Loss on the scales

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I’d like to note here that one of those bottles of water you are drinking 8 of weighs 1.1 pounds, you are drinking about four kg. or 8.8 lbs of water daily. It’s not a surprise to me that your weight goes up and down a couple of pounds daily. That shift accounts for food being digested and waste products yet to be gotten rid of. You need to not focus on a pound up as a negative. It’s actually nothing, you could take a big pee and loose that much weight. :cowboy_hat_face:

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So do you think I should cut back on water?

(Susan) #23

The mayo you are eating is sugar free? I noticed you use a lot of it, so was just checking if it was, and no veggie oils in it.

The Dr. Ken Berry video is good, did you watch it and see if you are following/trying all those things?

I find Fasting for can really help a stall personally =) Good luck, you re doing well, our bodies adjust, and since you are doing exercise as well, remember that muscle weighs more than fat.

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Bailey, are you measuring your body and keeping track of physical changes? If you’re losing fat but gaining muscle (or bone is repairing) you could be slimming down but not see the numbers you want on the scale. Are you still drinking the 4 g carb water supplement you mentioned in another thread?

It sounds like your body is changing (people noticing, losses on the scale even though they aren’t as quickly as you would like). Keep in mind that stress will raise cortisol and this can slow your fat loss. Fat loss is not necessarily reflected on the scale as weight loss.

As for drinking enough/too much. You can get a good idea by monitoring the color of your urine. Straw/pale yellow is a good color to shoot for. Any lighter, you may be drinking too much. Darker could indicate you need more hydration. (some vitamins can change the color of urine)

It sounds like you’re working really hard despite your pain (other thread, your meds and back pain mentioned.) I think my brain sometimes uses the trick of “well it’s not working obviously” as another tricky way to get at the sugar. I don’t think you want to quit, you sound determined. Good for you for working out and no matter what the scale says, you’re making a healthier body. Every time I do a heavy work out I gain 4 lbs on the scale and then go back to where I’ve been for months. But the clothing is bigger and I know I can’t rely on the scale, it’s just one tool out of many.

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I stopped the supplement and no longer taking pain relief medication.

I’m stressing about my weight to be honest.

Not sure about the mayo I will check (Not changed this from the start)

I’m finding difficult to eat and losing motivation.

Exercise is tiring and I’m feeling tired quite often. Ketones are around the 2.5 mark.

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Bailey, here’s what I’m hearing when I read through the thread.

You are concerned about weight. When you eat you gain weight. You are finding it difficult to eat.

If I’m honest, it sounds like your preoccupation with weight loss might be making this whole thing much harder than it has to be. Have you tried keeping carbs below 20, eating when you are hungry and then between meals just forgetting about it and enjoying life? You are not a number on the scale, you’re a whole person with a whole lot more going on besides this one thing. I won’t lecture you, but I personally understand the frustration of not having control over the scales. It’s a tough fight to win.


This is probably the last thing you want to hear, but stress shuts weight loss down. How about hiding the scale in your closet for a month and just focusing on tracking carbs and getting healthier?

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I do eat less than 20 carbs a day and eat when I’m hungry but it hasn’t changed anything. I am obsessing about the scales as i was hoping to lose weight before my holiday in 8 weeks.

Debating if I should try a diet for the time I have left for my holiday and then start fresh on my return

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That’s what I said, unless your body is telling you you need to drink, don’t force water. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #30

Stress can also cause trouble with losing weight, so maybe try to do some calming things, like maybe a nice bath, read a book, something relaxing =).