Looking for keto pals also a month in


Agree! I don’t have the lag in my thought processes that I did pre-keto.

(Lindsey) #113

It sounds great, I definitely don’t have those benefits yet, I hope they kick in soon.


Funny that these past few replies were about losing work productivity due to being distracted by keto books and podcasts. Despite those obsessions, I got more done at work the past couple months than ever before.

I think I didn’t fully appreciate how “in” keto I was until I had my carb fiasco yesterday. Not a binge, more like a holiday meal or something. It knocked me off my feet. I fell asleep at 7 p.m. So happy I have the weekend to recalibrate.

(Lindsey) #115

I know one of the signs you’re adapted is how quickly it takes to bounce back into ketosis, did it take you long to get back to normal?

(Scott) #116

I just reached the 100 day mark. Stick with it. I’m feeling better and energy levels are getting better everyday.
After a month of little weight loss, I felt my body become more fat adapted and I’ve lost 25 lbs.

We’re out here!

(Lindsey) #117

Thank you Scott, it’s always great to have the assurance that it will happen! Did it only take a month for you to feel like you were adapted?

(Scott) #119

Started producing ketones after about 30 days but 45 days before I started to fat adapt. That is when I started losing weight, started to fell energy increasing and appetite started decreasing.

(Lindsey) #120

I am… dare I say it… feeling sharp this afternoon. I’m working my way through a course on scientific notation, maths is far from my strong point, usually my eyes glaze over, but this afternoon it’s actually making sense. Fingers crossed it’s the start of being adapted.

(Trisha) #121

Yay! That is great :slight_smile: I have finally started to wake up awake (that is huge cause I am not a morning person) NSVs


Scott, congratulations! And it’s helpful to read about your timeline.

I had a series of OUT of ketosis days last week and into Saturday. It was like one deadline/event after another and I couldn’t catch my breath and focus on food. Keto is not yet a way of life for me. I want it to be! But when I’m overwhelmed, I fall into old patterns.

Good news is that I’m back in! It took 48 hours of diligence. Honestly, those 2 days were every bit as hard as they were the first time around. The good news is that the 2 days since then have been exceptionally easy. Easier than before. It’s so nice to have my keto-energy back.

(Lindsey) #123

I noticed I’ve been waking up earlier, and actually feeling more awake, but I also have a really bad headache and feel super dehydrated in the morning (even though I’ve drunk a fair bit of water the night before), do you get that?

(Trisha) #124

I woke up with a headache both days last weekend but I am pretty sure it had more to do with shark week. So I have not really experienced the same problem :frowning:. I have been backing off the salt a bit as I have been feeling dehydrated even though i drink a ton of water. I hope you figure it out.


Ditto with the headache and tomorrow is the first day of my 8th week. I’ve had a monster headache the last two days I can’t shake, it’s also shark week so I’m guessing it’s related. Still, beats all the other pms symptoms that I have not had


@Hapygirl & @kiwado, my sympathies to you both. So very glad I don’t have to deal w/ that any more!


Yes! I started on July 2nd. Very excited about my new lifestyle and hoping it’ll bring health and weight loss! But sometimes I feel restricted, isolated or bored. Weight loss have been up and down, mostly due to a Vitamin Water mistake (not zero!! 32 grams of sugar! Ugh). Would have liked to see more weight loss this month!
I would love to join a thread! :slight_smile:

(Trisha) #128

It happens to most of us @SofieFoodie. I had a slight weak moment and ate pizza a few weeks after starting. Every day is a new day. Just move ahead and don’t worry about it too much :slight_smile:


I had to eat all my breakfast cereal in order to get it out of the house – Rice Chex, Cheerios and Nature Valley pumpkin flax granola!!! I didn’t eat it all in 1 go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi - I started roughly a month ago too and I’ve been weight training as well. I typically eat a macro ratio of 72-75% fat, 20-25% protein and 5-9% carbs right at 1900 to 2000 calories a day. On my first week of Keto, I lost 6 lbs. Since then, I’ve been hovering between 245 - 250. Ive coupled Keto with intermittent fasting as well, so I can be 245 first thing in the am, 250 mid day and 245 the next morning. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Lol Someone help!

I’m 6’4 if that helps at all.

(Teka) #131

I’m new as only been a week ! I had the Keto flu ! Just getting over that ! And I have no appetite! Energy levels are coming back and I lost some inches ! ! Best wishes let’s keep in touch !

(Tracey) #132

Just started last week, so I am really new. Still trying to figure everything out, I am using a tracker to manage my macros and that is really helping. I think before when “I tried” low carb I was eating too much protein and veggie carbs and not enough fat. That has been a bit of a surprise as I watch my macro numbers! Who knew! The good news is that I seem to be in Ketosis fairly steadily, but some days I am starving and other days I am challenging myself to eat my macros…boy those carbs go fast! Thanks for the post and thread!