Looking for an alternative to Bulletproof coffee

(Daniel Crispin) #21

Well, I don’t see it as a drink. I see it as a meal. So instead of having breakfast, you drink this. Many people said it can get them past lunch as well. So depending how you eat, if you only eat when you are hungry, getting to mid afternoon without the need for food is pretty great.

(Allie) #22

I have it Ernest and use it often, but really don’t like it in coffee - it’s great for making chocolate though, and as a facial moisturizer :smiley:


It is food. BPC is a meal, just like bacon and eggs. Look, do what works but guzzling a 600 calorie milkshake in the morning when you aren’t hungry doesn’t make any more sense than eating an omelet everyday at 7:00am when you have no appetite. If you are hungry in the mornings then definitely listen to your body but by most accounts that hunger will subside. When my morning hunger went away and my eating window shrunk to about 4-6 hours that’s when I realized the magic of feast and fast.

(Damon Chance) #24

I just recently started drinking coffee and am pretty much in love with what I have going in the mornings.

16 oz cold-brew (diluted when I make it).
1/4 tsp vanilla
2 tbsp MCT oil
1/4 tsp cinnamon
Dash of sea salt
Run that through a blender for 30 seconds and hit the road…

It’s about 250cal and If I wanted to reduce it I could probably mix it without the MCT oil and just put a tbsp of HWC in it for 50 cal. I don’t use any sweetener and it tastes wonderful.

(Jen) #25

Does MCT oil have a taste? I’m doing the keto coffee every morning with coconut oil and I absolutely hate the taste of it because I’m not a big fan of coconut.

(Chris) #26

Honestly OP, unless you’re starving (on this diet I doubt it!), skip the breakfast altogether. Eat your first meal at lunch, or even dinner if you want. There’s no biological (or legal) law stating you need to eat before a certain time. Hell I woke up Monday morning this week and now it’s Wednesday and I haven’t eaten a bite yet.

(Adam Kirby) #27

That’s the thing people seem to do, they treat BPC different from a meal. You are, in fact, eating breakfast. Yeah your hunger goes away, but it would also go away if you had some bacon and eggs.

(Ron Mc Curley) #28

Great news, my local Muffin Break in Tamworth, just made me a great Flat white coffee, its was made on cream, instead of milk. Use to have long black with cream on the side.
Just made my day

(T) #29

Yip! Cacao butter & MCT. Love/must have my morning coffee at 6.00. Then soldier through with teaching til lunch at 1.00. Needed!

(Lex (Sydney, NSW)) #30

I had to reply to this just because of my user name :rofl:

Why not give breakfast a miss and fast until lunch time? Or have some tea - I like peppermint any time of the day.

(Eric) #31

I just take my coffee black in the mornings and not ever hungry until the evening. Eat between 6 and 8. I will use super fatty tea as a fat bomb to get calories up for a few days before fasting though.

(Candy Lind) #32

MCT=no taste. But expensive. Refined coconut oil (believe it or not, CRISCO brand is now selling both refined and raw organic coconut oils) will not have a taste, either. I keep both in my pantry in case I’m cooking something I don’t want to taste coconutty (although I adore coconut).

(Vladaar Malane) #33

Same. OP, I wonder if you can try to acquire taste of black coffee. Au natural is nice. I understand throwing in fat in coffee for keto aspect/taste but I like to Intermittent fast and black coffee in the morning as my breakfast, means smaller eating window and more weight loss. Not that you have to fast at all, but it’s a great way to get into intermittent fasting if you have an interest.

(Rc) #34

So what’s the solution, are there any shortcuts as I just feel really ill after bulletproof but I want the benefits

(Carpe salata!) #35

Some people use butter instead of coconut. Have you tried butter? Or heavy cream?

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #36

If you’re interested in adding a high fat beverage to your morning Tim Ferris’s Titanium Tea is basically bulletproof coffee without the coffee. There’s no magic in the coffee.

(charlie3) #37

I agree with dread. I skip breakfast. I used to be an early morning coffee drinker, black. These days I save coffee until after lunch with a very large stainless mug of ice coffee flavored with a tsp of of liquid stevia and 1/4 cup of whipping cream. Ambrosia. If I was retired I might eat in the morning and mid afternoon so the hungry time would be during sleep.

(Rc) #38

Thanks Peter. I’ve tried it, just can’t deal with the taste. Eew. I guess I have a set expectation of taste from my coffee. I’m trying to have those healthy fats drizzled on top salads/ other food etc. Hope that’s acceptable?

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I want to hear this.

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Niled it.