Kimchi Hotsauce!?



I heard Richard mention that he made hot sauce out of Kimchi and butter the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I’ve been searching this site for the recipe, because I am more of a recipe follower than a chef and wouldn’t know how to begin to make it. Does anyone know how he made it or what the proportions were. My mouth is still watering at the prospect.

(Mike W.) #2

I believe all recipes from episodes are available at

(betsy.rome) #3

IIRC he said he threw some kimchi in the blender and added melted butter.


Thanks Mike. I looked. Kimchi Hotsauce not listed. Trying to word search site for it. but the reference was vague and life changing at the same time!


That’s the line!!! I guess I’ll trial and error it.

And away we go.

(Ken) #6

I saw this thread and immediately went to the kitchen. I’ve recently made two gallons of Kimchi. Out came the Cuisinart and in went the Kimchi. I used bacon fat instead of butter. I also added a little ACV and some Siracha hot sauce (the runny kind from the Asian market) to make it less like a paste. It’s very tasty, I’ll be trying it on everything.


OMG you had me at bacon fat!!! I’m so glad you picked up the gauntlet … ACV, bacon fat … kimchi blend!


Here’s a couple more variations on a kimchi sauce recipe


I love how Keto brings a new pleasure to the palate on a long voyage with tasty sauces and spices!!!

And if anyone is interested, I cannot more highly recommend these two natural, chemical-free sriracha sauces I recently discovered. Yes, they have a little cane sugar or maple, BUT, one only uses a small amount of Sriracha in anything - so the sugar is for a subtle but powerful savoriness umami:


Wow, thanks for the info. I’m taking to task.

(Brennan) #11

That second one (Bite Punch) omg that sounds :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: amazing. I’m so going make that for a dip when I experiment with pork rind breaded sausage balls! I’ve been trying to figure out what to use as a dipping sauce, problem solved! I love this forum :drooling_face:


I make something similar but also add wasabi - it’s awesome with salmon or just as a salad dressing.

(Brennan) #13

I’ve got a couple of jars left of my first batch of Kimchi in the fridge. And the most amazing avocado mayonnaise. This is going to be so good!
No wasabi in the house but I’ve got extra spicy horseradish that could kick it up a notch.
I was thinking it’d be a good salad dressing alternative to a spicy Southwest style.


Can’t fail :yum:

(Bob Johnson) #15

I pretty sure most people won’t know this, so count this as a PSA. There is something known as Kimchi Sauce. But it isn’t a sauce made from kimchi. It is a cheating way to make kimchi up quick. I’ve only seen it is small 6 to 8 oz jars. It’s a densely salted pepper/garlic paste to make quick kimchi. It’s not meant to be eaten like a sauce like the ones mentioned here made from kimchi (by the time anyone reads this I’ll be adding kimchi into my magic bullet). I used the jar of kimchi sauce to dip cubed pork belly in. Oh so friking good. I don’t know it it’s keto though. It’s been several years. I’ll check it out next time I’m in the Ft Bragg commissary.

(Ken) #16

What you’re talking about is Yangnyeom. , the seasoning paste that is mixed with the cabbage after it’s soaked in salt water. I handn’t thought about using that as a condiment, it sounds like a great idea. I’ll be sure to make extra when I do my next batch.

The recipe typically calls for a small amount of sugar or fruit, as well as some onion, but really not enough to be significant.

(Bob Johnson) #17

Specifically it was this… I had to google images to find it. Looks like Target carries it. I was using the wrong nomenclature. It’s kimchi paste. :sunglasses: