Looking for an alternative to Bulletproof coffee

(Daniel Crispin) #1

Ok so I have read and heard several people suggesting bulletproof coffee to start the day. The problem is I find coffee to be very obnoxious. I have seen alternatives like bulletproof green tea or bulletproof hot coco… The question is, do they give the same benefits? And are they a good alternative?

(Ross) #2

ever try a “Breve Got Back”?
make or order a breve latte with either all heavy cream or a 50-50 mix of heavy cream and half-n-half.
You can even sing when you order it.

(Ernest) #3

What are the benefits of bulletproof coffee?

(Ross) #4

good question. I’ll stick with heavy cream. Moo.

(Ernest) #5

That whole bulletproof coffee was to promote Brain Octane MCT oil.
It’s not necessary.

(Daniel Crispin) #6

Lots of anti-oxidants, boosts energy and keep hunger away for several hours.

(Melissa) #7

I cannot drink coffee at all so I make my own “bulletproof” tea in the mornings. I often add MCT oil and coconut oil (in the past). I have heard of people using heavy cream or butter as well.
I find it helps a lot to get that extra fat in without adding heaps of calories!

(Allie) #8

I make a mix of almond milk, matcha green tea coconut oil & butter & cinnamon. No idea of benefits but it tastes nice. BPC / keto coffee / whatever you call it has never stopped me being hungry, I drink it when I want to and recently that hasn’t been often.

(Keto in Katy) #9

This is why I have BPC every morning. I enjoy it and it keeps me energized for hours.

I blend in heavy cream rather than butter.

(Kate) #10

I just use cream these days. I used to do bulletproof coffee but went off it for a while.

Leanne Vogel from healthful pursuit does a rocket fuelled latte with tea, collagen and I think caoco butter. I did this for a while when dairy free.

(Keto Travels) #11

I really like butter tea - more like the tibetans make it, with a little bit of salt and with cream instead of milk (no yak butter though, can’t get that here :wink: ) … https://www.yowangdu.com/tibetan-food/butter-tea.html

And the collagen tip is a good one, makes for more “body” to the drink.

(Solomom A) #12

I do cocoa powder + butter + full fat milk + salt + sweetner

(Allie) #13

I might be in the minority but I just cannot stomach coffee with chocolate so always avoid this one.

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Green tea is recommended by many. You could simply add cream to it instead of milk. I am not a fan of MCT oil. Cream or coconut oil (small not large amounts) works for me when IFing or doing an extended fast.

Bulletproof coffee is a marketing idea IMHO. MCT oil is very processed stuff. I like to keep my diet simple. Coconut oil does the same things MCT does from what I have read. It is very expensive as well.

Eating keto will get results without bulletproof coffee, plain coffee, tea etc. You can have it if you like but you don’t need it.

(John B) #15

My wife and I usually just do heavy cream with our coffee in the morning, but sometimes we crave the Bullet Proof. It does help keep away hunger, which helps when we are skipping lunch.

(Ernest) #16

There’s Bulletproof coffee and keto coffee, no?
Bulletproof coffee was popularized by Dave Asprey. He adds butter and Brain Octane MCT Oil. Hence the name Bulletproof.
You folks are talking about adding fat to coffee.

Go ahead and enjoy it but it’s really not a requirement.

(Ernest) #17

@Shortstuff if you can get your hands on cacao butter, try it with coffee. It’s pretty good, very subtle chocolate flavor.


When I’ve done it I used unsalted butter & coconut oil. It was pretty good, even though I am usually a fan of taking it black.

(Bacon, Not Stirred) #19

Have you tried Choffy? It’s made with cacao beans instead of coffee beans. I love it, but I haven’t had it in forever. I’m not sure what the nutrition info is, but you could certainly give one of their free samples a try. I can’t remember the promo code, but I’m sure you could find it relatively easily. http://store.choffy.com/Sample_c_28.html


It does these things because it’s a high fat meal. Having a BPC every morning makes no sense to me. I used to do it and then I realized I was borderline nauseous trying to choke down 600 calories I didn’t need. Now I drink black decaf or water and I’m better off for it.