KILLER headache the day after eating pasta

(jilliangordona) #1

Went to my boyfriends grandma’s house last night for a family get together. She makes a large chicken parm casserole with noodles and garlic bread. I ate all of it so I would look rude and I woke up with a horrible headache!!! That’s enough to learn my lesson for sure!

I’m about to start telling people I’m gluten free and bringing my own stuff.


This is such a common trap and I fall into it time and time again. I was thinking about it only yesterday and was brutally honest with myself in coming to the conclusion that this behaviour (for me) is a combination of sacrificing my health to not make a fuss but also my addict part using this as an excuse to get a fix.

My plan? I am going to let people know before I visit next (I go to see family in the UK a few times a year) that I need to stay keto. I am going to explain that it makes me feel ill (mental health the most for me) but that also I am an addict and I will want to have those foods too. I have a feeling that if I ask for their help in this way, it will be easier for all of us.

(Erin Macfarland ) #3

I had a big sugar bender last week, eating a crap ton of cookies. I have been keto for four months, but am getting pretty lean, which makes my body send me really strong hunger signals for things I normally don’t care about. I was SO sick after, I had to sleep, I vomitted, I had an incredible headache for two days, the thought of food make me nauseated. It was like the worst hangover. Frankly it would have been more fun to drink booze…the thought of eating that crap again makes me ill. Sometimes it takes something like going off the deep end to really solidify just how bad it makes you feel, it’s not just “in theory.”

(Jacquelyn Graham) #4

Had a similar thing, a menu didn’t list rice as a primary ingredient in something I ordered. Ate a few bites, trying to be polite and thinking it wouldn’t be a problem, then sent it back because it was simply mainly a flavored rice patty. Menu said it was made from salmon, crawfish and crabmeat, sounds good right? I was sick as a dog all the next day and I will never be polite about something like that again. My body doesn’t like simple carbs, period. I’m good with that. :sunglasses:


I also think there is an element of “I can do what I want for a while now” when you get to target. I have certainly experienced that. But it is just another trap we fall into. The trick is learning from these experiences. I have made a video before now when I am feeling super rough - it is a great reminder of just how bad I felt. Our brains have a great way of forgetting and minimising these painful experiences - a video is a great reminder of how it actually was. Try it.


Good for you. Even a fishcake with a standard binder should only have minimal amounts in it if it has been well made. The fact that it was the dominant ingredient was not a good sign - cheapskates!

(Erin Macfarland ) #7

Like child birth hahaha!! We forget!! I have been through this before and I’m trying to find my sweet spot for maintenance now. I told my husband I’d much rather give birth again than go through that carb hangover.


A couple of years ago when starting keto, I’d get the eye rolling and snickers and peer pressure to eat carbs at the dinner table. Today…not any more. I lost lots of weight, look great, feel better and when I don’t eat the crappy carbage they don’t bug me at all. In fact, without even asking, they actually accommodate my way of eating and usually there’s is something carb free as part of the meal that everyone at the table eats together. Dessert is even accompanied with nuts and full fat cheese (because there is no way in hell I’m touching the cake!)

It is a slow process of showing and teaching by example. In a few years, I think they will be following in my foot steps…one day at a time…patience…

(jilliangordona) #9

His family is still getting to know me AND i am new to this WOE, so I haven’t seen the results to show them yet and I don’t want them to think some crazy no carb girl is joining their family!

We shall see. Seriously think saying I’m gluten free and bringing my own stuff might be the most simple option! strong text


Yeah, just say that those kind of foods make you sick. It’s true after all.

(Jennie) #11

This is hard for me too, especially when around extended family members. I’m thinking of doing what you said about bringing my own dish (my husband suggests I make a large dish for our family outings, for sharing) and just politely approaching the cook/host and saying, "I really appreciate you having us over. We enjoy spending time with you. I’m following a specific way of eating that doesn’t allow for carbohydrates in my meals, so I’ve prepared X to share. I hope this isn’t rude, I’m just trying to figure out how to follow my diet AND be a part of fun get-togethers like this."
I don’t know, it’s still being refined. But I figure hitting it head on politely is the best I can do.

After I had a post-carb headache, I was advised to Keep Calm and Keto On, drink lots of water, and eat some fat. It helped and the headache will go away eventually!

(Dustin Cade) #12

Christmas eve we went to my aunt’s house, she is gluten free and cooked the full spread… even though it was awkward I didn’t eat anything there… I’m afraid to knowingly eat anything non keto because I don’t want to start over… I’m glad we have this forum to share our experiences with keto! I’m only 4 months in… thank you guys for sharing your stories!

(Jane Reed) #13

Years ago, low carbers used to use the phrase “My doctor says I can’t eat that”. And of course they were referring to Dr. Atkins, and, of course, it was entirely true.