Long stall finally broken - lessons learned the hard way

(Polly ) #82

Thank you Deb for your helpful advice. I DO love eating and would rather eat than fast most of the time. :blush:. I will see what my doctor can do for me as far as testing. I can test my blood glucose level at home once I get the testing kit from the pharmacy. Do those kits test glucose-ketone index as well?
I haven’t had my thyroid checked for a very long time but haven’t felt the need to since I don’t have symptoms of low thyroid.

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Agree…the book terms can be a turn off to some, but if you get through the entire thing, you’ll have a good understanding. Personally, I totally agree with his terms because it’s how I’ve often felt. As for it’s effectiveness…A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Totally allowing me to stay KETO.

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Good morning! Really appreciated your post about your stall, the issues with sweeteners, fasting, and your thyroid.

I have read again and again that fasting is necessary to overcome a stall; however, like you, when I started to fast last summer, my TSH tanked. Threw myself into reading and research. Stephen Phinney, Jason Fung, among others repeatedly state that fasting will not lower thyroid hormone. They have seen Free T3 levels lower, but make the case that the body is most likely using T3 more efficiently so less in circulation.

I am so happy that you found a path forward. Not sure what are next best steps for me. Will keep working on it.

Any other details or articles come to mind about your experience that might help me figure this all out?


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This video might help you, @khbwest Kim:

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Thank you! Much appreciated!