Lamb Intolerance- Keto Experiment (Finished)


So, I grew up like most Australian families having lamb roasts, lamb chops and cutlets a few times a month and loving it, but about 15 years ago I found I could no longer eat lamb without encountering severe stomach cramps and the prospect of spending the evening on and off the toilet. As a result I’ve been avoiding it ever since (much to my wife’s disappointment).

Not sure if it would be classed as an allergy as such, as I don’t get tingling lips, hayfever symptoms, rashes or breathing difficulites…maybe it would be more accurately classed as an intolerance. (also it’s worth noting that I’ve never been bitten by a tick which has been known to cause meat allergies)

Does anyone else have lamb or other meat allergies/intolerances?

Anyway, it’s been 10 years or so since I’ve had lamb, so I decided after being 2 months on keto that I was going to try lamb again (because y’know, keto’s a cure-all for everything right? j/k). So I had a lamb chop, it was delicious, I did have some mild stomach discomfort etc but nothing major like the past. I guess only one chop isn’t a good indicator, but I will probably try a lamb roast over the next month and see if my body has had any sort of change via keto that might affect my lamb intolerance. Will report back when I do…

Wish me luck!


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers: I was vegetarian for 30 years & was rather happy to start eating lamb again.


Not lamb but that sound exactly the same way my wife reacts to pork, and she also used to be able to eat pork, then only cured pork and now non.


My commiserations to your wife. Really, I’m doing fine without lamb because even though it’s popular in Australia, it’s nowhere near as prevalent as pork and all its by-products are. That would be a tough one.

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Growing up in the states and with limited funds my mother bought lamb chops once a year. They were always gamey in flavor and I really developed a distaste for Lamb. I’ll have to try Lamb now that I am decades past those childhood experiences.

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It could be phychosomatic for me but I can’t seem to eat lamb, mutton or goat without feeling ill. Good that I’m heading to Greece in a few weeks…

When I was in my 20s, I spent two months in Aus - one of which was in an outback town called Thargomindah. We also traveled to a sheep/cattle station where I was offered mutton breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe that’s it but just can’t stomach it.

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The dog I had 25ish years ago was allergic to something in her dog food, so we switched to a lamb and rice based food rather than the standard beef and wheat. Now, of course, I don’t see the logic in feeding grains to dogs. (Except to save costs, which I totally get.) I don’t know what the allergy was to specifically, but the reason dog food for dogs with allergies has different meat is because it might be the meat in the standard formulation that is the problem.

Interestingly the vet said that allergies often show up in animals first and later show up in humans. At the time I’d never heard of someone with a wheat allergy. Now I have one myself. The theory is that domestic animals eat the same thing every day, so sensitivities show up sooner than in people, who get more variety. But as foods get more processed that variety becomes more and more an illusion. Soy and grain all flavored and shaped differently.


I this time and age, everyone has a intolerance to wheat. this intolerance shows up in different ways It signally is the worst food on this planet and probably followed by corn, sugar, and then fruit.

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The original question of a meat allergy or sensitivity is an interesting one. I hope to hear from people who’s experience is less tangential than mine :laughing:


I have always said to my wife that I think it is a enzyme issue not a actual allergy. We have called it an allergy so when eating out the kitchen will take precautions because even contact when cooking will set her off.
The reason I say it is a digestive disorder is the is non of the typical allergy reactions like rash and breathing problems.

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This is the opinion of Dr John Douillard

The digestive system should be the first to fix.

The lymph system, the gal bladder, the liver and microbiom should be the first elements to address in the path to fix the digestive system.


Yeah, I agree. As I said, it was only ever stomach cramps and trips to the toilet, not rashes, breathing difficulty etc. So yes, definitely some sort of enzyme, but it will be interesting to see if my body’s adjustments after being on the keto diet can help.


completely agree. My wife is afraid to try. So will be interested to hear your experience

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Love lamb, but to much flares my gout.


So is it just lamb that flares your gout?

The reason I asked is that I had one case of gout quite a while back but haven’t had it since, but the gout stopping did correspond to about the same time I gave up eating lamb. I wonder if the two were connected?

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I have some trouble with beef also. I don’t drink beer so that’s not a problem

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As a fellow Australian who loves lamb, my heart breaks for you.

Good luck with your next science experiment :smiley:


So…last night I shared a lamb roast at a family gathering. (Delicious btw).

No stomach cramps whatsoever.

No prolonged visits to the toilet.

16 hours later and it’s all good!

There’ll be a second family get together Tuesday where we’re having lamb cutlets, so Round 3 will be then, but for now the score is Chris- 2, Lamb Intolerance- 0

Will report back again in a few days.


Promising start :slightly_smiling_face:


Gastro intestinal upsets can also be as a result of an allergy. The immunoglobulins can affect the mucosa of the gut lining causing swelling, oedema, leaky cell membranes etc. All of this leads to increased gut fill from fluid which then causes the gut to rebel and expel it, along with crampy pain. Not all allergic responses result in a rash, airway swelling or facial swelling. So, from your symptoms, I would suspect an immune-mediated response.