure done nothing abnormal found soback to square 1 !!

I’m in love with my doctor :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: he is such a sweetheart. He doesnt believe i need worry about my head pains just after a stroke one is more sensitive to anomalies. He is going to log it and also offered a letter of support if i need one for my IHR pension . He noticed my eyes get a bit watery and got me a tissue which set me off… a sympathetic ear does it to me everytime! But i got a sweet hug when i was leaving :blush: i went over my time but he listened intently and didn’t rush me. He boosted my ego by remarking that he thought i was very inspirsational and in his opinion i was in the top 1% fitness for a 65 yr old! How sweet. I l​:heart: my Doc.

Foody pics

Also had some cheese and today had brunch at cafe of 2 sausages bacon and 2 fried eggs.
And latest jigsaw

Went to CrossFit yesterday which included push ups and so did remaining up to 100 at home.


I made my tables and sums and avgs and everything. It even converts grams to lbs for meat now.
The number of eggs was the biggest pain as I eat eggs, sponge cakes, fluff, yolks and whites as well. But it went quickly enough.
So I have lots of numbers for my last week!

My daily average (probably quite inaccurate but I can’t help it. it’s not THAT bad, probably. and I should stop writing this all the time): 2160 kcal (between 1437 and 2833, I am all over the place as usual),
162g fat and 155g protein (both between about 98 and 212 this time), 10g carbs, 483g/1.1 lbs meat (120g from it was not proper fresh meat), 6.8 eggs and 176g dairy. Oh and 10g added fat too (mostly lard but partially butter).

The kcal and protein should go down a tad, maybe the dairy too, I wish for simpler days with more fresh meat in percentage… But I seem to be able to eat over a whole pound of meat a day, that’s good. I can cut the dairy and maybe the eggs a bit if I stick to a smaller eating window… But it’s just wondering as I will eat as I fancy anyway. Food choices are important too and I had way too many different dairy and processed meat items basically every day, that’s not ideal. I can do better.

But I enjoy that even if I eat early and late because I am not exactly satiated, I get okay macros as long as I don’t eat all day or do some other mistake… So I don’t really need a particular effort or focus. Good as I can’t keep that up.


My late breakfast yesterday, after my morning walk, ground beef and eggs. I haven’t been posting here for a while as I’ve been immersed in research, trying to learn more about cholesterol, and now I feel I have a fair idea, certainly I’m not concerned about it anymore, and what is more, mom has also stopped concerning herself with it.

Karen, to have an understanding and empathetic doctor who actually listens to his/her patients is gold. It’s like finding the holy grail among doctors.

Shinita, you always take lovely pics, it’s lovely to see everytime a bit from your beautiful surroundings.

Fangs, I am experiencing the same. Less appetite, less interest in food, I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, that tends to be two meals a day. Late breakfast and something for dinner. But what I do look forward to in the morning is that nice hot cup of coffee with cream. Though even cream I’m interested in less and consuming less.


@never2late: Thanks (though I don’t think so. even when my photos are nice, it’s the result of my wonderful subject. even if I actually do things right, Nature brought that out. I still make the worst food pics but I lack light and a cute setting anyway. and I just can’t make myself to care, food is nice but it doesn’t motivate me that way)! Oh just wait until real, proper spring comes :smiley: Though you might have seen some of my older photos. Yep, I think I put a bunch into another topic not too long ago… Autumn is great too. I still miss the green. It’s only on pine trees and some other things now. Well fine the early spring flowers have green leaves (the hellebores even full green petals, I never stop finding that funny :D) but they are tiny. I want green on the trees… Lots of green… we have sunshine, we have warmth but it will be so, so much prettier when the trees will be green again.

I made food plans for the next days. The basic one. I am half-forced on a route as there are items I need to use up… But I often like it better than having too many options… I remember when not so long before my first carnivore trial I had problems with having too many vegs while Alvaro loved that. We often had a conversation where he was lost what to cook as we have barely anything. And I listed the 6 vegs we had, finding it very much plentiful and that’s without the canned ones… It’s so nice we don’t need to buy ALL kinds of vegs we might use in the next weeks anymore (and we did use it up, of course, it’s a very important principle). How did we put everything in the fridge? Even without meat… Okay, some goes elsewhere… Alvaro started to use the (half above ground) cellar when he buy some bigger amount of veg now and doesn’t cook it right away as he should :slight_smile: I don’t care, I just need the space in the fridge. It’s tricky sometimes right after a big shopping. Maybe variety will be smaller later. Cheeses will stay, most other dairy items too but I don’t necessarily need 8 different kinds of processed meat. Though it’s nice to have them… At least for now.

The rest will be me wondering about new recipes especially not-pizzas. So if it trigger someone for some reason or don’t want this unnecessary things (they are necessary in my mind but maybe I shouldn’t make a braindump when I have these thoughts), don’t read.

I will make almost-Alfredo sauce (I can’t imagine it being good for me with only almost-parmezan, Grana Padano that I can’t tell apart from Parmigiano Reggiano. I find the taste too strong for me) and not-pizza. And the latter involves experiment as even after maybe a dozen keto not-pizzas (as I don’t consider my wheat things pizza either, it’s just not like Real Pizza. most pizzeria I met didn’t make Real Pizza either, I have high standards after eating a few pizzas in my life :D), I STILL have no idea how to make the crust. I don’t want it cheesy or meaty but it doesn’t mean I can’t put a little cheese or meat into it so I have too many options to try… And the ratios omg. Infinite options. Oh well. I don’t experiment much lately anyway, sometimes I miss that (and then I try to come up with something new and great, I indulge myself, it’s me). Now I think that tender cooked pork skin is the way to go :slight_smile: It’s special and good for such things. I just need to ensure the crust isn’t too flavorful. As I make tuna not-pizza, it’s fine if it is somewhat flavorful (though the cheese will help with it too… I mean, I like the flavor of tuna, it’s just not enough alone) but it’s not the main part, the top is. I will use a hard-boiled yolk and a raw white, not sure about adding a bit of sour cream… No, that is always used as a softener in pastries and I like crispy, crunchy especially if it’s a not-pizza crust but mine never was that… If I will still have some lean pork roast, I may use a tad…
And I do a not-pizza because I will do a wheat not-pizza for Alvaro AND what else would I do with a ton of tuna? We open the big jar from Italy. Tuna is lean, I can’t just eat it normally. Maybe with a fatty sauce… Yep, I liked that in sandwiches in the past and I could make a creamy tuna sandwich now. Maybe with whiter sponge cake so the yolk taste wouldn’t overpower the subtle but lovely tuna one…

The pizza sauce is easy, I just skip it. Why pizzas has it in the first place? I mean, I love tomato, just lost interest in it at this point and I obviously go for a carni not-pizza now. I know there are sour cream based pizzas but I only like sour cream when it’s not cooked and dried out. It should be creamy! So that kind never was my thing. I saw yolk mixed with paprika as sauce but I think that was mostly for decoration, to have a red thing underneath the main things on the top. I don’t need such decoration, emulation, I know and feel very well that my not-pizza isn’t even remotely similar to Real Pizza. The closer it gets, the faker it feels, maybe… No, I just want a great cheesy-tuna thing with eggs that is flat and cute and possible to grab a slice.


Who knows what today will bring but I had a very cute SIMPLE lunch. ME.

Lo and behold! Ugly pic except my eggs are just beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The gray stuff is cheese sauce, Alfredo-like. How it got this color, no idea… Oh that tiny little black pepper and nutmeg? I didn’t feel those, by the way so maybe I should just skip all the spice. Cheese has lots of flavor already, butter and cream too. (I will skip the butter, don’t see the point).

I included some leftover pork roast here (and had 2 other slices later) and my egg milk isn’t shown as it was made later when I missed my dessert.
But the photo already shows a decent little meal. With the mentioned additions it was 1500 kcal and quite a lot of fat! (I didn’t drink all my egg milk yet though.) And it was very, very satiating! I actually got satiated quickly but I took my time and slowly ate it all, my whole meal (minus the egg milk) was done in maybe 25 mins? As it was only a single plate. It was unusual… I usually have many tiny courses, after all.

I like simple just like I like order. I just can’t realize it in my life. But now it somehow happened.

I have more infos, I love putting formulas into my spreadsheet :smiley:
I need a cheese row if I want my salt row better (I don’t calculate sodium but table salt as I can interpret that more easily)… But it was informative already. I apparently had about 4g salt a day from my food not counting the 2g I used extra. Yeah, eating a ton of processed stuff does that to me. So I eat saltier than normal. And didn’t even count cheese.

I calculated the weight of my food too (raw weight and not including added water and extras like condiments). A bit above 1kg in average for the first week. The days wildly varied, of course. It doesn’t really matter but I was curious. Not a surprising number.

And I am curious about my lipid panel now. The forum is full with it nowadays and I was mildly curious anyway… I even googled. Some bloodwork is free, lipid panel is cheap too, I just don’t like the bother BUT I am curious. I will ask Alvaro to ask his GP how is these things done. As he has a GP while I never had. But for a lipid panel, I can change my ways, I just never will visit him afterwards. Unless something very very unexpected happens.

(Karen) #219

Food today

plus a 3 egg cheese omelette. Finished another jigsaw and then did another one today but it had one piece missing argggh i knew this would happen at some stage with these charity shop jigsaws!

Push ups and shoulders workout done.


Meanwhile I am planning to do a jigsaw since months and never did :smiley: I do 1-2 per year at most. But they are very pleasant.

I ended up having a small dinner… It’s so… Not ideal. I have one bigger meal and sometimes 1-2 super tiny odd one. I wasn’t even hungry but finished my egg milk and then just happened to eat this and that, my meat was very low anyway… And then I got a tad hungry but my pork has so low calorie density and I didn’t eat much…
I am finished, 1781 kcal, 127g protein. Very proper. But I didn’t walk today, only had leg exercises. I wonder if I will have muscle ache, possibly as my legs aren’t used to this. My Monday workout resulted in no muscle ache, it is normal to me but I suspect I didn’t do my workouts right and now I do them better. Still. Oh well, we will see if I will improve.

So IDK what to do. OMAD suits me best, has many benefits but I like to eat twice… I don’t even know what I should go for, a big lunch or a big dinner and what to do with my other meal… Maybe a fat fast type small very fatty lunch would work sometimes? As just eating when I fancy (hungry/need fuel/get tempted) brings these tiny meals to life and I don’t like those.

I try to think less about food. It’s hard. It’s a lovely topic. But I went too far and hard to go back.

198g meat (0.66 lbs) today, tomorrow I go for more, I feel I need that now. I still have leftover lean pork but I open the big jar of tuna too. My processed item consumption went down, good.

(Michael) #221

My pic of first plate

3.5 oz beef heart, 4 oz snails, 1 oz tallow, 9.5 oz pork belly plus a bowel of bone broth. Will have eggs and cheese with my daughter shortly