Long stall finally broken - lessons learned the hard way

(Polly ) #82

Thank you Deb for your helpful advice. I DO love eating and would rather eat than fast most of the time. :blush:. I will see what my doctor can do for me as far as testing. I can test my blood glucose level at home once I get the testing kit from the pharmacy. Do those kits test glucose-ketone index as well?
I haven’t had my thyroid checked for a very long time but haven’t felt the need to since I don’t have symptoms of low thyroid.

(Danial Ficek) #83

Agree…the book terms can be a turn off to some, but if you get through the entire thing, you’ll have a good understanding. Personally, I totally agree with his terms because it’s how I’ve often felt. As for it’s effectiveness…A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Totally allowing me to stay KETO.