Let's talk about bacon

(Jessica) #1

Like we don’t talk about it enough already.

So Oscar Mayer bacon looks like this:

all uniform and wavy.

Mine looks like this:

not uniform at all.

Don’t get me wrong. Bacon is bacon and I love mine, but how does OM make theirs look like that? Is it good, bad, or indifferent how uniform bacon is? Discuss.

(Ellen) #2

I find the top photo slightly disconcerting although not sure why, yours looks much more real

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #3

My brother uses a bacon press and his turns out this way. I have also heard of baking it in the oven between two cookie sheets and it retains more fat and stays straighter as well as tastes better.

I have never done it this way. My bacon looks like yours but it’s tasty :yum:

(Chris - carnivoremuscle.com) #4

I like mine 6+ pounds at a time.

(Jessica) #5

This looks amazing!

I don’t think it has much to do with how is cooked. I’ve bought OM before and mine looked like that too. I’ve done oven bacon and it does look a little less chaotic, but still not the picture perfect way the OM did.
I’m not a brand snob on my bacon. I just choose what looks good.


Baby why is you cooking in a skillet? Use the oven! 320°F 20 minutes +/- perfect bacon no effort

(Jessica) #7

Because I needed the grease in the skillet for eggs! I do it on the oven occasionally.


I line my baking sheets with foil and the overlapping edge excess creates a nice funnel for the grease to be poured into the Mason jars I store it in!


Honestly I can’t fit the whole package on one sheet so sometimes I do both methods at the same time since the skillet does take less time. Then I can eat bacon while in waiting for my bacon to bake :joy:

(Chris - carnivoremuscle.com) #10

Because I can cook more than 20 or so strips at a time this way. Oven takes too much effort. I can do 4 pounds in a single skillet and go sit on the couch, turn it every 5 minutes on low.


I used to cook bacon in the microwave, but now I roast it, like mentioned above. However, for me it’s 30-40 minutes at 350. I drain the grease into a cup kept in the fridge for general frying use (hamburgers, steaks, eggs), just like Mom taught me!


So you just let it all scramble around? I’m too neurotic for that. I need them all to lay flat or I get upset about uneven cooking :grinning:


I had to stop using 350 because I kept burning it


You guys are gonna hate me. :slight_smile:

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(Robert C) #15

From the “when you just can’t wait” department.

A trick I learned on a podcast is to do a timing run on your oven starting “off” with the bacon inside.
Set it to 375 and watch every few minutes - when it is done to your liking - remember how long it took.
Now you can set a timer and have your bacon cooked exactly the way you want without waiting around for the pre-heat.

(Maybe all you cooks out there are laughing because this is such an obvious thing to do but, I am so far the opposite of a cook that it was like a pleasant surprise.)

(Jessica) #16

I rarely wait for preheat. I know it’s important for some stuff, like baking, but I don’t bake anymore so…


That’s cheating!


I never wait for the pre heat but I also never remember what time I put it in! I just know I have to come back in about a half an hour and then check it 2 more times after that then it’s five :joy:

(Chris - carnivoremuscle.com) #19

The amount of fat the bubbles up from the bottom allows it to cook pretty evenly. It’s practically deep fried by the time it’s finished. :smiley:


True, I watch it pretty closely. Sometimes I lay it flat in a large flat pan, and sometimes I’m too lazy and coil it up randomly in a cast iron skillet. As has been mentioned the latter method results in uneven cooking, I really try to stir it occasionally.