Lets talk premium coffee

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Yea I always assumed that light coffee would be less caffeine, and dark would be more. But I learned a few years ago that this was not true, I guess I get my extra octane, by brewing it double strength :slight_smile:

Putting any kind of oils ior fats into my coffee still seems weird, and not needed… But then again, I use heavy cream, and that has a good amount of fats in it, and it certainly tastes great :slight_smile:

Bitter = Yuck ! So weird to me that anybody likes anything with any bitterness…

Sweet, on the other hand, Mmmmm :slight_smile: Your talking to a guy who never thought Cadbury Milk Chocolate Cream filled eggs were too sweet. Or Candy Corn :slight_smile: lol Speaking of which, I picked up a bag of candy corn yesterday, while standing in line at the hardware store, just to look at the ingredients. Not just the first ingredient… but the “first four ingredients” were… Sugar, Corn Syrup, Confectioners glaze, and Dextrose :slight_smile: lol Mmmm. I used to like those little Sugar coated orange slices to :slight_smile:
Now I just eat Sucralose whenever I need a fix :slight_smile:

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The more coffee is roasted the more caffeine burns off. People always act like espresso must be rocket fuel but it’s less caffeine than a cup of American Style coffee. Maybe you don’t have a crappy job, a difficult mate or teenage kids so I understand not needing to embrace the bitterness! :joy::joy::joy::grin::cowboy_hat_face:

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Have you try this decaf coffee yet? I was looking for Swiss water process /dark roast/organic. I’ve tried many brands and finally settled with this. https://www.amazon.com/Kicking-Horse-Coffee-Process-Medium/dp/B0027Z8V4S

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Me, too! I love my Keurig. I like dark roasts and am currently going through a couple of boxes of 8 O’Clock’s dark Italian roast, one of my favs. I brew it into my travel mug for my morning commute and that’s all I have until maybe after dinner, when I may have a cup of decaf.

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Eric, yes ! This was the thing I had read ( or another paper based on the same studies) many years ago.

But where it gets really strange is that “all tea” tastes really bitter to me, when apparently, it doesn’t to most others, while coffee of whatever type, if even it just tastes like bad coffee, it still never tastes bitter to me ? Maybe it’s different… What are they called again… Phenols ?

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Okay, so here’s my review on the Ethiopian Yergacheffe

I wanted to say it was “the best coffee I had ever drank”… Since that Ethiopian coffee I got from Costco a few years ago, really was.
But no. It was very good coffee. Not the best I’ve ever had. Kind of a fruity, floral taste. Zero bitterness, or bad aftertaste though. If I had a nit, its just not that strong, like I prefer. I guess I could use a bit more grounds… or try to get fancier with my brewing process, but honestly, I just don’t have time for that :wink:

I give it a 4.8. I would buy it again, but will probably try the Dark House Blend the next time, to see if its as smooth, but maybe a bit stronger :slight_smile:

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There used to be a TED talk available on YouTube, with a guy who claimed that coffee roasted just before grinding and using tasted the best. As I recall, his roaster cost only one or two thousand dollars. Of course, that was a few years ago, so . . . .

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Okay, so your talking about roasting it yourself. Sounds fun, but I think buying coffee that has not been roasted might be tough, with very few options for types / flavors… no ?

Bet it would smell great roasting though :slight_smile:


Try finding a local roaster. Our favourite local will sell the green beans but we’re happy enought to buy their freshly roasted blends.

It actually smells a bit like burnt toast :woman_shrugging:

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Update: We roasted our first green coffee beans, and they look and smell great :slightly_smiling_face: In fact, I even ate one, and it tasted great too !
So I actually roasted them on the outdoor grill, using a 12" cast iron pan. First thing I did was to see if I could get the pan up to 500 F, and yep ! No problem. Had it up to 575 F in about 10 minutes, so I backed off and let it cool to about 350 F to start my roast. I then bumped the gas back up, dumped in 3/4 lb of fresh green Costa Rican single origin beans and started stirring. After about 8 or 10 minutes I had gotten the pan to about 500 F.
After about 15-18 minutes we had a nice medium dark roast. Next time, we might go a bit darker, but was a little afraid of taking it too far on our first attempt.
We then poured them in this sheet and stirred them around, blowing out the chaffe, while they cooled. Have them in a jar now, covered with just a paper towel, so they can off gas for 36 or so hours. So anxious to grind some and give them a try :slightly_smiling_face:


The only good decent whole bean decafs that I’ve come across are Don Pablo which I’ve ordered from Walmart a couple of times and Whole Foods has one but the name escapes me. I don’t care for k cups, I usually like to grind and brew a cup at a time in a French press.


I bought a 5lb bag of Sumatra and did this for a while. It’s a lot of fun but I was doing it in a popcorn air popper so I could only do a couple of ounces at a time.

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No decafs here. For me, the caffeine is half the fun :slightly_smiling_face:
I love great tasting coffee, but I also like the get up and go effect of caffeine.

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We did 12oz no problem. Could have probably done a pound.


I love my caffeine but I have found that more than 2 cups in the morning is too much. Trouble is I always seem to want a third cup so I reach for the decaf on number three.

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I hear you. I only do one cup… But my cup is a 22 oz double strength mug :slightly_smiling_face: Once in a great while I will brew two in a morning, but I have to be careful, as about 1/2 the time, I end up overdosing myself on caffeine, and that makes anyone feel pretty cr@ppy !

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I bought some 'Blue Mountain" coffee from Jamaica, once. It was $28 per lb., and that was in 1998. Totally not worth it.


The best thing in a hot cup of black strong coffee , a dash of salt. It’s instant bitterness remover and flavor enhancer. Try it.

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I never liked black coffee. I know a lot of connoisseurs think it has to be black… But I prefer it brewed nice and strong, then a teaspoon or two of pure vanilla extract, about 8 drops of Sucralose, and a nice shot of heavy cream, in my 22 oz morning mug :wink:
I can still totally taste the difference in premium coffee, vs. Folgers or Yuban or something.
So now, I’m wondering if I’ll taste any difference in home roasted and premium beans that we ground ourselves ?