Long time Carnivore goes Vegan

(Vic) #1

You have to give it to them, most Vegans do mean well when it comes to caring for the environment. Be it a bit misguided here and there.
So do I.
In an effort to try reducing plastic waiste I’m trying this bar of hair schampoo instead of the usual plastic bottles.

So now the critics can shout at me “you never were really carnivore”

Indeed, it seems my hair has gone Vegan.
The gray will be dark blond again soon ?

2 big questions for today. Will the shampoo work ans should I eat the rabbit liver I got a hold of, raw or cooked?



Vic. We know that you rub tallow through your mane.

(Vic) #3




I walked that way a bit. went ‘all natural’ with my product buying and being more green and planet saving and it was friggin’ work alot of times and damn expensive HAHA

Now I buy jumbo sizes. I got a bottle of shampoo that is mega sized, so I use only 1 plastic bottle instead of 4 smaller bottles being thrown out after use.

So I kinda went that way. Buy 1 big size so I save the landfill using up smaller size bottles. Hey my way of doing it now :slight_smile:

Hope it does your hair good and it should, can’t see why not on that tho.

Don’t eat that soap and stay carnivore HA

(Laurie) #5

Now you have me questioning everything. I want to know what sweeteners they use in my Sweet Pea leave-in conditioner.


No, that is the vegan thing where even your cosmetics and clothes should be that :smiley: Carnivores may wear linen, buy their pork wapped in paper, even reading books and sitting on wooden chairs! Plants, plants everywhere! :smiley:

I am pretty sure carnivores may like plants :slight_smile: Actually, we would all die without plants so it seems a wise thing. But this is allowed for vegans too, they may love animals (how they would love their family and themselves otherwise so that’s very logical too… but animals are highly important anyway. fungi too. humans aren’t needed but it’s just a single, highly destructive species of the animal kingdom).

I go before I do it even more negative but this world isn’t as great I would like.

I mostly clean with water so I am good regarding chemicals (as far as I comfortably can, surely making the stuff I use has its burden but I don’t even buy stuff without a real need). My garden is free from chemicals too. I don’t feed the plants there to animals I eat but I feed them to someone who let me eat the bigger half of the pork we buy, it should count as something :smiley: But I am no carnivore anyway…

Both vegans and carnivores (and everyone else) can do something for a smaller eco footprint… That’s good.

(Robin) #7

Vegan has always appealed to me, and I spent years in that land. Mostly due to the treatment of our tasty animal friends. And since reading OVERSTORY By Richard Powers, I could easily chuck it all and go chain myself to some ancient redwood in CA or OR. But I also love reading and working in a bookstore… um, dead trees much? ((sigh)) If there is a judgment day, I hope we’ll be graded on a curve!

(Karen) #8

Before going ‘poo free’ I tried the darkening shampoo bar which is meant to make your hair look darker, reversing grey. It worked to a certain degree, darkened my hair if I used it regularly but as I didn’t wash my hair daily I could see as the days passed the grey would show itself more.

I haven’t used shampoo for about 3 months now and my scalp has reset and whereas I could scratch my scalp raw before, it hasn’t itched since I stopped shampooing! Can’t see me ever shampooing again!

Oh and embracing the grey.

(I admin it, that’s a terrible pun.) #9

In that case, my hair treatment has been good for the environment for years! :slight_smile:

(Vic) #10

I agree.
I have pets and plants that I keep in the garden.
Caring for both with love.
No need for farm animal cruelty either, they can have a short happy life before they become food.

I will not deny my nature thou. I am a member of a spieces who are the most dangerous predator on earth. I will hunt, kill and eat animals. Besides love for plants and animals, I also love humans and myself. Health comes first.

Tried that, it was too itchy.


(Daisy) #11

I’ve been trying hard to go full carnivore with my skin care. Tallow and lard based everything. I use a bar shampoo and a face bar that is lard based. I make my own tallow balm for my face and body

(Vic) #12

Lard based shampoo bar,no plastic. Sound like something I could try.

Oh dear :crazy_face: there goes my veganism…

(Elizabeth ) #13

I actually use bar soap for my hair, have for years, either goat milk or tallow soap… use the same bar for my body It gives my hair texture and keeps me from having to use a lot of lotion.


I am kind of excited about the Covid grey I am getting. Instagram Baddies have to pay top dollar for what we get for free! :grinning:

(Robin) #15

Do you replace shampoo with something else? I can (and do) go weeks without washing my hair. I also rarely have to brush it. Either I am incredibly lucky or just plain lazy.



(Karen) #17

Bought myself very expensive boar brush as I have naturally curly hair. I brush it and it sticks to my head lol but within a fee seconds it bounces back. I 9only rinse it with water. I occasionally use phillip Kingsley elasticiser but again just rinse that out rather than wash it out. If the curls feel a little dry then I put essential oil blend that I have made up myself just on the ends. I don’t seem to be getting any split ends and haven’t had an itchy scalp since the day I started. Before poo free i could have ripped my scalp off some days when it was crazily itchy and I also suffered occasionally with dermatitis and have none of that now.

(Edith) #18

Well, if you read used books, you are not causing the killing of more trees. :grinning:


Poo in hair is not fun. I surf. Sometimes I rub seaweed in my hair, the alginate saponifies. It is often blow dried by the sea breeze. I laugh at the hair products in the local coastal village that will give tourists that ‘beach’ look to their hair. Sometimes I’ll comb some olive oil through the tangles, if I have to be presentable to visit my 90 year old Bavarian aunty. Olive oil is great for manscaping the beard. Olive oil is vegan so that will help @Carnivoor Vic with the ethics. The Spartans did it. Their ethics may have varied from modern vegans. Eating keto-carnivore has reduced any grey fur. That took about a year. Often times after eating pork or beef ribs, I’ll just push my fingers back through my hair. My Labrador and cats love me (as I must smell like a roast). I am in the ocean almost every day. So, my scalp does not look like a share house oven.

(Karen) #20

Bet you lab and cats spent all day licking you … hahaha love it x