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(Richard Morris) #1

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Published: Jan 20, 2018
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Dr. Fung and Megan Ramos answer questions about fasting, autophagy, and fasting precautions.

Water fast with me plz
(TJ Borden) #2

I’ve actually been IF for longer than I’ve been on Keto. Skipping breakfast was easy since I’m never hungry in the morning. Looking back, I have to laugh at how often I used to force myself to eat breakfast since that’s what the “experts” said to do.

I rarely eat in a window larger than 8 hours, and generally try to keep it less than 4.

A while back (in the 2KD podcast), Megan mentioned the benefits of mixing up the fasting routine to break through plateaus, and the importance of feasting when not fasting to keep the metabolism high durning extended fasts.

My question is, how do I balance feasting with the core Keto principle of eating until satiated. I often feel I’m not eating enough on feasting days, but my appetite has shrunk so much, I’m just not that hungry. For the purposes of feasting, is there a benefit of eating past satiation?

I laugh as I type this since it’s only been a few months since I even learned what satiation feels like. Before that, I generally ate until I couldn’t fit anymore food down my gullet.

(Richard Morris) #3

It’s nice when all that complicated machinery you have for fueling starts functioning correctly.

Practically you also eat to satiety when feasting. You just need to try to swing the lever all the way in the other direction after fasting, and not try to continue restricting.

(Tom Seest) #4

There seems to be some confusion on when or if Autophagy starts and stops in some of the online communities I participate in. It seems that this podcast episode precipitated the discussion. I’ll have to listen and do some investigation myself.


Loving this podcast. I loved Megan’s point about deciding why you are fasting, because you will approach the fast differently.

Just when I think I have sorted out something, I learn I know nothing really. So thankful for 2ketodudes, Megan and Jason.

(Mark Rhodes) #6

I too have seen this in reference to black coffee having some unwanted macros affecting mtor. Im curious about this as well but I seem to have had an autophagic response while fasting past 5 days. I think it could also have to do with the coffee gene per 23andme that can be identified.

Is there a lab test that can be ordered for autophagsomes? It seems to me this would be the surest way. I haven’t found one at the local labs and was wondering if I went to UW Madison?..

(Allan L) #7

This is a really good episode. Highly recommended.

Reconfirms old information and provides some new.

Love this format!