Lipid Transport

(Jenna Ericson) #1

I’ve always had a hard time understanding the differences between types of cholesterol and their role in fat metabolism. I found these great videos that clarified things a lot:

My question after watching these is, what determines how much LDL is made by the liver? This seems important as LDL is often seen as the culprit in contributing to risk for certain diseases. I understand that the topic of LDL as a marker of disease is a controversial one, but maybe whether it is or not has to do with what is causing the demand for it.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #2

The purpose of LDL, as I understand it, is to convey fatty acids from adipose tissue to cells that need energy. The cholesterol, according to Dave Feldman in a couple of his presentations, is pretty much just along for the ride, in case it is needed. Dave’s analogy is that the lipoprotein is like the ship, the fatty acids are like the passengers (i.e., the reason the ship is travelling in the first place), and the cholesterol is like the lifeboats. Most cells are capable of making their own cholesterol, so the LDL-cholesterol is mostly there for emergencies. Or so I understand it.

This was all very well explained at, the last time I visited, and Dave has given a number of talks at Low Carb Down Under events that are available on YouTube.