Let's talk about bacon


No, that’s lazy. As in “lazy keto”. :slight_smile:


SAME!! That would make me nuts!
Nice flat bacon sticks from the oven are perfect!

(Thurston ) #23

Cook 2 lbs. first to snack on while the second is in the oven.

I can eat a lot of bacon in one sitting but a lb is over that threshold I’d have a lb and 2 slices left when I was finished


I’m starting to learn that one package is not enough for two adults

(Bob M) #25

I roast mine in an oven, but at a higher temperature, 375-400. I put them on parchment on cookie sheets. With my oven, I could easily roast 4 sheets, though we only use 3 sheets (have more, but they don’t look so hot, so we keep them for emergencies).

I rarely eat bacon anymore. I like ham better, more protein, less fat (gotta watch the one you buy, though, for carbs). I’m the “high protein = good” rebel. I will eat it if the family makes it. I also rarely eat breakfast, so I tend to eat more ground beef (drained) for my lunches.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #26

Um, Photoshop?

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #27

Now that’s what I call bacon!

(Jessica) #28

Ok I’ll be honest. That’s a Google image and I’m not entirely sure where it came from. The only actual OM bacon I could find was in the package. Really, though it cooks up prettier than off brand bacon.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #29

What about homemade bacon. Any pictures of that. I’m going to do my own in a few weeks.

(Carl Keller) #30

When fat cooks it tends to retract and curls up or even starts arching. If you notice OM’s bacon, it has a fair amount of protein, evenly distributed along the strip and I think that helps the bacon lay flatter when it cooks. The fattier bacon on the bottom doesn’t have as much protein to help it out so cooking makes it contort however which way it decides.

I’m also going to guess it has to do with how much more OM’s bacon is processed vs yours and also how much fat is in the bacon. Your bacon, which looks more appealing to me, doesn’t have as much as a processed look to it. Factory made bacon goes through a brining process as well as a needling process where a curing solution is injected into the bacon. It’s possible that the way the bacon is processed plays a role in how the finished product will end up looking.

(Jessica) #31

I had no idea! Thanks!

(57da1864057add858d6f) #32

Yes please!!

(Luka F) #33

Food photographers and artists are incredible at getting food to look amazing for a photo and then when we go to cook and eat it at home, it looks garbage in comparison.

I equate this to the photoshopping that’s done on human models for magazines and whatnot and then the associated body image crisis one can have.