Long time Carnivore goes Vegan


Normal shampoo is terrible for us and our hair, never saw that one before but sure it’s fine. I’ve been using this one for years

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The Romans would bathe in hot, then cold, water. No soap, since it hadn’t been invented yet. Then they would cover themselves with olive oil all over (including hair and beard), and scrape off the excess with a strigil. No one ate olive oil back then; it was strictly a cosmetic. They cooked with butter and lard (which the French do to this day).

I did some research on soap-making a few years ago. As I recall, the harshness of lye soap comes from the animal fat used (usually tallow). Olive oil soap was first made in Castile (hence Castile soap) as a much gentler cosmetic soap. Nowadays, non-soap detergents are a large part of the products we use. (“Detergent” simply means “foaming agent,” so technically, soaps are detergents, too, though that’s not how we customarily use the terms.)

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This is interesting! My beard is tough and bristly. I’ve thought about using conditioners or bread wax, but never bothered to buy any. I already own olive oil.

But I’m curious, do you notice if people get the sudden urge to eat a salad, when they’re around you? :wink:

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I don’t remember a time when there was so much freedom (hairstyle-wise) for all genders. If you like it, work it. And since covid and my retirement came along, I am also enjoying my grey and am back in pony tail length. My stylist may miss me, but I’m sure saving money. (The other day, I ran across my makeup bag and just laughed and laughed!) Silver linings for sure!

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My wife, Lisa, decided to go grey before COVID, and I think she looks fabulous!

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I also decided to let the grey begin before covid just to see how much I actually had. I had a compliment just last week when I went to the occy health at work for my flu jab. She remarked on what a nice colour it was and were they my own curls … hahaha I laugh because it is still salt n pepper and a bit of colour still at the ends. Not sure I like the longer length as I haven’t been to hairdressers since before last xmas but I am determined to get to this xmas without going… not to hard a feat as covid lockdown #2 has meant the closure of hair salons.


It is so great that you are so supportive! I think my husband is relieved that I am not making a mess in the bathroom with my DIY hair coloring every month anymore. Before that it was 70 USD every 6 weeks at the salon. :money_mouth_face:


I have been cutting my hair myself. (Too short in my profile pic, but it has grown out to a short wavy bob since then)

I wish I had enough length to do a ponytail or chignon! Goals. :blush:

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I have bought messy buns… I can get hair into a little ponytail now but haven’t hot around to putting the messy buns in yet… perhaps when I have somewhere to go… cant really wear to work in case I end up scrabbling about on the floor with inmates… be embarrassing if my hair fell off hahaha x

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Darren, yes, your wife is looking good!

I used to do stuff to my hair, but not any more. I’m just glad it finally grew enough for a little pony tail instead of a tiny whisp.


My hair goes absolutely everywhere when it goes near waist length and it gets wet while showering, it is a troublesome length now (I actually need hairpins but the dye took half a year to get too)… I broke my hand mixer with my hair before I cut it… But it grew back super quickly.
And it’s deep red now :slight_smile: Maybe things got better since the last time (several years ago) as my super stubborn dark brown hair always had problems to actually show some really visible change after dyeing it (with the brightest red I can find)… But now it did.
Using chemicals… Well I am selfish… And it’s my… Maybe 8th time in my life? I am 44. I so don’t accept white hairs for a while yet :slight_smile: Not like it matters much but still. But it looks good on some people for sure. While I never was pretty, period :smiley: I don’t care much, I don’t see myself often but I see my hair as it’s so long. I can’t cut my own hair, a relative does it for me every spring in 5 minutes. Sometimes I wonder if I keep it like this when I become 80 or 110 or what. Probably, I look better with long hair and I like to skip unnecessary troubles.
I am fine with my hair color, actually, I almost always have that but red is fun.

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When I joined these forums, there were a lot of posts at the time about people’s grey hair returning to its normal colour. Hasn’t happened to me! But I do notice that my hair is growing faster than it used to, since going keto. (Nails, as well. I have to trim them every week now). I am still waiting to grow an extra three inches of height, however. Come on, keto!

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That last sentence had me worried for a minute… oh, height. Ok. Yes, my hair grows faster, but certainly not losing the grey, which is fine. My nails are also stronger and grow faster. Plus they are smoothing out. However, someone on here got me started taking collagen, which can also affect all those things. In MY 60’s, I am now pretty easy to talk into taking supplements. As opposed to THE 60’s, when I was easily talked into ummm… other supplements! LOL


My nails are weak and brittle on every woe, sadly. They grow quickly enough but I need the protection of nailpolish if I want longer nails.

Collagen sounds good but I rather get them from my food now that I abandoned my vegetarian keto ways a year ago and I am still kind of young :smiley:

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I’ve binned all soap and toothpaste. I now shower everyday with a flannel and smell like a human. Sometimes I worry about my teeth, but the dentist said toothpaste isn’t necessary, though it provides flouride.

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My fingernails improved greatly with keto and eating more beef. Apparently, iron deficiency can cause problems with nails.

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I make goat milk soap with lye and oils and I always thought the infamous harshness of lye soap was from uncured soap. Initially the pH of lye soap is very high ~ 11. After curing for 6 weeks is it between 7 and 8 and not harsh at all.


and remember vegans defect so fast for many, like 80+% real fast into eating meat again cause heck…they crave it like us people ‘doing keto and more’ crave sweets :slight_smile: but heck, our ‘dieting CICO and control’ is like a 95% failure rate on what benefits we got thru it and heck, no one can hold it.

crazy truly on ‘dieting’ and nutrition and more but remember one BIG BODY LIFE fact, protein (perferably meat protein and fat) is life, without it we die, ALL carbs mean nothing to our bodies…so heck start from there and research and grow and change thru what ‘real science’ is trying to lead you and yes, your body tells us if we listen.

ok just a chat on that HA

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I’m still vegan when it comes to soap for my hair.

Can wash it daily and a bar of hair soap will last me 6 weeks.
I dont know whats in a bar of Vegan soap, must be discusting…don’t want to know :flushed:

For traveling its even more brilliant, no risk for a mess in the suitcase.

Here here Vegans, you got this one right :kissing_heart:


HA HA I get ya but think of ALL the insects, small animals and life that was destroyed in the making of your bar of vegan soap? Does it compare to a ‘chem induced’ whatever processed plastic bottle of shampoo? THAT is the real deal if ya ask me…what is the steps and who wins on ‘what is better’ and less invasive ya know on what ‘green vegan less vicious produced’ product is out there.

but many won’t see that route over the ‘all’ of it LOL