I am a recovering addict and have been off of pills for over a year. I started taking kratom but cant find any info anywhere about the carbohydrate content. I take what is called O.P.M.S shots around 3 a day and am wondering if that is why I am stalling. I have lost over 20lbs went from 180 down to 160 but over the past 4 months have not gained any ground even stopped losing inches. If anyone has any info that would help that would be great.


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I know nothing about this product, but how much carbohydrate would one pill be likely to contain?

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Don’t some medications raise insulin?


That what the problem is I cant find any info on it. It is a leaf that they break down and extract. I would assume the leaf itself would not be any more than maybe a gram of carbohydrate but I know assuming will get you into trouble. The the liquid they use to extract could be the problem. But like I said cant find any info out there.


Thanks for the link but unfortunately the one I am looking for has no info

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Kudos to you for setting yourself on the path to healing! I hope you continue to stay strong and have some good support to help you do so.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information to answer your question, but just provide a thought:

Keto doesn’t just help people lose weight, it also heals. Many people seem to stall at about the same point you are and they find they just need to “Stay calm and keto on.”

I would imagine there was a lot of damage done to your body from being an addict. Your body has a lot of healing to do. It could be that even though your weight loss has stalled, your body has internal improvements happening that you just can’t see on the outside.

Another thing to consider is how many calories you are consuming. If you have been eating too few, you could be slowing your metabolism.

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Hi. Fellow Former Addict here. (And I’m not alone.) Keto is a good place for us. You have already had to embraces the fact that NO means NO. You can’t dabble with addiction. You’re either in or you’re out. So, when you commit to keto, you’ll use that hard-won willpower, and you’ll already know that you can’t have just a little bite of the forbidden fruit. I don’t know anything about Kratom, but if you’re in doubt, and can handle going without it… you’ll find out soon enough if it was a factor in your weight stall. I’m sure you’ll get over the hump eventually. Just stay the course. And congrats on beating addiction.

#9 if that is important… which i dont think it is compared to the bigger question of why kraton?

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How tall are you? 160lbs may well be your natural weight!