Long time Carnivore goes Vegan

(Vic) #41

Aargg, you have a point there.

Now that I just got this positive vibe on veganism.
Ok, I’m cured. Its over.

We are done here, lets go schoot a bunny and eat it :sunglasses:


LOL but humans are invasive in every manner of life, what trumps what?
personal views absolutely come into play here but there are opposites to each action we take. won’t ever be diff. in my eyes but ‘our health’ vs every other action we take for that against the planet and its life. And does our health destroy the planet millenium from now? Heck not sure on that HA

darn vicious thoughts in full truth and one I have to walk away from alot of times :slight_smile: for personal sanity of it —plus my age as been there, done that, and I NOW want me on a personal level to shine thru tops vs. what I can’t change over the globe.

again just chat here, how I do me now! :wink:


the bunny was always meant thru Mother Nature to be just that.
simple easy full truth of what life is about.
yet ‘we humans’ get involved’ to what suits us ya know and it all changes. No one rarely gets what ‘real life Mother Nature is about’ anymore and to me downfall will come! but I probably won’t be here to see that :slight_smile: