Long stall finally broken - lessons learned the hard way

(Silvia Rucker) #62

That’s awesome! I am having a stall problem too. I lose and gain the same amount for about the last 2 months and I’m about 17 lbs from goal.

(Deb) #63

That’s EXACTLY where I am! Read my whole story, learn your GKI if you don’t know it, …you might be surprised!
In a nutshell, my problems:
Stevia (# 1)
Cream cheese
Peanut/nut butters
Any dessert that required sweeteners
Crystal Light/any artificial no cal drink.

I no longer drink coffee ( never imagined THAT) and only plain water or tea.
No more fasting. I eat 1500 glorious calories a day.

(Alec) #64

I think your daughter needs to come and spend some time on this forum.

Best macro tracking app?
(Deb) #65

Great idea…


This youtube post says that even if you’re using artificial sweeteners with no calories, our body will still release insulin. Our body seems to be proactive when it comes to consuming sweets.

(Adam Kirby) #67

Makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Sweet things were only available in the summer and fall and we used them to store body fat for the winter. Artificial sweeteners may be a case of us thinking we can outsmart nature and for some people that just might not work.

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Love all of the advice… I’m lactose intolerant and use lactose free single cream for my cups of tea thru the day - I only have 3 per day - which is measured out at 2 tablespoons, I have a bulletproof coffee in the morning then lunch and dinner however I usually have a fat bomb after lunch and one in the evening to satisfy sweet cravings, I’m on 1447 cals per day but usually hit my macros every day - I weigh and measure ALL my food even my cream and salad dressings etc…ive lost a steady 1lb pw over the last 3months…i dont use stevia for fat bombs… i used to be a chocoholic and loved bread but havent had cravings since been on keto of which im delighted about !! Sorry for rambling on!

(Joan) #69

Wow, Stevia! I guess that makes sense, I’m craving sweet. All those things, cream cheese, whip cream… And I keep telling myself it’s keto! My portions are creeping up larger and many more snacks. Boo… I know what I must do


every time I posted about sweeteners I got shut down, but I believe they are a problem for weight loss. Looking for data to prove me wrong,

(Robyn Shakespeare) #71

Just read your post thank you …you mentioned an app which one please

(Jennifer Kleiman) #72

All the non-industry sponsored studies I’ve seen where artificial sweeteners are used in a random controlled trial in human subjects, they’ve come up neutral. There’s a ton of epidemiological studies linking artificial sweetener consumption to fat gain but no solid cause/effect.

Anecdotally, some of my friends use sweeteners a lot and have lost all the weight they wanted & have no issue. Some of my friends, and myself, have tried cutting out sweeteners and observed that it definitely accelerated weight loss & was a major factor in cutting out cravings. I think it’s fundamentally individual, and it depends on the sweetener too. I prefer monk fruit and allulose when I do use sweeteners.

(Deb) #73

Carb Manager. Others use Cronometer.

(Deb) #74

You are correct and I think we’ll see that proved true more often than not. I think it also depends on quantity used, since it drops bg.

(Robyn Shakespeare) #75

Thank you …I 'm not good at technology so surprised I got a reply😚

(Deb) #76

Obviously you’re better than you think!

(Robyn Shakespeare) #77

Hahahaha you’re too kind :two_hearts:
I’m in Victoria Australia …where are you ?

(Deb) #78

On the other side of the planet!
Western Pennsylvania, USA.

(Carol D) #79

I find it interesting that you mention healthy fats and leave out all the good saturated fats that we need. I know we have been taught to view saturated fats as unhealthy, but that’s just not true, just like we were taught carbs are good for us! Eat meat too!


I found this in NCBI. It is observed that chronic artificial sweetener consumers had 34% increase in energy intake.

(Deb) #81

I wonder why info like this doesn’t make it to the mainstream media. That’s what really scares me is the future health of our young people. I cringe when I see them in the local convenience store with huge cups of soft drinks, regular or diet, knowing (and seeing) what it’s doing to their bodies.