Loss on the scales

(Confused!) #1

Hi all,

Starting my 6th week today. Ketone levels around 2-2.5.

Lost 2lb last week. I’ve got to be honest I’m fuming it frustrating as seems I have very little control.

Is 2lb the norm as I would like more…

I’m eating less than 10g carbs per day. Food mainly consists of protein and fat!

Measurement not showing any change but people have commented.

17 lb loss overall

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #2

17lb is 5 weeks is a good rate of loss. You may need to better manage your expectations.

(Confused!) #3

I getting this. Frustrating tho.

This is why I give up…must carry on.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #4

Giving up now would be much more frustrating for you.

Indeed. You’ve done very well.

(Natasha) #5

Patience, Grasshopper! 2lb a week is 104lb a year… that’s a huge amount! There are quicker ways to lose weight - VLCD, meal replacement shakes for one example - but most are based on hard-to stick-to deprivation, don’t offer the same NSVs, leave you hungry and in my experience really aggravate the starve/binge cycle.

Keto may not be the quickest fix but I do think it is the ‘kindest’ and most sustainable. I know it’s tough when you are looking for a quick result, but try not to focus so much on the short term movement of the scale.

Good luck :grinning:

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Thank you.

I’m starting to feel sick after eating which isn’t nice x

(Pete A) #7

We always want more…keep it up! :slight_smile:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

Look at it like this, you could be not losing anything or you could be gaining. You’re neither, instead you’re steadily losing. This is great and you may find yourself stalling at some point even eating low carbs. Don’t wreck your hard work with impatience. It’s a journey. You’re losing faster than a lot of people who continue to stick with it anyway, for many reasons outside of just weight loss.

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Thank you.

(Carl Keller) #10

Most of us gain weight at around 5-10 pounds per year. Losing a year’s worth of gains in six weeks is pretty extraordinary in that context. It might be frustrating when you compare yourself to people who lose at twice the rate but the good news is that striving for good health is an endless marathon, not a sprint. A steady pace is much better than burning out and quitting.

(Full Metal Keto) #11

I think if you’re losing two pounds a week that’s a perfect rate. You should also prepare for he fact that your “goal” may not be your body’s goal. And you will experience a slow down the closer you get to your body’s goal weight whatever that is. You should also understand that your body is in a state of recomposition from eating keto. You burn fat at the same time your bone mass increases and if you exercise you’re gaining muscle mass. So you don’t actually want to loose weight, you want to lose excess fat and achieve a healthy balance in body composition. That’s why scales and a goal in pounds are kind of stressful.


(Confused!) #12

22 Days Later and 1lb one loss. Feeling very frustrated and bloated.

Doing 30 mins walk/run 3 times a week.

8 Weeks with a loss of 22lb total loss (Mostly within the first 3 weeks)

Currently 230lb.

Taken measurements and not really any change.

Having 10 - 20 Carbs per day but finding it difficult to eat over the last week.

Anyone have any comments.


How is your energy? Have you recalculated your macros? Are you getting plenty of rest, salt, and have you been any more stressed than normal? So many things can alter our hormones, especially as a female. Do you have any non scale victories to focus on? Are you feeling less inflamed etc? It takes time for the body to adjust and weight loss isn’t linear. They don’t consider anything less than 6 weeks a true stall.


First of all, congrats on not gaining over this period! I assume that you are like most of us here, and have been consistently gaining weight over a long period of time, so good for you for breaking that cycle.

As Jason Fung says, “There’s lots of reasons to exercise, but weight loss is not one of them.” So don’t expect your workouts to show up on the scale. More here.

I can’t lose without fasting, have you tried that? I can get the scale to move with a 48 hour fast, or longer. You have to build up if you haven’t tried it yet. How many times a day are you eating right now? Are you restricting the hours of your eating window?

(Confused!) #15

Energy has been good until the last week. Not eating a lot as feeling sick after eating most of the time.

Id say the only thing I’m concerned about is weight loss! feeling bloated the last couple of weeks, although I have been told I look different.Clothes do feel slightly more comfortable.


What does your diet look like? Can you give us a day or two of sample meals? We can help trouble shoot from there. There’s always individual exceptions. For example, peanut butter in small quantities is totally ok on keto but it made my joints swell like crazy so no more peanut butter for me.

(Confused!) #17

Last 2 days meals:

Lunch: King prawns, 2 x Boiled Eggs & Mayo.
Dinner: Ham, Cheese Eggs.

Lunch: Burger, Sausage & Mayo.
Dinner: Belly pork, 2 x Boiled Eggs & Mayo

(Confused!) #18

I’m also drinking at least 8 bottles of 500ml of water daily.

Is this too much?

(Confused!) #19

Weigh in today and gained 1lb. Seems if I eat I gain if I don’t I lose slightly or remain the same weight.

Feeling flat.

(Full Metal Keto) #20

Hi Bailey 4-6 of those bottles should be adequate. Too much water will flush out electrolytes quickly and can leave you feeling bad, cramping, headaches, constipation, lethargic. You might need to consider a dietary tweak.

I have been stalled for the last two months going between 161 and 163. I am in my eleventh month now. There are lots of things you can try. I started an accountability thread just this morning and I am mixing up my routine big time. Today I only ate 800 fat calories and only a tiny amount of protein, like 20 grams. I haven’t been hungry today and when I weighted myself at the end of the day I had lost almost 2 lbs. I can’t wait till morning to weigh in, it’s called a fat fast. You can do it for a few days and drive your ketones up.

One thing I love is a something @OgreZed likes to say;

Ketosis is driven by limiting carbohydrates, weight loss is driven by a limiting calories.

They go together, if you over consume keto food you can gain weight or not lose any. So you probably need to closely examine what you’re doing, mixing up your routine confuses your body’s metabolism which can be happy with where it is if you do the same routine everyday.

Watch this video, I really like Ken Berry MD, he’s down to earth, very sharp and he’s on the keto journey like the rest of us. You can learn a lot from him.