Lets talk premium coffee


I have a “happy spot” with caffeine. Too little and no one around me is happy, too much and I’m not happy! :laughing:

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I guess my personal ancestors did something right (besides doing what they had to do that ultimately resulted in me :innocent:). Other than keeping me awake for a couple hours if I drink caffeinated coffee after about 6pm, I don’t experience any negative side effects from caffeine. And I sure drink a lot of it every day.

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Ha :slight_smile: lol I totally get that :slight_smile:

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Update: I brewed some of my home roasted beans (above) and they were really good ! Finishing the last swallow of my 22 oz mug right now :slight_smile:
Now, to be totally honest, it is not “the best” coffee I have ever drank… Just very good :slight_smile: Id give it a 9+ out of 10. Fruity, chocolaty, and (I don’t know if this will sound weird) but it almost has a bit of a roasted marshmallow flavor / smell. Zero bitterness, or bad aftertaste though.

In retrospect, I should have ordered green Ethiopian Yergacheffe, as that is what Id already been drinking, and loving lately, so that I could have compared apples to apples…
So, I just ordered 1 lb of that, to try roasting next week.

Also, found a great place for greens yesterday, that sells 1/2 lb sample packs for a very reasonable price. I actually went all through their site, and added 10, 1/2 lb sample packs from all around the world (but like 4 from Africa) and with shipping, they were only about $45 :slight_smile: …and I was not trying for their cheapest coffees either. But rather, highest ratings, with best reviews…

I just didn’t want to “buy now”, as I need to use up some of my pre-roasted Yergacheffe first. Anxious as I am, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, where any of it goes bad before I can use it…

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The way you prepare coffee sounds delish! I’ve always just had coffee with heavy cream and no sugar. I’m going to try your way.

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Hey all, since this thread still seems to be getting some attention, I wanted to post an update:

So, the coffee I roasted above, was really good. In fact, the mug I brewed this morning, which I’m just finishing was very good, and “strong” ! :slight_smile:
That was this stuff…

…but then I ordered 1 lb of this stuff… because I could get it with free overnight delivery… and it was very weak :frowning: Probably old. In fact, it had no exp date on it :frowning: Just a tag that said, “New product”… Yea, new in 2017 maybe ! Going to just dump the other half in the trash :frowning:

Lesson here is, if your going to do your own home roasting, their are some very reputable places like Sweetmarias.com or Coffeebeancorral.com, that have great selections of green beans, and good prices. And, if you buy enough, also have free expedited shipping. Maybe not quite overnight, but probably worth waiting a couple extra days for…

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I’ll have to look for that Alma De La Tierra. I haven’t found it yet. They opened a Trader Joe’s recently in the next town. I will check in there.

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I end up sticking with mostly local roasts. Oak Cliff Roasters has some great Ethiopian and Kenyan beans, as well as their Rosemont Blend (which is their signature blend - not sure of the origins). I also use Noble Coffee Roasters from time to time.

I did find one that wasn’t local (to me, anyway - I’m near Dallas, TX) that made the best pourover I’ve ever had in my life. It was from Red Rooster Coffee in Virginia. https://redroostercoffee.com/shop/coffees/ethiopia/ethiopia-galena-abaya

I died.

I cheap out on EVERYTHING. I buy second hand and clearance clothes. I shop all the sales for groceries. But I spend entirely too much on coffee.

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I’m not that discriminating either, especially since I normally have a little coffee with my cream and SweetDrops sweetener.

A few years ago, I tried one I really liked from Food Lion called “Peru Sunrise”. Just got some more of it a couple of months ago but despite trying it several different ways in different brewers, the magic is gone. :frowning:

I tend to mix things up. Some mornings I use pre-ground, some mornings I grind it fresh. I like the fresh ground better but it’s not dramatic enough for me to dislike the pre-ground. Sometimes it’s plain, sometimes hazelnut. Sometimes it’s Brazilian beans (Sam’s Club). Sometimes it’s Folgers ground. Sometimes it’s Community Coffee. Sometimes it’s Kroger brand beans or grind, regular or decaf. Sometimes it’s a standard Mr. Coffee, sometimes it’s a stove-top percolator. On rare occasion it’ll be a Keurig. (Keurig seemed quite weak last time I used it, though. ?? Oh, well.)


Is coffee the infamous keto crutch?

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My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have Keurig’s at home. We grind wegmans colombian supreme and make a drip pot. At the holiday last week, they commented on how much better our coffee was. We go through a 5 lb bag of beans in about 10 days. I think we drink a lot of coffee.

For the morning wakeup I prep the coffee pot the night before and just flip the switch when I get up.


I make stovetop espresso (in a stainless steel Vigano).

After 2+ years keto, I finally decided to explore mold-free coffee. Apparently most coffee has mycotoxins, and being mold-sensitive, I’ve been curious what mold-free coffee might be like, though also aware it’s definitely a very privileged thing to be able to ponder gourmet coffee…

Dave Asprey/Bulletproof Diet sells some specialty coffees which I used to dismiss until I read up more on mycotoxins. The Bulletproof site offers good discounts when you subscribe - but t’is indeed more expensive than my previous Trader Joe’s organic espresso. The French Kick roast is very delicious and chocolatey, I’m a major fan now - my morning sinuses definitely notice the difference! I buy it ground.


My wife and I went on an anniversary trip to Walt Disney World and ended up drinking a fair amount of coffee each morning. It was “free” using the mugs they gave us at check-in. The food court coffee wasn’t anything special, but the coffee everywhere else was fantastic.

Moving right along, their coffee supplier was running a Cyber Monday sale so I ended up ordering some of the Mickey 90th birthday, Aulani (Hawaii resort), and Kona (Polynesian resort) blends.

Those are part of the wife’s Christmas along with the mug (too small for my coffee consumption) I had made up for her.

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What a sweet gift! I’m sure she’ll love it.

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PS: Anyone who’s close enough to New Orleans to do so, please visit the Café du Monde and let us know what the experience is like. Thanks!

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The Yigracheffe is excellent, as well as the Tanzanian Peaberry and the Yemeni types. All are more of “Heirloom” types which I prefer. Just as or more important is how you prepare them. My preference now is to roast the green beans myself in a popcorn popper. You can control the darkness that way, and may find you also like lighter roast at times, which taste more like nuts than coffee. I then fresh grind and brew in a stovetop mocha maker. The taste is incomparable to other methods, and I’ve tried them all.


I have booked marked your post. It sounds amazing! :coffee:

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I’ve been a barista for 20 years. I am a lover of too many coffees to name. I just wanted to give this advice - stop storing your coffee in the freezer people. It’s a humid environment and coffee absorbs all the funky odors. I’m sure ya’ll already knew that. I’m just venting.