Lies My Doctor Told Me

(Bob M) #21

As with everything, it’s probably more complex than this. For instance, I have zero – and I mean zero – impetus to eat that much regular cheese. If I have a few bites of regular cheese, I’m good. No desire to eat more.

Take that cheese and bake it into puffy goodness, and those I can overeat. Possibly the crunchy/salty texture. But I usually reserve them for things like salads (eat rarely) or Taco Tuesday (a bowl of meat, sometimes onions, salsa).

This may be due to my 100% European ancestry or the fact that I ate basically zero cheese for a long, long time (10+ years, Pritikin diet), or both, or maybe something else.

As for milk, I’ve been drinking raw milk from Jersey cows (A2 protein). Tastes good, no desire whatsoever to chug more or desire to eat more dairy.

For me, the worst dairy I eat is yogurt, as I often eat it as a “dessert”, when I don’t necessarily have to have it. I am eating goat’s milk yogurt, though.

I see people saying dairy is addictive or “inflammatory”, but I don’t see any of that in me at all.

Having said that, I have had much less of the fat-heavy keto recipes drenched in cheese, for years now. I feel those can make me overeat. Too many – dare I say it? – calories. But regular cheese does not.

Everyone should test themselves to see what they think about “dairy”.


Cheese is something I never liked in dishes. I mean, I didn’t cook with them. It definitely limited my options in restaurants as a vegetarian…
So I just ate them with something. Or alone. Not much unless it was on top of something, I needed a ton then. Well a big volume, it has much air so it’s not that bad.
Then I realized cheese doesn’t satiate me well. But I needed it for variety. Especially in my low-meat carnivore times. They spiced up my egg dishes.
Now I can eat plenty of meat and I don’t even eat cheese normally. And it turned out that my rare cheesy days (cheesier than before but rare) are so great, cheese is way more satisfying, maybe because it’s more exotic now? :smiley: IDK but I enjoy it.

But my main dairy is sour cream. And a little butter. And I like quark too, that’s the exception, the satiating one. I think. And a great dessert. Something different after my eggs and meat. I used to have problems with eggs and meat only, I got bored of them too quickly (for the meal, I mean) and ended up desperate and hungry, not being able to eat more of my normal food. Some dairy is awesome there especially that I LOVE dairy. In moderation and not all but I usually don’t need so much food at that point.

Now I have greek yogurt too sometimes, after living without yogurt for decades as I don’t like low-fat dairy at all but greek yogurt is 10% fat, borderline enough (we do a proper shopping maybe once a month and the yogurt doesn’t last long), it’s a non-satiating low-protein stuff but enjoyable so why not to have it sometimes in moderation…? (So, not the whole big amount at once. Just half of it. I never dared to buy an 1 liter one…) It’s like light sour cream. But not the real light (12%) sour cream, I hate that, I typically go for the fattiest dairy of every kind (cream may be lower as I often put it into my coffee anyway so it can be watery). It’s fatty yogurt. Very different. IDK how but it is. So it’s almost sour cream but less fatty and more liquid and I can have more of it…?
But it’s not a very useful and proper food to me.

(Todd Chester) #23

I am getting in a little late on this, but WHEN DOES THAT STOP ME !!!

I use Trader Joe’s Organic Heavy Whipping Cream in a lot of things. It has like one carb per cup. I use it with Bone Stock to make a nice soup. I use it in my hot chocolate too. Sometimes I use it in black tea. Coffee (any kind) give me a belly ache, so no coffee. And if I want it sweeter, I add a bit of stevia powder.

Heavy whipping cream and cheese are the only two milk products I use.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

Forgot, I do use goat cheese, brie (as a special treat), & hard cheeses.


All that chewing on each bite was called Fletcherizing your food, after some Dr Fletcher I presume. I don’t know why our brains sometimes cough up that kind of buried factoid.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #26

As a carb-burner I tried that chewing-30-times business. It doesn’t work really all that well on highly processed foods. There’s just not enough there, there, lol! Now steak, on the other hand, . . . :grin:


Oh I couldn’t even try. The chewing would annoy me like crazy, it would take away my food joy, I didn’t ever even liked to cut my meat in restaurants between bites. I cut it up, put down my knife and enjoyed the hell out of it with my fork in my right hand… And counting chews? Nope. Just weighing my food during my meal is annoying (it happens when I stay hungry and get more and more extra bites. I make sure to avoid it if possible, I rather plan and assemble a plate/tray and that’s not something I normally do).

And indeed. Try to chew soft stuff. I like sour cream. I would VERY MUCH love sour cream on that diet as that would be a nice exception :smiley: Maybe they aren’t allowed to eat sour cream. Oh well, another reason in the long list of why I can’t do that…

(Bob M) #28

My mother was thin, and always the last person to finish. I don’t think it was due to chewing (over chewing?) food, though. It was more like: eat a small amount; talk; repeat.

While I definitely get less hungry sometime after I eat, oftentimes, eating causes me to get hungry. I’m not sure slowing the rate at which I eat would help, but it is something to try.


These days I get satiated very quickly and I wait a bit during my meals to be able to eat more :slight_smile: If I am really hungry, waiting isn’t an option. But it surely works for others or with subtle hunger.

It’s a bit strange to eat slower (? it depends but easy satiation definitely has that effect vs strong hunger) and less now as I never was like this in the past. It’s totally not a decision but the effect of my woe. I never could or wanted to force myself into various dietary things, I needed very good food choices and they brought the changes :slight_smile: