Losing weight but body fat increased


(Jeffrey Belanger) #1

Hey guys so im a 25 year old male recently new to keto. These last couple days my body fat has increased but i have lost weight? Body fat has noticeably increased in my chest. Its sticking out more and very puffy/jiggly. Not ideal for someone like myself who is very self conscious about the way i look. My chest has always been a problem area.

Thanks in advance!

(traci simpson) #2

Have you lost muscle??

(Jeffrey Belanger) #3

Not that i know of. Im eating .8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass

(Carl Keller) #4

Have you taken measurements? Perhaps, if your belly area is less bloated, it’s making your chest look bigger? In any case, if you are losing weight, SOMETHING is happening. I bet if this trend continues, your chest has no choice but to get smaller. :wink:

(Full Metal Keto) #5

It might just be water re-absorbed into deflated fat cells and temporary. Sometimes weight is lost, stable for a few days, water retained by fat cells that shrunk, followed by what people describe as the whoosh effect when it leaves quickly again. Sometimes there is a few pounds gain after a quick loss.

You’re new to this so lots is going on now. It’s hard to know exactly what out bodies are doing sometimes but I am confident your situation will resolve shortly.our bodies are smart.



If you’re new to keto what you are seeing is normal water change in the tissues (cellular and interstitial), as less carbs mean less water is needed in the tissues.

Then, as you go, fat is very slowly released from fat cells, and the cells fill with water for a time before the fat cell shrings - and water has more volume and is squishy. Don’t mistake changing tissue as increase of body fat!

(Karim Wassef) #7

How do you know you’ve gained fat? What measure are you using?

(Jeffrey Belanger) #8

Thank you all for the replies! It has put my mind at ease!

(Stuart Young) #9

Hello (this is my first post - been doing lots of reading/learning [great forum!] But saw this and felt the need to post)

I had the same issue. Loosing weight, but felt ‘fatter’ - belly noticeably more ‘jiggly’ and soft. My wife (health care specialist) solved the puzzle for me with a bit of research.

You are probably burning off your visceral fat first. If your not sure what that is, its a hard wall of fat located behind the stomach that builds up around your organs. Trust me, this is great news. Its the most dangerous fat you can have. As the hard wall burns off, your soft front belly fat gets much more noticeable. Then as weight loss continues, that starts to disappear too :wink:

Hope that helps!

(Susan) #10

Welcome to the forum, Stuart, and that is really great to know. I have lost 36 pounds so far, and have 120 or more to go, and I am hoping my fat is doing that too! Thanks for telling us that =).

(Stuart Young) #11

Thank you for the welcome Susan. The little bit of ‘knowledge’ I could probably share. This is such an informative forum, plenty of tips and ideas to try.
Well done on your weight loss, I am 53lbs down so far, after last nights weigh in. With more to go than your good self.
Though, while the weight loss is great, its the other helth benefits have been amazing. I am no longer pre-metabolic. Hyper-tension gone. Heart arrhythmia gone. Asthma gone. My wife has also said my snoring has all but disappeared!
From my perspective, the weight really is a symptom of poor health, not the cause. And the way our medical profession approaches weight related ill health is absolutely shocking. :frowning:

(Susan) #12

Yes, I know, I agree with you! Well I am sure you will love the forum and all the people here, it is a great community, and everyone has wonderful advice, and there is a lot of encouragement and support.