Liver Pate -

(Peter) #1

I put this up because its new to me but may be duplicate here?

Liver (i used Lambs)
Tom Paste (check contents)
Double Cream

Fry chopped bacon in butter, add chopped onion and garlic until soft, add chopped liver for 5 mins, stir in tom paste. allow to cool. add cream. And whiz up. Smooth or course up to you.
You’ll need to experiment with amounts.
the top could be sealed with melted butter but I tend to eat in 2 or 3 days

(KM) #2

Since you said you were from UK I assumed Tom Paste was a special ingredient, like we in the US have Tom’s (Of Maine) Toothpaste. Relief, you mean tomato paste. You do, don’t you? :joy: It sounds delicious.

(Peter) #3

haha yes, I was unsure what you might read into tom paste.
I did look at the supermarket pate and sure enough sugar and crap listed. Same problem with sausages so thats my next project.
But the pate this morning was great :slight_smile: Problem is I want more now … no snacking please


Ingredients from heaven. :ok_hand:

(Laurie) #5

I used to make pate out of chicken liver. No blender, so I mashed it by hand with a potato masher. No toothpaste :grinning: or cream; I added yogurt to get the right consistency. The rest was similar. Easy and yummy.

Liver is kind of hard to find where I live. That’s why I say “used to.”

(Peter) #6

Awww Laurie Chicken liver would be my favourite too and although I can get Liver in the supermarket its only lambs … which is OK