Leg pain question


Thank You :pray:
Yes my leg pain is more intense after exercise. I also have had the other muscular pain as well. I chalk it up to new muscle generation, the new muscles are becoming stronger and retracting with exercise. At least that’s my theory.


Thank you :pray:
My pain is more of an ache, like when you break a bone. I have sciatica and this pain is totally different. It comes and goes no matter how much salt I use. I’m super sensitive to magnesium, all of it gives me disastrous diarrhea. I take 400mg at night of chelated blend magnesium I got at Walmart. I’ve tried several magnesium’s and it seems I can’t find one that won’t keep me in the bathroom. I’ve lowered my potassium recently due to getting heart palpitations. I take 5mg of lisinopril a day, which taking potassium with is a no no, But being on Keto I thought I could get by with a little potassium in a salty crystal lite drink I call ketoaid or homemade gatoraid
I wish I knew what this pain is? If it’s just new muscle generation, bone mass growing? I don’t have it daily and that’s what puzzles me the most. I can go a couple weeks, no pain. Then boom, it’s back and both legs from hip to the bottom of my feet is aching.
I’m hoping it resolves on it’s on and just something Keto related. Its really a mystery


Thank you :pray:
I’ve been a lurker (not member) of this forum for over a year. Decided when this leg pain started to join and throw a question out there.
My doctor will not budge on my BP meds. He said I haven’t lost enough weight to prove I won’t quit Keto. He’s afraid I will quit, gain weight and my BP will spike. My last BP was 120/78 and I was in his office with shingles on my face. Oh and shingles on your face is horrible. Oh that was a nightmare I never want to do again. But my doctor keeps saying eventually I will be off the BP meds.

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That’s very encouraging. At least 120/78 isn’t so bad. I’m sure it used to be a lot higher. Keep calm, and keto on!


Thank you :pray:
Well cool thanks for sharing your experience with me. I’m thinking this is something Keto related. As we all know Keto effects everyone differently. My husbands Keto journey has been totally different than mine.
I have not found the answer. I was eating salt straight out of the salt shaker to see if I was low salt. Put NoSalt (potassium) in my ketoaid drink even tho I know doing that with taking lisinopril is a no no.
Taking magnesium didn’t do much either that I could tell? So I’m going to just wait and see how it goes.

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So, if I understand correctly, you don’t actually need BP meds currently, but your doctor insists you still take them because he lacks confidence in your ability to avoid needing them at some point in the future?

Sounds to me like your doctor isn’t really on your side. I’m not sure whose side he’s on, but if I were his patient, I’d be either switching physicians or refusing to take his prescription for blood pressure meds I didn’t actually need. But hey, that’s just me. :thinking:

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Damn… It’s not always easy. But you know you’re going in the right direction. I’m guessing your doctor is used to seeing people get worse and worse, but you’ve not only stopped that process, you’ve actually reversed it and are getting better.

That blood pressure is mighty good. Your weight loss. Your blood sugar control. You’re thinking about all this stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha! Oh HECK yes!! :star2:

I think this is profoundly good. While there is peripheral neuropathy related to diabetes (really just the effects of higher blood sugar), I have to think it’s more complicated than how it’s usually presented as risk factors. I’ve got one little toe on one foot that has been entirely numb on its bottom half since 2003 or before; 2003 is when I noticed it. Foot doctor gave me a shot of something that he said would travel up the bone or the nerve or some dang thing and possibly help, but it didn’t do diddly.

14 years later I got told I was Type 2 diabetic. Okay, little bit of panic, did a lot of reading, fasting and diet change and right away I was much better. But in looking back, my best guess is that I had transient times when my blood sugar went really high all those years ago, even as I was always okay when my doctor checked and/or I had yearly physical exams. Or, it was persistently “high enough” to whack the nerve(s) on the bottom of that little toe. Nothing else makes sense to me.

Okay, so that’s a lot of typing. Tonight I feel like a little prolix verbosity as well as some floribund circumlocution, eh? In the end I do think blood sugar and nerves are intimately related, often to our detriment in this modern world.

I had my first and only case of shingles when it started on my 59th birthday. N a s t y. I can see why people don’t really like it.

You’ve got a lot of good stuff going on, but this leg pain deal is a real booger. It’s pathetically easy for me to say ‘be patient…’


If there’s a possibility that you need more magnesium, maybe try rubbing magnesium lotion on your legs. I’ve heard that absorbing magnesium through the skin is great and doesn’t cause the digestive issues. I use magnesium lotion whenever I get sore. I’ve heard the lotion is even better than an epsom salt bath, but that might help as well. I take an oral mag supplement in the morning, and do the mag lotion at night before bed.
Another possibility: You say that before Keto you couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk overhead, and now you are very active and building a greenhouse. Do you stretch? If you are newly active then stretching might be a free, easy fix.
Good luck in finding a solution!

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Try magnesium l-threonate. It doesn’t have a laxative effect on me and it helps me sleep. I wish I could advise regarding your pain. I hope you’re able to figure it out.

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Have you tried just adding epsom salts to a hot bath and enjoying a soak for fifteen mins? Trans-dermal is the safest and most efficient way to get magnesium into your body.


Well, I have a weird leg pain too and I will throw it into the pool.
I am currently waiting for total knee replacement surgery cause I have no cartilege in my knee and bad arthritis. The only thing that really helped was plasma, which relieved the pain for about 3 weeks. Cortisone injections in the knee relieve the pain too and I am having them more cause the bone is going to be removed anyway, when I finally get the surgery.
I had MRIs a year apart and they showed not only deterioration in my knee but oedema in my tibia. It is weirdly painful, off and on. Which is why I am mentioning it here. Only way it got diagnosed was the MRIs which were part of a research study, so they were very detailed.

Might be worth checking if you have osteoarthritis in your knees or hips. I have no idea how common oedema in bones is/isn’t. Good luck with getting rid of it or getting it diagnosed!

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How much water do you drink a day???

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About 2-3 years after starting keto= I had muscle pain in my leg which after much research and hand ringing I decided was IT band syndrome probably caused by my naturally flat feet and the shoes I was wearing. I also had really bad tennis elbow at the same time. I tried everything listed above and no relief. It messed with my sleep. It definitely wasn’t keto cramping. I think it just was due long term issues with my posture/repetitive activities and I had started working out about a year before. My solution was a combination of Egoscue (look it up – there is a book you can buy but I actually went to an Egoscue center in my city ) and neuromuscular therapy (a kind of targeted acupressure/massage) once a week. in a couple of months I am cured. I do now a regular stretching program I learned thru Egoscue and once covid is better will go back to my neuromuscular therapist for maintenance. Good luck!!

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I learned the hard way that a lot of foot and leg pain can be resolved by proper arch supports. There are inserts that can be slipped into shoes that lack proper support. I had to experiment a bit before I found the right inserts.

This may or may not be relevant to the OP, however.


Tearing muscle during a workout is a mild to medium soreness unless you really overdo it. Growing muscle doesn’t hurt. If you’re feel “real” pain, it’s something else.

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It was actually the arch supports I wore for a decade that were the problem. All muscle in my feet were atrophied in the arch. I actually am doing much better by wearing Nike Free and learned how to walk properly at Egoscue.

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There’s a lot to be said for walking naturally, all this supports and cushions actually cause a huge amount of damage as they force feet (and the rest of the body upward from them) into such abnormal positions.

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Agreed Allie
I always though the inserts were helping but now after “walking naturally” I realize I can develop strength in my feet – much better now

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@Lotus_Lane Just throwing this out there… Does your leg pain ever seem to concentrate in one location? A DVT blood clot can cause all over leg pain but then also can be noticeably focused at times. It can be almost excruciating and then also just a bothersome mild cramp. And it can come and go being fine some days and flaring up other days depending on activity level. I didn’t see anywhere above where you mentioned having gone to the doctor for this yet? Best wishes to you.

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if you have trouble taking magnesium because of diarrhoea, you might like to try Dr Dean’s Remag. It’s much more absorbed into the body than most and much lighter on the diarrhoea! However it is a liquid and tastes really foul. I add it to a bottle of water an add ACV which makes it more palatable. Or you could try her magnesium cream instead - it’s a wonderful skin hydrator. I get fewer cramps when I rub it into my legs at night. Just google ReMag.