Kidney Disease

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Published: Dec 20, 2017

IDM patient John battles kidney disease.

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BOOK: “The Case against Sugar” by Gary Taubes

BOOK: “Always Hungry” by David Ludwig

STUDY: Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD)

(Michael ) #2

Subscribed. Love me some dr. Fung

(Dameon Welch-Abernathy) #3

This is fairly timely as I just had my quarterly blood draw and urine test to check on my diabetes.

When I asked my doctor about my microalbumin creative ratio, he told me it’s another sign of the progression of diabetes but didn’t really explain what it meant. Finally, I know what it means after listening to this podcast!

Also, it seems as though integrating intermittent fasting into my regimen may have helped lower this…or maybe not.

30 Dec 2016: 85
23 May 2017: 53 <— Started Intermittent fasting here
17 August 2017: 117
19 Dec 2017: 41

Obviously now that I know what this means, I’m going to pay closer attention and do my part to ensure this remains low (like my blood glucose).

(Mandi) #4

This was a very moving podcast. And @carl, I’m enjoying the new music.

(Jennifer) #5

Previously on a 2ketodudes podcast you asked for feedback on the music- I’m not sure where to put that. I like it. Early on it was a little distracting, but I think that’s just because I was used to the dudes’ style.

The content of this podcast was amazing. It was very moving. I’m grateful for this man sharing his story.

(Richard Morris) #6

Here is good. It’ll get to @carl :slight_smile: mainly cos I just tagged him.

Glad you liked the last episode

(Janet) #7

Catching up on podcasts, I heard this excellent one, Holiday Hangout On 2KetoDudes with mention of Brenda’s friend in need of a kidney too, and the Rebroadcast of a Freakanomics episode on “Make Me a Match” (for kidneys). Fascinating look at antibodies in matching kidneys (50% chance unrelated people can be a match), the algorithm created by Al Roth to run a “paired donor” program, with transcript if you don’t have time to listen. If a “paired donor program” exists in your country, consider its potential to find a match faster for those in need. And as one interviewee explains, you can also multiple the benefits of an unmatched donation many times with this new program.

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #8

This was a great episode!


Just hoping that I’m in time to reverse kidney disease, have protein in my urine but really loathe to take ACE’s which is an enzyme inhibitor as my diabetic nurse said it’s not something that I’d have to take short term but would be forever. Just listened to the podcast and going to tweak my diet again as I’m sure I’m eating too much protein. I find it much harder to cut down on than carbs were.


My HBA1C was lovely - down to 48 from 79 last time :smiley:

(Bunny) #11

The real #1 cause of renal failure* (world wide)!

I know I’m jumping the gun here but this is beyond a theory or hypothesis and contentiously more viable than any other explanation (*“…epidemiology of an unknown etiology”) globally?

Avoid GMO’s (at all costs)

Always go organic (if possible)

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  3. Plasma activated water: nature’s answer to chemical pesticides | Paul Leenders | TEDxArnhem

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Questions about sugar
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