Lard and deep fryers

(anneedens) #1

I searched and did not find a definitive answer. I just bought a deep fryer (Aldis has them for$20) I have never really deep fried much, preferring to let Col. Sanders do the chicken for me, lol. Now I am keto, deep frying certain things makes a lot of sense, and I love Buffalo Wings. Can you use lard, skim it, and keep it in the fryer container for use later? Do you prefer oil, and why? What oil do you use? Are you reusing your oil? Any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated! Looking forward to making a lot of deep fried things, like wings, green beans, Brussels Sprouts, cauliflower, and more! Might even fry my usually baked Scottish eggs. Thanks much!

(matt ) #2

Paging @Brenda Zorn. Queen of lard.

(Dustin Cade) #3

We’ve used lard in our deep frier, we let it cool and pour it back into a storage container…

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #4

You rang?

(Chris Bair) #5

If the heating coil is exposed in the frying chamber you’ll need to use oil or you’ll burn it out trying to re-use solidified lard. Tallow and lard can be used fine in fryers without an exposed heating element.

(matt ) #6

@Brenda They are looking for advice on frying with lard and you are the pro at that so I added you. :slight_smile:

(Luke Jeffery) #7

I use lard and dripping in the frying chamber. My heating element is underneath, so causes no issues. I then leave it in the frying chamber until I use it next.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #8

@ljeffery2 I do it this way too. Ithe stores at room temperature, and I change it when it gets too dark and/or develops strong food flavors.

(anneedens) #9

The fryer I bought has an exposed heating coil. I will be returning it. Got to thinking about cleaning it between refreshing the oil and it will be difficult. Thanks for the heads up!

(Mark Hellie) #10

If you want to use lard, it appears that selections are somewhat limited. Below is a link to the Caveman Keto webpage that discusses the issues with fryers that have exposed elements.

It looks like DeLonghi and Presto (FryDaddy and CoolDaddy lines) are the main selections. I’m sure there are others. Caveman Keto also has some good recipes for the fryer. Enjoy!

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #11

Ima make deep fried chicken and chocolate frosted chocolate cake tonight cuz I DO WHAT I WANT

(Roxanne) #12

deep fried chocolate cake?

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #13

Good idea. Minnesota is known for deep frying everything at our state fair, that and putting all foods on a stick.

(Roxanne) #14

I have that song (The Fair - Minnesota, Minnesota)

(Jason Leonard) #15

Anyone recommend any particular fryer from Amazon or elsewhere?

(Liza ) #16

Can someone please tell me if the lard has to be emptied each time and kept in the fridge?

(debbie norman) #17

I don’t use it in a deep fryer but i keep a block on the counter at all times and never store it in the fridge. I have never has an issue with doing this.

(Mike W.) #18

We have a fry daddy and once cooled the lid goes on and it goes back on the shelf.


I was going to get an air fryer so I can use more expensive oils. Air frying doesn’t reduce the fat in the food, but people think it does! It would be easier to keep KETO friendly coatings to adhere too?

(Darrel A. Harris) #20

I bought a new DeLonghi LIVENZA DEEP FRYER 1.2-GALLON - D44528DZ
I wanted to try lard for frying because I remember how great the food tasted at my grandmother’s. This fryer has a lard setting and the coils are in the oil. So far I’ve only made French fries in it and they were awesome! I plan to try chicken wings next. I’ve been leaving the lard in the fryer with the lid on and so far, no problems. Hope that helps.