Leg pain question


I’m so sorry for not returning to this thread. I lead a pretty busy life, I’m also not familiar with group pages.
My leg pain has for the most part subsided for the last week. It still comes at certain moments, but then leaves very quickly. I have more occasional stiffness now than anything else. I have been working my legs more (walking) and it has helped. I have also dropped the ketoaid, it was making me urinate way to much. Which was dehydrating me. I know just about every Keto doctor and Keto people shout about the electrolytes and minerals being so important. But it’s just my opinion it’s not for everyone. I salt my food very well and I eat good foods. I found all the ingesting salt/electrolytes were hurting more than helping me. Since stopping the Ketoaid I’m not longer urinating so frequently. Which is such a relief, I felt like I was peeing all day and it interrupted my sleep every night.
I’ve come to the conclusion that my leg pain is Keto related. I have two theories on what caused it.
I think it was my body either growing more muscle that needed to be worked or it was giving me more bone mass. My other theory is my uneven distribution of my weight since doing Keto. My lower legs, arms, boobs and face are now much thinner. But I still have large thighs, buttocks and a post pregnancy gut with over hang. So I guess I’m middle heavy now. Maybe my new thinner lower legs are struggling to hold up this won’t disappear gut?
Those are the only answers I could come up with.
I also didn’t say in my first post up there. I’m really anti doctor, became that way when I figured out he was practically killing me. Pills, pills and more pills. That’s why I started Keto, I wanted to completely eliminate a doctor except for sickness that requires it. I don’t do scans, tests or any other modern preventative medicine protocols. So much fear attached to health care now. It’s like they are looking, scanning and testing to “find” something to pill us up with? Big Pharma…
But again I’m sorry for not returning. I’m right in the middle of building a greenhouse from old windows. So much work left to be done and winter is approaching. My group name is actually what I’m learning to do. I’m learning to grow and propagate lotus plants. Very beautiful and interesting plants.
Thanks for all your responses

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If you persist with keto, you will likely find the rest of the excess fat eventually disappearing, too. In my case, the belly fat appeared first, and the fat on my face and legs was the last to appear (before I went keto). It started to disappear in the reverse order of its arrival, so my belly fat is still stubbornly hanging on. The good news, however, is that I can wear trousers now that I couldn’t wear three years ago, even though my scale weight has been stable that whole time. Keep calm, and keto on!


Thank you so much :blush:
Yes I will keep being Keto for the rest of my life. I’m glad to hear someone else has the stubborn belly fat. I’m not the typical Keto person. I did expect to lose weight and was disappointed in my first year that it was so slow. Now with all the health benefits I’ve received from Keto. I’m not concerned about how long it takes for me to lose the weight anymore. I can’t wear my rings anymore, went down 2 shoe sizes, my vision has improved. My stamina and work performance has improved 10 fold.
As far as body size? I’ve lost 6 inches off my waistline. 6 off my boobs and hips. But being as fat as I was when I started. It’s difficult to see the progress in my stomach. People saw me as fat and I’m still fat in the middle.
Now I’m empowered to keep going. Mainly because I’ve lost 50lbs, even tho it’s not apparent by appearance. What I’ve gained from Keto health wise is the goal post. If you look real close you can see a fat person dancing around that goal post :joy:
She’s the one who is dancing cause she doesn’t have acid reflux, she can walk stairs without giving out of breath. Her BP is stable and her doctor doesn’t hound her about meds anymore. She can do so much more and her feet don’t hurt anymore. She’s got a head full of hair and her skin is so improved. She eats delicious food and no more 3 meals a day. She’s eating delicious food and never feels deprived or that’s she’s even on a “diet”. There’s more she’s proud of than can be written here. She’s got her life back!
I know the weight will continue to come off at its own pace. I’m more than happy to wait on it. Sure I would love to wake up tomorrow all skinny. But the reality is I know I won’t ever be that. But I know the weight will come off eventually. And skinny is very overrated :joy:
Patience, Keto takes patience for some of us :heart:

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Richard made a comment at Ketofest a couple of years ago, about overhearing a couple of the attendees talking about a friend of his. The remark was something along the lines of “He’s so fat, what does he have to tell us about keto?” and Richard said his thought was that the guy had already lost a couple hundred pounds at that point, so he could probably tell us quite a bit!

You wouldn’t necessarily know, to look at me either, that I’d lost 60-80 pounds on keto, but I know the difference. I can get down on the floor and get back up again, without having to spend several minutes beforehand planning how that’s going to work; I can walk up and down stairs without knee pain; I can tie my shoes without having to hold my breath; my pants are four inches smaller around the waist; I can spend four hours mowing the lawn and not need to spend the next couple of days in bed recovering; I no longer qualify as pre-diabetic, my heart rate and blood pressure are normal, and my lipid numbers and inflammation markers are perfect. Sure, I’d look better if I lost another 60-80 pounds, but I’m sure not going to complain about the results so far.

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I have lost 80 pounds so far on Keto, and I still have another 80 to go (or around there) and my stomach is still big --but it is a lot smaller than it was at least!

I have many of the NSV’s (non scale victories) that Paul mentions above.

Keep on Ketoing and we are all here to cheer you on!

If I get leg pains, I swallow 1 tablespoon of Pink Himalyan Salt and that does the trick =).


Thank you for your honest description of yourself. Congratulations on all your hard work and the rewards you are reaping from it. I’m the same, i still won’t put up a pic of myself. Like you I’ve got rewards of Keto. Hey, it was a banner day at my house when I could actually touch the floor.
I was up on a ladder the other day cleaning windows. I hadn’t climbed a ladder in 20 years. I amaze myself more all the time with everything I can do now. Gives me such a boost to my bruised for years ego. I’m thrilled with my progress and yes I like what I see in the mirror.
But :unamused:, I’m still fat and still viewed as fat, just like the fellow you mentioned. Maybe one day the body will reflect the weight loss. Until then I’m happy and the best part healthier


Thank you for your honest response, that means so much. Congratulations on your accomplishments with Keto. I’ve lost 50lbs, lost 6 inches from my belly area. It just doesn’t show, simply because I was so big to begin with. But as you say it’s not as big as it used to be :+1:t2: :blush:
I’m going to be Keto for life. I’ve just received so much from Keto it’s amazing!

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I started keto at the age of 71. I’m now 75 and keto was the best thing I ever did for myself. :sunglasses:


Wow :open_mouth: congratulations!


Did you ever find the cause of your leg pain.? I too have experienced the leg pain that you describe. I use to describe it as muscle cramps. This is not muscle cramps but I would describe it as bone pain. 5 specialists later and I am no further ahead. My sodium phosphate level is low at times and I will supplement during the summer months. It does seem to lessen the severity of the onset of pain. I also believe that it is somehow related to the keto diet.